The Dance Saturday night ended up being a lot of fun. It was hosted at a science center, so not a lot of dancing actually went on–there was too much else to do! We had a night-sky planatarium, space simulator, etc. My date was just eh–no huge romantic potential there–but still a nice guy and good time! Not everyone had such a great time though…let’s just say there had been a LOT of pre-funking going on that night and a few girls didn’t make it on the bus.

Ended up going with B; spacey, right??

Night sky simulation.

Not a lot of people, everyone was dispersed throughout the museum.

My date and I got friendly with the planets. 😉

The rest of my weekend was pretty chill and included mandatory grocery trips to WF, some homework, laundry and the highlight last night–sushi! I ended up having a meeting cancelled last-minute last night, so I happily took my friend up on her offer to take me to Sushiland for my birthday. Sushiland is a sushi restaurant that has a rotating selection:

Her friend also joined us and we had a great time. We rolled with my favorite sushi-eating style, sharing. The three of us shared a bunch of different rolls and thanks to my friend, I found some new great ones! My favorite of the night would probably be an eel tempura-type roll that she ordered. I also had my favorites–seaweed salad and lots of ginger and wasabi and green tea to wash it down! After we had beautiful sushi babies 😉 we finished off the meal with my birthday cake another favorite–red bean sesame balls. These. are. so. good!

Sushi menu!

Moving sushi!

Today was a long day full of classes and a meeting and discussion group tonight. We’re winding down the quarter now, and with that comes the work pile-on. It seems like teachers push everything back towards the end of the quarters and I’m starting to feel the stress. That, combined with stress of what to do/take next quarter, next year, my major

In between classes today I munched this new-to-me bar


Verdict? I was definitely a fan! It tasted a lot more chocolatey than I expected. It was pretty light for an energy bar, but a good snack bar to say the least. The ingredz resemble a lara–all natural and cashew butter/date-based, with cocoa powder and greens. It tasted to me like a mix of a lara bar and a luna bar. Very dense and organic tasting, but also had little crunchy rice pieces like a luna. I’m looking forward to trying the apple pie flavor I picked up along with it!

Tonight’s agenda was The Bachelor season finale after my meeting, but I left about fifteen minutes before it was over. I heard through the grapevine that Vienna had won and was not happy. Mostly because uh, spoiler alert!! I watched all season (actually this is the only Bachelor/tv show I have watched diligently, even if mostly online 😉 ) and was rooting for Tenley. She is just so sweet and I thought they went better together! After tonight though, I did start to like V a little more. What do you think?

Well I’m off to study, put away my laundry, blog read and hit the hay somewhat early. I only have one class tomorrow but I need to put a few good hours in at the library. I’d also love to catch a yoga class- it’s been too long! If you’re in college, have you started wrapping up the quarter/semester? I know some of you are already on spring break! Jealous–mine is in sight though!


Spring break plans?? How do you choose classes??

What’s the best thing you ate/did/saw this weekend??

random musing: it’s girl scout cookie time and while part of me really wants a girl scout cookie, and part of me wants to support them, i haven’t bought any boxes because a) no sweets for lent and it would just be too dang tempting and b) $4 a box?! Don’t you think that’s a little ridiculous when the same cookies are sold at safeway for $1.99?! Bah. I shouldn’t hate, I used to be a girl scout. Still, I feel slightly guilty each time i pass a girl scout and don’t buy a box. Have you gotten some this year? Favorite flavs? I’m a thin mints girl at heart–ooo and I do love tagalongs! PB and chocolate will forever=heaven. I’ve seen the new berry flavor and would be interested in trying those, too!

❤ J


2 responses to “Kerunch.

  1. I love your dress! the “space dance” looks soo cool!. I know what u mean a bout stress re: classes and what to do for summer! Go to London! I might be going there too, we can do a “blogger meetup!” ha!. Fave thing this weekend, moroccan tagine and a sunny saturday, plus a good episode of 24 on Sunday night.

    (its deliciousnutritious from cc by the way!)

    Have a good week.

  2. Sounds like a fun dance! I’m a huge nerd and love planetariums, haha. Girl Scout cookies…dangerous in my hands. My favorites are probably Samoas and Lemonades, but I’ll take them all!! Have a great day girl!

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