Deep Breath.

Hey Hey, Happy Friday! 😀 I’m sorry I’ve been MIA as of late, but I’ve been busy having fun, studying and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather that we’ve been seeing! 😉 Sometimes, life online needs to take the backburner. This week was a great reminder of enjoying life, something I haven’t been doing so much lately thanks to stress about studying abroad, school, doctor’s appointments… This week was like I just took a deep breath and actually allowed myself to say “yes,” to some things and “no” to others. To really just live in the moment.

Besides these realizations and building friendships this week, I went home on Wednesday night. I loved seeing my baby,

Monsieur Gaston

I got to see this face…

I miss her so much at school!

I also went to dinner and yoga with my mom. Yoga Thursday morning was great==I have been taking it easy the last few weeks and haven’t done much yoga, and the class was great in loosening me up and relaxing a bit!  DInner was sushi, again! I wasn’t planning on sushi but when she suggested it I had to take her up on the offer. We have the best sushi restaraunt in my hometown! What can I say, sushi three nights this week? 😉 That’s got to be a personal record, for sure!

Yesterday I had a lot of reading to do, but with the gorgeous weather I wanted to spend it outside…


So I went back to the lake to walk a lap and do some reading!

with English book in tow!

I wanted to share two especially delicious breakfasts, that centered around my boyf:



I was able to go home the other night was because my morning–and only–class for the day had been cancelled. I made good use of my free morning to make homemade crepes! That’s a buttermilk pancake and egg beaters crepe filled with DCD, frozen berries and banana slices, blackberry jalapeno jam and sprinkled with granola on top!


This morning I utilized the empty jar for to make my first ever OIAJ! I’m not a huge fan of oats, but when topped with frozen berries and crunchy cereal, it was delicious! It reminded me of dessert for breakfast!

OIAJ base, DCD jar!

Tonight I had my first meeting with my french theatre group. It was a little nervewracking speaking French in front of these people who are so obviously more experienced than me, but it ended up being really fun, and I really like some of the people in my group. I’m excited about this new endeavor!

Tomorrow I have an almost-all-day sorority annual event to attend. Other plans for the weekend include hanging out with a new boy tonight, a possible party, possible movie, and possibly a date with my little sister. 😉 Oh, and the ever-growing pile of reading and studying I have for upcoming finals.

Hope you all had a great kick-off to your weekends, any fun plans?!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my campus last night. The blooming cherry blossoms are so pretty.

On campus last night, as the sun was setting

Questions pour vous:

Best new breakfast? Best thing about being home? Does your mood change with the weather? I always feel like I get the ‘winter blues’ and definitely feel happier and more energetic when spring rolls around. Do you notice a difference?


Oh, btw: I never revealed my one truth: I’ve been mistaken for T Swift.. uh, yeah…


8 responses to “Deep Breath.

  1. Hooray for Dark Chocolate Dreams! So good.

    Beautiful horse!!

    ❤ jess

  2. oh my mood def changes with the weather.. as in I am so much happier now that it is sunny when I wake up in the morning and am not freezing my pattotie off in the freezing snow. ahh. Bring on the heat and sun.. I need my extra endorphins. NOW!

    ahh pretty I think T. Swift is gorgeous!

    Have fun with the new boy and at your sorority event—those were always so MUCH fun!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeeee horses. I used to go to horse camp when i was younger, and I miss riding sooo much!! i really want to find some stables near my house so I can just take a trail ride someday!!!

    My mood definitely improves with warmth and sun!! If I am cold, I am not a happy camper!!

    happy weekend!!!!!!! 😀

  4. Yay for being home, I love your horse’s name! Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie. Sushi x 3 sounds just about right to me!! Have a great weekend home!

  5. Your animals are so precious!
    Those crepes look so good! I haven’t had any in about 2 years, and I’ve definitely never had any filled with DCD. I think it’s about time I made some.
    Glad you had fun at the french theater group!

  6. YAY FOR DCD! i loveeee that flava!!
    OMGSH chocolate oats in a DCD jar is the bomb dot com!

  7. DCD is so yummy, love ♥
    I am so glad you got to see your “baby”

    My mood totally changes with the weather, im always happier when its sunny out 🙂

  8. awww loveee your horse and kitty!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend girlie! my mood changes with the weather FOR SURE! when it’s SUNNY I am crazzzzy happy no matter what the day bring I am sooooo much more positive!! I hope you have a great monday! xoxo!

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