It’s the ‘final’ countdown…

Two finals down, two to go! After my Italian final yesterday afternoon, (Unification of Italy, anyone?) I was SO ready to be done! The questions were kind of hit and miss, a common concencus of a friend in the class. Some of the questions were no problem and others not so hot. We’ll see how I did in a few weeks I guess!

Last night I was ready to unwind and relax. I haven’t done yoga in a few weeks, because I’m cheap, busy my ten-class pass ran out. Last night I forked over twelve dollars for a drop-in student-rate class. Not too considering other drop in hot yoga rates, bad, but definitely more than I’ve ever spent on a single workout! It felt so good to stretch and move my muscles! The 90 min power vinyasa class was just what I needed–a great mental and physical escape from studying!

Today I got some unfortunate news: I’m not going to be doing the study abroad this quarter. I have actually been pretty ambivalent about it lately, and although I am a little disappointed that it didn’t work out, I am looking forward to spring quarter. I am putting my game face on, and making the most out of what I have. My mom always said, “attitude is everything,” and I’ve come to learn that is so true.

Do you agree? Does making the conscious decision to accept something prove successful? I think it has for me–and definitely having a bad attitude has produced negative outcomes!


Before I go, I have to share my late-night din. I got home from the library after a longggg study sesh and came across a near-empty nutella jar. What did this call for, you ask? CIAJ!!!!

This. was. so. good.

That right there, my friends, is cereal in a jar nutella! I had an almost empty jar with a mix of kashi cereals, TJ’s soy and flax clusters, frozen bloobs and mang and almond/soy milk and a small spoonful of WCW pb!

After the cereal was gone, I had nutella milk!

Ever tried Nutella-in-a-jar? You must 😉 What kinds of “in a jar” creations have you discovered? I’ve seen humus/cottage cheese container bases, and am curious–what else is out there?!

Alright, I’m off to hang out with a friend, study french pour mon examen a samedi and chill! 😀 Night!



8 responses to “It’s the ‘final’ countdown…

  1. Congrats on being done! Sorry to hear about the study abroad thing…I think your mom is onto something with the “attitude is everything” mentality, though! Hopefully you’ll get another chance to spend time abroad sometime!

    Hummus in a jar sounds incredible, actually. Too bad we just finished our jumbo container of Sabra, I should have made a salad in it!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  2. Good luck with the finals!! Awesome fuel to get you through them 😀
    ❤ jess

  3. Oh girl, wow that NUTELLA creation looks absolutely mouthwatering delicious! YUM

    Glad you are finished!

  4. aww sorry about the studying abroad thing lovely! God has other plans!
    you are AWESOME, thank you so much for your SWEET comments lovely!!! ahhh!
    NUTELLA JAR!! WOW THAT IS HEAVENLY!! i actually dont like nutella-it looks exactly like dark chocolate dreams tho so i can pretend its that! haha.. love you girl!

  5. ah thanks, girl! yeah dcd in a jar would be bomb too!! I agree–something bigger, better is must be right around the corner for me… 😉

  6. CIAJ = brilliant. love it! nutella is yummmm big time. finals? i have a ton of midterms this week, you must be on the quarter system! i much prefer quarters…ugh.

  7. Good luck with your finals girl! 🙂

  8. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    omg the nutella in a jar looks delicious ❤ i LOVE nutella!! so decadent. good luck with your tests, ugh they suck! lol. hate studying. & yes, attitude changes everything- i totally agree


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