Hello blog friends!
I’m sitting at a computer in one of our many  undergraduate libraries, studying for a communications midterm I have on Monday. Midterms already, didn’t the quarter JUST start?! Yes, my life has looked like this as of late…

Study snax: cereal and fro berry/cherry blend a top a massive pile o francais 😉

I had a French quiz yesterday morning and I’m not sure how well I did on it. :/ I love taking French but I’m starting to get to a more advanced level and with that comes harder material! Oh well, we shall see…

Sunday I met up with my mom downtown for some walking, shopping and dining. It was a gorgeous day, especially for the Market! We both picked up a bouquet of these gorgeous Pike Place flowers. I love their flowers, they are so unique to Seattle.

We met my Dad and little sister for dinner downtown. They had just flown in from FL, from a weekend college visit trip. It was fun hearing about the school and what she thought–I remember how crazy/stressful/exciting that whole applying, getting accepted and choosing a school (for the next four years!) was. After dinner (which was GREAT BTW, we went to a seafood restaraunt where I got raw spicy ahi tuna “nachos” w/ ginger, salad with candied pecans and grapes and crusty bread), my sister came back to stay the night with me and do another campus tour Monday. Of course I’m rooting for her to join me at my school 😉 so I welcomed the company and did my best to show her around! 😀

I think she liked it! We will see though, she still has another school to check out, next weekend. After I dropped her off last night, I stopped by Whole Foods and spent too much time wandering aimlessly grocery shopped. I picked up these lil gems because I’d never seen or heard of ’em before and they looked interesting.

Dried JackfruitI picked these up in the asian food section, by the sushi counter. I like to try new, fun things occasionally and thought these fit the bill. They were pretty good, actually! Very sweet and crunchy, but not too greasy! What's the weirdest dried fruit/veg you've tried??Like a cross between sweet potato and dried pineapple chips!

Like a cross of sweet potato and pineapple chip.

More studying, shopping for a formal dress for tomorrow night (deets later 😉 ), perhaps hot yoga and sushiland, laundry and sending a bday package to my friend whose birthday was yesterday remain on the agenda today! Lots to do but some fun things thrown in there 😀 

Questions: 1. Do you have a sibling/friend currently applying or choosing colleges… how did you pick the school you go or went to? Also, what new and interesting food have you discovered lately? Jackfruit chips for me! 😀 And… what did you do this weekend? Fill me in! 😉

 ❤ Jac



7 responses to “[Jac]kfruit.

  1. Urgh, I’m DROWNING in work too right now…and of course I’m looking at blogs instead of reading my homework!! Haha, I actually made a HUGE mistake my senior year and followed a boy (the ex) to school…um, yeah HUGE mistake. But, I transferred to a place I’m totally happy at, so everything worked out for the best! My advice is to not sweat it, because if you hate it you only have to put up with it for a year, haha…but I hope your sis loves wherever she chooses!!

    Hope you have a great hump day love!!

  2. ahh i have so much work to do too! im obviously reading blogs instead of..haha! hey-gota do what you gota do!
    good luck w. ur sissy picking schools!!! if she needs to be at your school then she will be for sure! youre an awesome older sis!

  3. Ahhhhh I heard the Viva Juicy smells amazing too!! Might have to get that next!!!!

    Oh I wonder in whole foods all day when I go there, its heaven!!!!

    New food product I found is the CocoPop Ricecakes and I love them!!!!!!!!!

  4. I know all the seniors at my H.S very well and they’re all deciding where they want to go–I’m so jealous, haha!

    I’ve tried dark chocolate almond butter. LOVE.
    ❤ jess

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    my sister is starting to look at colleges- sO WEIRD, i feel like she is a little baby!! I chose my college because I wanted to get away from home and LOVED this campus. those jackfruits look yummmmy– i found naturally more and i love it!! & I really like strawberry fields Kashi- pretty deliciouss. hope you have a great day tomorrow hunnnn!


  6. Oh wow sounds like you really liked the school & that is so neat that the cooks are willing to work with you. I mean that is how it should be after all!

    Oh work shmirk so much to do!!

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