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Back on Campus!

Currently in an undergrad library, munching this free WF sample, clemintines and catching up on emails blogs..

mini apple pie lara--tasted just like it! 🙂

Hello bloggies! I’m sorry for falling off the blogosphere, but I’ve been crazy busy–fun stuff included–these past few days. Let’s see, where did I leave off? Sunday afternoon I came back to campus, unloaded my somehow packed car, full of clothes, shoes, blankets and pillows, groceries… then went grocery shopping and ran some errands before a sushi dinner at Sushiland with friends! Oh return of Sushiland… how I’ve missed thee! 😉 It wasn’t the best that night–maybe a different sushi chef??..but still fun to go and I enjoyed it.

 The first week of spring quarter on our campus (in the Greek system) marks the annual Drunk Week festivities. Morning bars, on the way to class, beer pong tournaments, drinking day and night… all involved. I of course take a more, um, modest route but have still partaken in some parties, made a bp winning shot last night and rocked my new DW tee lol ;D

In addition, I have been running around trying to add classes. Due to my late withdrawal from the study abroad program, I actually wasn’t able to sign up for spring classes until this week. So far I have two out of three, but I’m still waiting on that one last class! Gah, we shall see!


To recap the last weekend of my spring break I have to tell you about the hookah adventure my twin friends and I embarked on. We went to a new-to-us hookah bar in Seattle Friday night, and had a fun, social expensive time. I actually made friends with the owner, who’s expanding the bar next month. He invited us to come check it out and will wave the cover fee, so that was pretty cool!

Before we left, we assembled an awesome snackplate…

dippers: carrots, tomaters, spicy pickled okra, rice crackers, soy crisps, kashi and mary's crack, apple slices, and pita chips. Dips: tofutti w/ blackberry jalapeno jam, humus, baba ganoush (!), soya kaus cheese

 and crashed out waiting for/on the ferry home…

can you guess which ones are mine?


Overall I had fun but I think it can be just as fun, but it’s expensive and oh so unhealthy. More of a once in a very blue moon thing for me, I think.

How do you deal with social situations (aka drunk week) without feeling the need to overdo it or completely not be involved? I think it’s about balance–some nights going out and having fun and being able to say ”no thanks” sometimes is important, too!

Alright, I’m off! I have one more class to sit in on this afternoon, fitness classes to sign up for, and errands to be done! I am also waiting on hearing about a possible job opportunity volunteering at a yoga studio in exchange for free hot yoga classes. It’s right up my alley so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it works out! Regardless, hot yoga is definitely in my future tonight–it’s been too long and I could use a good downward dog! 😉

I’ll be back soon (promise!)

❤ Jac.

Disappearing Acts.

Hey Bloggies! Sorry ’bout my disappearing act this week. What can I say, spring break has been keeping me busy! 😉 I have enjoyed time with friends, beach bonfires, movies, fro yo, shopping trips, lazy days hanging out, horseback riding, walks in the sun… all good things 😀

Unfortunately I don’t have too many pics of my eats as of late. In addition to Indian food feasts with friends, make-your-own fro yo (!), sushi visits and some culinary adventures I’ve had in the kitchen, I have been enjoying these…

cereal mess, fro fruit, bran muf with dark choco PB

enjoyed in the sun o course!

medjool date stuffed with cinn raisin pb and carob chips

I’ve been celebrating the spring weather with plenty of s’mores and bonfires…I love having bonfires when I’m home. I feel like it’s such a fun, social and unique thing to be able to do…something I obviously can’t at school! However, I’m still smelling campfire in my hair! 😉

I think this week has felt like it’s gone by a lot faster than previous breaks because I’ve seen a lot of friends from home, and have had different groups of friends come visit from school! It’s been a nice way to break up the week. 😀

I also did a little damage at Target, Forever 21 and the mall yesterday…

The. Best. (Pumpkin Spice) trail mix, mini raisin bran cereal.

…Did some baking in the kitchen..

mini cinn raisin swirl pb bran muffins with chocolate shavings!

…and have been riding my horse! I just did a long trail ride with my mom the other night, then brought a friend to the barn to show him my horses the other day. THen last night, I took a lesson! This was exciting for me because I jumped him for the first time in…a year?! And I was jumping almost three feet ;)Horseback riding is definitely something that has been thrown to the wayside since I’ve been at college. I am trying to rediscover things I enjoy, that make me happy, and I think Gaston falls into that category!

I am actually really itching to go back to school, though. I’ve had a great break, but I’m ready for spring quarter. I have a lot to do to register and organize my classes which is always a little bit stressful but there are also a lot of fun events coming up in the next couple of weeks that I am really looking forward to!

Alright, I’m off to have coffee with a friend, get a start on cleaning/packing/laundry,

So for my questions: What do you do on spring break when you are at home that you can’t do at school? Are you like me–ready to get back? Or would you rather have a two-week spring break?

