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Ask Away.

I had fun the other night on my “french” date. Cette homme picked me up and proceeded to wine and dine champagne fromage, pear et baguette me a la chez maison..

‘Cept there may have been too much of this for a Sunday night,

French chamapgne- kryptonite

However, I did do some studying, so it makes it all alright, right?! He helped!

Somehow learning French grammer when wine is involved makes it so much more enjoyable! 😛

Also learned the secret to solving your problems… tell the laughing Buddah. Apparantly he listens, but laughs at you. I’m not convinced.

laughing buddah.


Other recent life happenings include studying, studying, applying for internships/jobs/nannying and trying to figure out my life summer plan. I need to find a place to live, something to do, somewhere to work. Wowza.

Oh, I’m also crossing my fingers about a study abroad for fall quarter in Paris. Oh Paris, how je t’aime! ❤

Some recent snacks..

Seaweed salad from Uwajimaya the other day! Love the individual packing, easy for eating on the go!!

Eaten with the help of a to-go container. Pretty sure I got some strange looks pulling this guy out in my lecture class! HA!!

Salad snack! Compliments of my girl, Gab, eaten with nooch and humus and veg...and my favorite, thai peanut dressing!!


On to the title of the post… I’ve decided to jump on the  bandwagon better late than never and get a Formspring account. Ask away!


Hot yoga, more internship applications, studying pour mon examen en francais and Disney movies with a guy-ish friend are on the agenda for the rest of the day! Lots to get done so I have to get movin!!

How are your lives? What’s new??

What are your grand summer plans??!

What’s your favorite go-to snack/meal if you have to eat at school or on-the-go?? I’ll admit, seaweed salad wasn’t very conventional–but a tasty treat!

Do you make to-do lists? Sometimes I feel like it’s the only way I can actually get things done, to have an organized list! 😛 Plus I love checking things off… feeling accomplished!!

Back later w/ shenannns….


This weekend was great, but fly-by for sure. It seems like the closer we get to the end of the year, the faster time flies. Is that just me?

Friday night I went to a benefit concert that was held on campus. It was really cool actually because I knew one of the guys performing and it was a very college-friendly set (and crowd). Drinks were consumed, dancing occurred and overall fun was had 😀

Love live music

Blurry stealthy cell phone pic!!

Yesterday was another gorgeous Seattle spring day. I met up with my mom downtown to explore Chinatown and have lunch. Explore we did. We shopped,

Chinatown skyline

Chinese Markets.

and ate…

Dim sum!!

…and went to the Holy Grail of asian markets,


After saying our “good byes,” it was too nice out to not be outside, so I went to my favorite lake to walk the loop before I had to babysit last night,

The rest of my night was spent juggling a crying baby on my hip and her brother’s movie/gameboy/food demans. I definitely watched more Dora and Explorer intro theme songs a la Youtube than I would have liked. 😛 It p$id well though, so all was worth it!

After babysitting, I visited a guy friend, came home late and crashed out. This morning, coffee was in order, thank you Whole Foods!

MANDATORY Sunday-morning coffee run! Enjoyed while blogging and blog-reading, of course!!

I just got home from Starbucks where I people watched got some legit reading done for COM *go me :D* and now I’m catching up on bloggies, and about to get ready and hangout with a guy tonight… should make for an interesting night. I’m being “kidnapped“..Tonight there have been promises of French, champagne, jazz and shenanigans 😀 Deets to come!

How was your weekend? Best food/music/activity?

Night loves!! ❤

Carob-Bran-Almond butter-coconut-cappuccino muffin!

While I was home last weekend, I didn’t waste any time taking advantage of my full kitchen. A working stove and oven? Yes, please. Usually it’s microwave city for me, which doesn’t leave much room for experimentation or creativity with my eats.

I started with muffins! These were great, and mostly store-bought ingredients but it was fun to add my twist on the recipe.

Carob-bran almond butter coconut muffins!

I started with two boxes of mix: bran muffin and a new No Pudge brand on the market, cappuccino! I used the entire box of bran and two heaping spoonfuls of cappuccino brownie mix.


Then kept it vegan by adding almond milk, almond butter, and coconut milk to combine:


I also added carob chips and coconut shavings, yum!

The result was a light and moist, warm, sweet & salty muffin. I know these aren’t *typical* muffins because of the lack of oils and eggs, but I lick putting my own twist on recipes, and I thought they turned out great, even if I did end up picking carob chips out of most of them 😉


Other kitchen concoctions, new recipes:

Mixed cereal bowl w/ homemade jam, carob chips, frozen fruit, nut buts and coconut flakes.

