Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, my campus has another outdoor fest going on. Tons of booths with tips on how to be more green, conserving energy, vegetarianism, etc. There was live music…


Live music on the lawn

Earth Day booths

Honest Tea and Coke Booths. Free stuff attracts a crowd!

and free goodies!

I love free stuff! Honest Tea and Kind Bar, a la undergrad library while doing my French homework! 😉

^I picked up this “Why Vegan” pamphlet at one of the booths. While I am not vegan myself, I eat a mostly vegan, plant-based diet. My exceptions: fish, seafood, goat cheese and the occaional eggies. I think everyone needs to find what works for them, but I do see the benefits of veganism. The treatment of animals throughout most of the farming industries in the US is not even close to acceptable, and I do feel I’m doing my part by not supporting the industry. Maybe I’m just one person, but every little bit helps, right? How do you feel about cattle and dairy farming–do you eat meat? Organic or freerange meat?

Are you doing anything to celebrate Earth Day? What celebrations or events have you heard going on?

Alright, I’m off to finish this homework run errands, go to the store and go birthday shopping for my little sister who turns eighteen tommorrow! What should I get her? 😉 She’s hard to shop for!

Oh, also wanted to shout out to Gab with my picture of yesterday’s Love on Arms pic for TWLOHA day,


Did you participate?

Peace, Love, and Happy Earth Day!!


6 responses to “Earth Day!

  1. I eat meat! But I prefer to eat free-range, organic, cage free (eggs) when I can. When I get older, I’m confident that that will be all I buy!
    ❤ jess

  2. ohhh that article is interesting! yes mam i do eat meat-but i need to eat more organic meat!!

  3. I do eat meat, but not as much as I used to. I don’t know if I’d ever be a veg, but it’s a thought 🙂

  4. Happy Earth Day!!!!!!!!!!! You are my bloggie friend for sure!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the kind bars, yum! Love them when they are free too, lol! Bonus!!!

    I got that protein powder at a local organic store near me, I heard whole foods carries it too!!!!

  5. I didnt know it was twloha day!!
    Thats really cool that your school does so much on Earth day!! I think its totally fine and natural to eat meat, however i dont believe in abusing animals to make the meat tast better. I chose to go vegan for more reasons then one, but I agreee with you everly little bit helps and the free range animals lived lives and were not abused!!!
    Have a great day! ❤

  6. Yayy for the love on your arm!! I don’t think eating animals is wrong, but the way we treat them in this country, along with personal taste, has made me a vegetarian. I always buy my parents free range!! Happy birthday to your sister, hope you found her something good!

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