How To Study.

Elements of a good study session include:

1. Finding a comfortable location full of without distractions aka Starbucks,

English notes...with mandatory carob covered raisins which have addictive qualities and some sbucks 😉

Italian Fashion notes

2) Study Snacks,

Carob Demmican Bar, v. dense and not v. sweet. 😛

I bought it because I was curious; it is the only carob bar I have seen to date. I didn’t notice the “consentrated foods bar” until just now when I was uploading the picture. It is definitely a denser bar and my first reaction was not a pleasant one. The taste did grow on me, but I only ate >1/2 and I don’t think I’ll be buying this one again! It wasn’t sweet enough and too dry.

3) Getting free stuff while buying said study snacks,

Apricot Heartthrive!

The checker at WF saw me eyeing this in line and asked if “I wanted to sample it,” and just threw it in my bag! Apparently they do that all the time? I’ve tried and loved the chocolate Heartthrive and I’m looking forward to trying the apricot in the near future–I’m sure it will not disappoint!

4) Stopping to Smell the Roses take pictures of random rainbows while walking home,

Rainbows=elusive in Seattle!

5) ..and when in doubt, procrastinate with social plans!

Tonight I returned to my new addiction Sushiland with a different friend. The sushi was of course, fab and we left with full, happy stomachs. Mostly though, it was great to see her and catch up. I haven’t seen this friend in awhile so we had a lot to chat about!

Do. Work.

I love this sushi place: perfect for sharing and trying new things and PERF for the college-friendly budget! 😀

Okay, so maybe those aren’t all elements of a good study session but I did get a lot done today and some of those ‘elements’ ended up making my day a lot more fun! 🙂 How do you study?

Q: Do you watch the biggest loser? I hear everyone talking about it being “The” Tuesday night show but I never watch it. Also, are you a Bob or Jillian fan? I have to say I think I prefer Bob–I was disappointed in Jillians diet pills :(…I mean, come on! 😛




4 responses to “How To Study.

  1. I’ve been dying to try those Heart Thrives, I should ask for a sample next time I’m at WF! Love me some sushi too…best dinner ever! Have a grea hump day!

  2. HAHAHAHA story of my LIFE!!.. procrastinate with social plans! lol! i dont feel so bad now! mmm love me some sushi! have a great day!

  3. YUM! I love heart thrives 🙂

  4. I went to Whole Foods today (well Wild Oats which is a whole foods store) and was debating trying the heart thrives out. I wish they were placed by the register so I could potential get a free sample. Next time.. You will have to tell me how you like them before I go out and buy them.

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