This weekend was great, but fly-by for sure. It seems like the closer we get to the end of the year, the faster time flies. Is that just me?

Friday night I went to a benefit concert that was held on campus. It was really cool actually because I knew one of the guys performing and it was a very college-friendly set (and crowd). Drinks were consumed, dancing occurred and overall fun was had 😀

Love live music

Blurry stealthy cell phone pic!!

Yesterday was another gorgeous Seattle spring day. I met up with my mom downtown to explore Chinatown and have lunch. Explore we did. We shopped,

Chinatown skyline

Chinese Markets.

and ate…

Dim sum!!

…and went to the Holy Grail of asian markets,


After saying our “good byes,” it was too nice out to not be outside, so I went to my favorite lake to walk the loop before I had to babysit last night,

The rest of my night was spent juggling a crying baby on my hip and her brother’s movie/gameboy/food demans. I definitely watched more Dora and Explorer intro theme songs a la Youtube than I would have liked. 😛 It p$id well though, so all was worth it!

After babysitting, I visited a guy friend, came home late and crashed out. This morning, coffee was in order, thank you Whole Foods!

MANDATORY Sunday-morning coffee run! Enjoyed while blogging and blog-reading, of course!!

I just got home from Starbucks where I people watched got some legit reading done for COM *go me :D* and now I’m catching up on bloggies, and about to get ready and hangout with a guy tonight… should make for an interesting night. I’m being “kidnapped“..Tonight there have been promises of French, champagne, jazz and shenanigans 😀 Deets to come!

How was your weekend? Best food/music/activity?

Night loves!! ❤


6 responses to “Chinatown.

  1. people watching = favorite
    live music = the best thing ever & also the best thing about summer

  2. HA glad your enjoying the end of your year, its draggging for me!
    Love starbucks, and am easily entertained by people watchin! 😛
    Hooray whole foods to the rescue!! And congrats on being productive yaay! ❤ ❤

  3. Oh la la, sounds like a fun night, can’t wait to hear about it!! Those lake pics are so pretty, I love how warm and sunny it’s getting…SUMMER is so soon! Hope you had a great date night love!!

  4. Beautiful photos of the lake!! It must be so nice to have an abundance of ethnic food 🙂 I would love to go to an asian (or any nationality) market and walk around looking at all the fun+interesting new foods and flavors… that is actually one of my favorite things to do.

    The weekends really do go by super fast, don’t they? I always wish I had just one more day to myself. Hope you have a good week! xoxo

  5. sounds like a great weekend! Hope you had fun with your guy friend! We have a Chinatown in NYC (obvs.) but it always smells really strange, lol…

    Have a great week!

    • Hhahaha I remember that about NYC Chinatown–oh, and you can get lost SO easily, ha!
      That’s so cool you live there… do you go to Columbia? i lurrrrve NYC!! ❤

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