Also, I need movie suggestions! I was thinking of seeing one with my friend tonight… anything good playing? Anything new out? I saw She’s Out of My League the other night–blech, don’t see it! 😉

Have a great night bloggies and happy Friday!!! 😀

I’m done!

I finished my last English final yesterday afternoon! What better way to celebrate the end of winter quarter/beginning of spring break/Saint Patrick’s Day than tearing up the greek system going out with friends? Exactly what we did last night and I may or may not  be feeling the effects today 😉

It’s funny, going from being so busy studying and finishing projects and work in the week of the quarter, to waking up and realizing I don’t have class. I don’t have finals. I can do whatever I want with my day! Lots of sleep, a trip for coffee and to Ross with a friend, and a pedicure later… and I’m laying in bed typing up this post! Hello spring break, I think we are going to be very good friends 😀

In the last few days I’ve had some good eats, but mostly I’ve just been trying to use up my food without restocking, since I’ll be going home. I also had a great lunch with my dad Tuesday afternoon at a seafood restaurant downtown. We shared crab spring-rolls with plum sauce and I got blackened fish tacos!

Lavash bfast wrap: stuffed with better n pb, almond butter, smooshed banana and carob chips heated in micro for forty seconds and topped with a cereal sprinkle!

ooey gooey cruchy chewy!!

Return of CIAJ!! Frozen berry cherry blend topped with mixed kashi and oatmeal sqaures cereals with almond milk, carob chips and remnants of my WCW pb!

Salad beast-ess! Topped with leftover blackened fish, nooch, cherry tomaters, thai peanut vinaigrette and other veggies/toppings I can't remember! 😉

Space Needle, driving back from lunch with my dad

I was disappointed to not find any irish soda bread yesterday! I love it and since I don’t eat beef and cabbage, it’s my fav foodie part of the holiday! Did you eat Irish food/celebrate yesterday?!

I have been loving the new daylight savings time! It’s staying light so late and I love the feeling that spring has sprung! It was fun getting a pedicure today to ‘celebrate’ the warmer, nicer weather (even though it’s still cold). What do you do to ‘celebrate’ springtime/spring break? I def foresee horseback rides during my spring break, bonfires on my beach, walks outside and possibly even some suntanning? I also think there may be an overnight to Canada with friends in the works. Oh, and definitely some cooking/baking–gotta take advantage of my kitchen at home!

Also, what’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week? And, craziest outfit/drunk person/story from Saint Patrick’s Day?? I wanna hear ’em!

Alright, I’m off to run some errands, clean my room and pack for home! Au revoir!


Almost there!

Saturday morning marked my second final, francais, which leaves only my English final on Wednesday. Oh spring break, you are so close!

I’ve been spending a ton of time in the library as of late. You know it must be dead week when the college library smells of sweat and tears there are no open computers, and still full of students at 10 pm. Other than studying, taking finals and general shenanigans,

1.I enjoyed a romp to Tar jay the other day…

Spent too much time and money on things I didn’t really need, but hey, it counts as retail therapy, right? ;P

new trash bin for my room, envelope and little notebook, gum, face wash sheets, ff whip cream, hot choc mix, dried tropical fruit x2

2. Took full advantage of the gorgeous weather we had with a power walk at my fav local lake yesterday afternoon,

Gorg. Swoon.

3. Babysat Saturday night. Hello cash money, free food and catching up with The Incredibles 😉

4. Enjoyed sa’more cereal creations,

CIA(nutella)J, after most of it had been consumed! Forgot to snap pic! W/ almond milk!

This one was a winner! Fro berry/cherry mix with pb puffs, TJs fiber and kashi honey sunshine, carob chips, almond milk, spoonful of WCW pb and garnished with a random grape and strawberry! YUM

5. Spent yesterday afternoon w/ my mom. She was so sweet to come over for a visit, a little shopping and to take me to dinner. I was really excited to show her Sushiland! She’d never been and obvs needed to experience the magic that Sushiland embodies!

Mmmmmm, sushi!

She loved it! Per usual, we got a bunch of plates to share plus miso soup and a small seaweed salad. I love going there because everything is so cheap and fresh, which makes it more fun/easy to try new things! Plus the sushi chefs are starting to remember me, ha! 😉 Best of the night was probably the seared salmon, and worst was probably this sauce-covered oyster plate. Oh well, you win some and lose some!

