It’s a (High school) Part-aay

Hey guys!! Happy 420 Tuesday!!!!!! Fun plans?!

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my last post. I’m still a little sore and battered but nothing a little time and tylenol rest wont fix!

Friday night was dreary and rainy on our way to Sushiland.

I love the Pink Elephant!

...and the Space Needle!

But after dinner it had cleared up and the ride home was so. gorgeous.



Sunset :


I went home home that night, to chaperone attend a party my sister had. It was so fun even though I was surrounded by underaged high school kids

Okay so going to a high school party was a little out of my element. Usually I’m surrounded by college kids at frat parties.. or bars.. .But it was fun. Yes, more drama and no, not as mature, but in reality both ”scenes” are pretty similar, really. In both cases, everyone just wants to have fun, and get drunk.

Today I passed a main lawn set up with a ton of booths celebrating Jewish life. There was a hookah smoking booth, one that was giving away free cookies, another free falafal. I wanted one… but couldn’t wait since I had a meeting to go to. 😦 I love when our campus has events like this. It’s fun to see different parts of people’s lives–art, music, religion, hobbies–that you don’t normally! Does your campus stage events/booths like this?

Question: Have you ever been at a party that was out of your element aka younger or older people?? I have to admit like ma girl, I do enjoy partying with my homies relatives, lol 😀

Another question: What  is your favorite things to do or see in your city? Every time I drive by the space needle, or see the skyline, I think about how unique these are to Seattle. Pike Place, the space needle and Uwajimaya may be tourist-y but hey, I’m a local and I love ’em!!


5 responses to “It’s a (High school) Part-aay

  1. Sometimes I wish I were back in high school (actually, a lot of the time…I loved it and never wanted to leave. I’m a freak, I know), so I actually love partying with the younger girls from my high school. My high school was super close, so a lot of the “high school” parties have girls who graduated 3-4 years ago! The weirdest thing to me is seeing girls that I’ve known since they were 11 with beer cans in their hands…

    The Liberty Bell is Philly’s biggest attraction, but I’ve always hated it. What’s so cool about a big cracked bell? Independence Hall is kinda cool, though.

    Hope you have a great night love!!

  2. sometimes its good to let loose and just be totally immature and out of your element! 😉
    I ❤ hookah and my fav thing about providence is thayer st. and in the summer time water fire!!! Have a great night! ❤

  3. Highschool was so fun because it was all about testing the limits & rebelling. Kind of. Trying to see how much you can get away with. Jobs that were super easy, etc..

    Hmm my favorite thing in Omaha is probably the zoo or downtown Old Market area. My favorite part of Kansas City is the Plaza and First Friday Art Fairs. I know that really is not a historic landmark but those are my fav things about KC!

  4. thanks for stopping by and i remember going to parties when i was very young w/ older people and feeling kinda like wow, this is cool. and then being in my mid 20s and 17 yr olds being there and i was like whoa, where did they come from LOL

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