…after the Almond Milk pour..

Lettuce wraps w/ tomato and avocado slices, fat free feta and an aged hazelnut balsamic drizzle,

And a ROASTED dinner bowl! This was veggies, bbq fake meat, tons of spices and bbq/siratcha sauce!

Sweet taters, broc, onion, peas, bbq fake meat strips, carrots, snap peas

roasted @ 400 degrees, seasoned with red pepper flakes, garlic and herb seasoning, s and p and bbq/siratcha sauce

This was good. But spiiiicccccccay!!

Q: What’s the most successful experiment you’ve had in the kitchen?

Off to seize the day, make bfast and study!

❤ J

Beer-can Golf.

Hollah to all my Friday-dance lovin peeps! ;P

Definitely stoked for this weekend! even if I do have work to do! Fun plans?

I’m in the library right now, one class down, one cancelled and one to go (I have to go write une composition en francais, eek!)  before freedom, sweet weekend freedom! 😉

…So last night somehow ended on this type ‘o note…

Blurry cellphone pichyya!

Party punch + Earth Day theme + real grass on the bar = golfing w/ beer cans, obv. Obvs? ;P

With that, I bid you adieu.

Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, my campus has another outdoor fest going on. Tons of booths with tips on how to be more green, conserving energy, vegetarianism, etc. There was live music…


Live music on the lawn

Earth Day booths

Honest Tea and Coke Booths. Free stuff attracts a crowd!

and free goodies!

I love free stuff! Honest Tea and Kind Bar, a la undergrad library while doing my French homework! 😉

^I picked up this “Why Vegan” pamphlet at one of the booths. While I am not vegan myself, I eat a mostly vegan, plant-based diet. My exceptions: fish, seafood, goat cheese and the occaional eggies. I think everyone needs to find what works for them, but I do see the benefits of veganism. The treatment of animals throughout most of the farming industries in the US is not even close to acceptable, and I do feel I’m doing my part by not supporting the industry. Maybe I’m just one person, but every little bit helps, right? How do you feel about cattle and dairy farming–do you eat meat? Organic or freerange meat?

Are you doing anything to celebrate Earth Day? What celebrations or events have you heard going on?

Alright, I’m off to finish this homework run errands, go to the store and go birthday shopping for my little sister who turns eighteen tommorrow! What should I get her? 😉 She’s hard to shop for!

Oh, also wanted to shout out to Gab with my picture of yesterday’s Love on Arms pic for TWLOHA day,


Did you participate?

Peace, Love, and Happy Earth Day!!


Laying in bed last night, listening to the rain made me happy? Why you ask?? Rain means wet streets and puddles. Not good flat/sandal attire! So… I whipped out my new birthday boots!


I don’t know why, but I love rockin’ annimal apparal 😉

Currently in the library avoiding my growing to-do list getting things done!

Au Revoir for now! Are you having a busy Tuesday? I am, but I woke up to an email from my COM professor that class was cancelled. Score! ‘Cept that I still have 2309847029 papers/readings/hm to do! Gah. 😛 Kk, back lata!!

It’s a (High school) Part-aay

Hey guys!! Happy 420 Tuesday!!!!!! Fun plans?!

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my last post. I’m still a little sore and battered but nothing a little time and tylenol rest wont fix!

Friday night was dreary and rainy on our way to Sushiland.

I love the Pink Elephant!

...and the Space Needle!

But after dinner it had cleared up and the ride home was so. gorgeous.



Sunset :


I went home home that night, to chaperone attend a party my sister had. It was so fun even though I was surrounded by underaged high school kids

Okay so going to a high school party was a little out of my element. Usually I’m surrounded by college kids at frat parties.. or bars.. .But it was fun. Yes, more drama and no, not as mature, but in reality both ”scenes” are pretty similar, really. In both cases, everyone just wants to have fun, and get drunk.

Today I passed a main lawn set up with a ton of booths celebrating Jewish life. There was a hookah smoking booth, one that was giving away free cookies, another free falafal. I wanted one… but couldn’t wait since I had a meeting to go to. 😦 I love when our campus has events like this. It’s fun to see different parts of people’s lives–art, music, religion, hobbies–that you don’t normally! Does your campus stage events/booths like this?

Question: Have you ever been at a party that was out of your element aka younger or older people?? I have to admit like ma girl, I do enjoy partying with my homies relatives, lol 😀

Another question: What  is your favorite things to do or see in your city? Every time I drive by the space needle, or see the skyline, I think about how unique these are to Seattle. Pike Place, the space needle and Uwajimaya may be tourist-y but hey, I’m a local and I love ’em!!