I am so happy to be done with two of my classes and leaving my French final Saturday, I was feeling really good. I spent some time outside, visited the farmer’s market and took a long walk… After babysitting Sat night, I hung out with z boy, had an adventures… I also caught up with friends this weekend, and experienced this for the first time,

Wow, is all I can say. Really, no words. I loved it. Hated it. Everything in between. Overall, I think I need to watch it again, but maybe I’m giving my brain time to digest first? Haha. I just kept thinking it must have taken forever to make! Apparently Gaga is also getting a lot of media attention on her really thin in the video. Thoughts? I agree she doesn’t look healthy but I don’t think that’s the only negative message being sent to viewers watching this video.

Well, I’m off to sieze the day! I don’t have any classes or finals…until Wednesday! I have to go pick up some pictures I ordered, and think I might also take a walk in the sunshine…maybe a trip to TJs is in order too? 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Les Questions!

What did you do this weekend?

What do you think of Gaga’s new video? And Beyonce’s role? What about her appearance, do you think it is sending bad body image messages to her audience?

Do you live in a city or more suburban area? I live in the city, now that I’m at college and love it but this weekend, at the park it took FOREVER to find parking! I’ve noticed this–that while I love having everything be more convenient and being central…so does everyone else! Are you a big-city or small-town person?

I’m Off! Later! ❤

It’s the ‘final’ countdown…

Two finals down, two to go! After my Italian final yesterday afternoon, (Unification of Italy, anyone?) I was SO ready to be done! The questions were kind of hit and miss, a common concencus of a friend in the class. Some of the questions were no problem and others not so hot. We’ll see how I did in a few weeks I guess!

Last night I was ready to unwind and relax. I haven’t done yoga in a few weeks, because I’m cheap, busy my ten-class pass ran out. Last night I forked over twelve dollars for a drop-in student-rate class. Not too considering other drop in hot yoga rates, bad, but definitely more than I’ve ever spent on a single workout! It felt so good to stretch and move my muscles! The 90 min power vinyasa class was just what I needed–a great mental and physical escape from studying!

Today I got some unfortunate news: I’m not going to be doing the study abroad this quarter. I have actually been pretty ambivalent about it lately, and although I am a little disappointed that it didn’t work out, I am looking forward to spring quarter. I am putting my game face on, and making the most out of what I have. My mom always said, “attitude is everything,” and I’ve come to learn that is so true.

Do you agree? Does making the conscious decision to accept something prove successful? I think it has for me–and definitely having a bad attitude has produced negative outcomes!


Before I go, I have to share my late-night din. I got home from the library after a longggg study sesh and came across a near-empty nutella jar. What did this call for, you ask? CIAJ!!!!

This. was. so. good.

That right there, my friends, is cereal in a jar nutella! I had an almost empty jar with a mix of kashi cereals, TJ’s soy and flax clusters, frozen bloobs and mang and almond/soy milk and a small spoonful of WCW pb!

After the cereal was gone, I had nutella milk!

Ever tried Nutella-in-a-jar? You must 😉 What kinds of “in a jar” creations have you discovered? I’ve seen humus/cottage cheese container bases, and am curious–what else is out there?!

Alright, I’m off to hang out with a friend, study french pour mon examen a samedi and chill! 😀 Night!


My new home, the undergraduate library.

Currently blogging from the library, taking a break from the migrane that is studying,



My Italian final is tomorrow so I have been going through all of my notes, meeting with my friend from class, reading, looking at slides, etc, etc… I would be happy to give you a history of politics in Italy or offer you some insight in the stiletto movement or the Red vs. Black Shirt terrorists, but it doesn’t really leave a lot of time for blogging, so I’m sorry I’ve been MIA as of late, but that’ll change after this week of finals is over! 

After spending the morning in a different campus library/computer lab reviewing, I pulled myself away from the screen to get some fresh air. Where did I end up? None other than TJ’s of course! Nothing like wandering aimlessly through the aisles, shopping, free samples and people watching to clear your head! 😀  

Picked up these bad johnies; 


Very chewy and not too sweet!

Babe sized!

After more slide-viewing, lunch and a quick break at home, I packed up a snack and lugged my heavy notes back to this lib to put a few more hours in…

Passion fruit TJs leather, bbq soy chips (amaze!) and TJ's spicy humus.

Dominated. Seriously, that humus didn’t stand a chance 😉 Not to mention it was a day er so past expired and needed to be eaten ;).. yeah that’s right haha 

Okayk, I’m off to tackle this bad boy of a final, re-write a french composition, and check off s’more to-dos. But first, questions!!  

1. did you catch Gossip Girl last night? Thoughts? About damn time for S and N, no?!!! 😀 

2. Are you in finals week? Surviving? 

3. FAV TJ’s find/fav study snacks?  

Bonsoir mes amies! I’ll be back tomorrow after hopefully killing my Italian final! Perhaps a sushiland visit will be in order to celebree? Or at least a glass o vino?! A toute a l’heure! 😀 


Who’s Stoked?

I’m stoked! T-minus ten minutes, I have a hot date!