I finally…

got in to a third class!!! Can you say, um, STRESS not know what that third class would be? And, it was my top choice class so I am oh so happy about said news!! 😀

Other recent events include…

Hot Yoga! and oh em gee was it hard tonight! I took two friends who were newish to yoga and new to my studio. They loved it, happy to report I think I’ve recruited them!! Anyway tonight’s class packed about a million and a half chatarungas that I will certainly be feeling tomorrow!

Not too much to post on tonight but just wanted to check in and say that while I haven’t been commenting as much, rest assured I am reading all your lovely blogs when I’m sitting in lectures.

Off to hang with zeeee boyyyy and wakin up early to buy my books and finis mes devoirs pour francais!

Night! ❤


3 responses to “I finally…

  1. Good job recruiting people to hot yoga. The only hot yoga I have done is the 26 pose Bikram variety last summer. Loved it. Wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    Have a great day today!

  2. Hooray for bikram–I wanna try it SO BAD!

    Congrats on getting your 3rd class!
    ❤ jess

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