My new home, the undergraduate library.

Currently blogging from the library, taking a break from the migrane that is studying,



My Italian final is tomorrow so I have been going through all of my notes, meeting with my friend from class, reading, looking at slides, etc, etc… I would be happy to give you a history of politics in Italy or offer you some insight in the stiletto movement or the Red vs. Black Shirt terrorists, but it doesn’t really leave a lot of time for blogging, so I’m sorry I’ve been MIA as of late, but that’ll change after this week of finals is over! 

After spending the morning in a different campus library/computer lab reviewing, I pulled myself away from the screen to get some fresh air. Where did I end up? None other than TJ’s of course! Nothing like wandering aimlessly through the aisles, shopping, free samples and people watching to clear your head! 😀  

Picked up these bad johnies; 


Very chewy and not too sweet!

Babe sized!

After more slide-viewing, lunch and a quick break at home, I packed up a snack and lugged my heavy notes back to this lib to put a few more hours in…

Passion fruit TJs leather, bbq soy chips (amaze!) and TJ's spicy humus.

Dominated. Seriously, that humus didn’t stand a chance 😉 Not to mention it was a day er so past expired and needed to be eaten ;).. yeah that’s right haha 

Okayk, I’m off to tackle this bad boy of a final, re-write a french composition, and check off s’more to-dos. But first, questions!!  

1. did you catch Gossip Girl last night? Thoughts? About damn time for S and N, no?!!! 😀 

2. Are you in finals week? Surviving? 

3. FAV TJ’s find/fav study snacks?  

Bonsoir mes amies! I’ll be back tomorrow after hopefully killing my Italian final! Perhaps a sushiland visit will be in order to celebree? Or at least a glass o vino?! A toute a l’heure! 😀 



3 responses to “My new home, the undergraduate library.

  1. oh those pineapple dried pieces are kinda cute! Strange!

    GOOD LUCK on your test girl. You will do awesome.

  2. Ugh, I’m in the middle of midterms too! I have a Parisian history test today 😦 My fave TJ’s finds are chili dusted dried mango, and chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels. You can never go wrong with anything TJ’s, though!

  3. Good luck with the test! I’m sure you will do awesome! Fave study snacks=fruit (dried and not dried) and ice cream for sanity!

    Trader Joes: you MUST get: dark choc. covered cranberries, their greek yog, peanut butter, and PB pretzels. Oh and everything else they have 😉
    ❤ jess

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