Carob-Bran-Almond butter-coconut-cappuccino muffin!

While I was home last weekend, I didn’t waste any time taking advantage of my full kitchen. A working stove and oven? Yes, please. Usually it’s microwave city for me, which doesn’t leave much room for experimentation or creativity with my eats.

I started with muffins! These were great, and mostly store-bought ingredients but it was fun to add my twist on the recipe.

Carob-bran almond butter coconut muffins!

I started with two boxes of mix: bran muffin and a new No Pudge brand on the market, cappuccino! I used the entire box of bran and two heaping spoonfuls of cappuccino brownie mix.


Then kept it vegan by adding almond milk, almond butter, and coconut milk to combine:


I also added carob chips and coconut shavings, yum!

The result was a light and moist, warm, sweet & salty muffin. I know these aren’t *typical* muffins because of the lack of oils and eggs, but I lick putting my own twist on recipes, and I thought they turned out great, even if I did end up picking carob chips out of most of them 😉


Other kitchen concoctions, new recipes:

Mixed cereal bowl w/ homemade jam, carob chips, frozen fruit, nut buts and coconut flakes.

…after the Almond Milk pour..

Lettuce wraps w/ tomato and avocado slices, fat free feta and an aged hazelnut balsamic drizzle,

And a ROASTED dinner bowl! This was veggies, bbq fake meat, tons of spices and bbq/siratcha sauce!

Sweet taters, broc, onion, peas, bbq fake meat strips, carrots, snap peas

roasted @ 400 degrees, seasoned with red pepper flakes, garlic and herb seasoning, s and p and bbq/siratcha sauce

This was good. But spiiiicccccccay!!

Q: What’s the most successful experiment you’ve had in the kitchen?

Off to seize the day, make bfast and study!

❤ J


5 responses to “Carob-Bran-Almond butter-coconut-cappuccino muffin!

  1. Loving the muffins!!!!!! look delish!!!

    Oh my he blow dryer is amazing but it is expensive as heck!!!!!!!!! It is so worth it though!

    Love ya girl!! I want a muffin!!!!!!!!

    • Katie I love you and your !!!! So funny and its caught on lol!!! Have a good night w your lover! Was thinking about you today and how I want a sushi feast!!

  2. Ah amazing perhaps but I went to Sephora today and it’s going to be a lust-from-afar item for me right now. Thanks college broke budget, ha.

    Thanks, I want a muffin too! Too bad this is from last weekend ha!! ❤

  3. your eats look great!! Hope you had a great day and an even better week!! ❤

  4. Delicious looking eats! Those muffins look fabulous 😀

    ❤ jess

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