Disappearing Acts.

Hey Bloggies! Sorry ’bout my disappearing act this week. What can I say, spring break has been keeping me busy! 😉 I have enjoyed time with friends, beach bonfires, movies, fro yo, shopping trips, lazy days hanging out, horseback riding, walks in the sun… all good things 😀

Unfortunately I don’t have too many pics of my eats as of late. In addition to Indian food feasts with friends, make-your-own fro yo (!), sushi visits and some culinary adventures I’ve had in the kitchen, I have been enjoying these…

cereal mess, fro fruit, bran muf with dark choco PB

enjoyed in the sun o course!

medjool date stuffed with cinn raisin pb and carob chips

I’ve been celebrating the spring weather with plenty of s’mores and bonfires…I love having bonfires when I’m home. I feel like it’s such a fun, social and unique thing to be able to do…something I obviously can’t at school! However, I’m still smelling campfire in my hair! 😉

I think this week has felt like it’s gone by a lot faster than previous breaks because I’ve seen a lot of friends from home, and have had different groups of friends come visit from school! It’s been a nice way to break up the week. 😀

I also did a little damage at Target, Forever 21 and the mall yesterday…

The. Best. (Pumpkin Spice) trail mix, mini raisin bran cereal.

…Did some baking in the kitchen..

mini cinn raisin swirl pb bran muffins with chocolate shavings!

…and have been riding my horse! I just did a long trail ride with my mom the other night, then brought a friend to the barn to show him my horses the other day. THen last night, I took a lesson! This was exciting for me because I jumped him for the first time in…a year?! And I was jumping almost three feet ;)Horseback riding is definitely something that has been thrown to the wayside since I’ve been at college. I am trying to rediscover things I enjoy, that make me happy, and I think Gaston falls into that category!

I am actually really itching to go back to school, though. I’ve had a great break, but I’m ready for spring quarter. I have a lot to do to register and organize my classes which is always a little bit stressful but there are also a lot of fun events coming up in the next couple of weeks that I am really looking forward to!

Alright, I’m off to have coffee with a friend, get a start on cleaning/packing/laundry,

So for my questions: What do you do on spring break when you are at home that you can’t do at school? Are you like me–ready to get back? Or would you rather have a two-week spring break?

Also, I need movie suggestions! I was thinking of seeing one with my friend tonight… anything good playing? Anything new out? I saw She’s Out of My League the other night–blech, don’t see it! 😉

Have a great night bloggies and happy Friday!!! 😀


7 responses to “Disappearing Acts.

  1. Awwwww so glad you are enjoying your spring break! Its good to take a break from technology and enjoy, we all need that!!!

    I love bonfires and smores!!! Let me just say last summer, I was the smore eating monster at the bonfire I was at!!

    I heart Target and Forever 21!!

    I have seen that trail mix at target, never tried it, they have a smores trail mix too!!

    Your horse is beautiful! How fun that would be to have a horse!!

    If you did not see Alice in Wonderland, its a great movie!! See it in 3d!!!


  2. GORGEOUS post girlie!! I am LOVIN’ the SUN…and SB! although I think 1-week is plenty for me too! wooohooo! your horse=AMAZING…I want one! 😉
    Thank u for the movie suggestions…I need some good entertainment now that I don’t have classes driving me crazy! 🙂

  3. Glad you had such an awesome spring break, those mini muffins sound like a treat!! I loved sleeping in my own bed over break, and not being woken up by the roomies!! I can’t wait to have my own place 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. That is so neat that you have a horse. They are such beautiful animals. I am glad you had such an awesome Spring break!

    Oh I cannot be trusted in a Forever 21 or Target.. and def. cannot trust myself with a bag of Target brand trail mix… no way!

  5. So glad you had a great break!!! I ❤ campfires, and call me crazy but I love the smell in my hair afterwords! 😛
    Your bran muffins look delish, and the horse (is it yours?) is beautiful, it must have been great riding after a year! ❤
    Hmm sorry I cant help u in the movie department I saw shutter island recently it was so so, I have 2 weeks until my spring break and I only have a week off grrrr i need out of High SChool!! haha have a great rest of your night! ❤

  6. I LOVE forever 21 and target! I love forever 21’s COLOR!

    Beautiful blue skies!
    ❤ jess

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