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Finally catching up

So as I’ve mentioned, this has been quite the whirlwind week. I just want to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has sent kind words of encouragement or ‘thinking of yous’ to me.  Seriously, it has really meant a lot to have the support.
It started with some bad news I got last week, regarding my fall housing–or lack thereof. Due to the expansion rates of my sorority and inevitable growth this fall, they have required a forced live out for some of the members for next year. The way the live outs were chosen was dependent on a few different things. I was chosen as one of the live outs and I felt like it was a really unfair decision for a couple of reasons. I was also told a few days after the other girls were notified–there was a miscommunication between my president and some other people incolved, and she thought I had already been notified. Regardless, I was told just in time for the other girls to have found and secured a house *without me* for seven. I am number eight. Obviously the lack of housing security come fall has been a frontrunner on my mind…It’s scary to not know what I’m doing, where or who I’ll be living with. I was really looking forward to rooming with a friend from my sorority which obviously isn’t happening now. 😦

So Tuesday night, I was pretty upset and met my mom downtown. She was staying int the city and I decided to stay with her.. This is when things took another turn for the worse. Wednesday morning we awoke to find that my car had been broken into during the night–rock through the driver’s window. My backpack, which had library books, textbooks, classnotes for a final and my laptop, stolen.  The funny worst part? The only reason I had my laptop in my backpack in the first place was because I would be heading straight to a lecture that day, from the hotel. Well, before I had even found the car break-in, I got an email from that professor saying class had been cancelled. The kicker.

The next day was my final for that class. After waiting for car repair/insurance people all day in a hotel downtown, meeting up with a  girl to get last-minute study outlines that I had lost, I was in the library —> midnight then rose at six am to study again until my final.

Hello, stress.

..>And if you read that rant, thank you for sticking with me.

So yes, this hasn’t been the er, best week ever, but it has made me realize a few things:

-things can turn on a dime


-friends are really important


-family is really really important and I’m really lucky to have mine there for me

and also, attitude is everything. <–My mom has always said this as I was growing up and I’m coming  to find it oh so true…

Anyway, since that mess, I took my final and actually think I did really well. Fingers xd!!!!

I have also been trying to think positively about the future and just enjoy what time I have left in my sorority. There’s not a lot I can do to change things right now, I just have to keep my head up and hope realize things happen for a reason… I just have to find that reason.

Tonight I went to Sushiland with my sushi buddy whom I haven’t seen in awhile. It was great to catch up with her, and we even discussed looking for a place together! Nothing set yet, but definite potential. Silver lining, perhaps? I don’t know, but as I said: head ^, right?!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, and a good Memorial Day tomorrow! I spent most of today with my group working on a final project. We have to keep truckin’ and finish it tomorrow but that’s okay it’ll be done soon and that’ll feel sooooo good! I hear rain outside my window, kinda peaceful sounding 🙂 night lovelies….

❤ Jac

Checking In.

Things are really crazy right now but I just wanted to check in and say I miss you all.

…that I’m still reading your blogs!

…And that I’m holding out hope for this weekend to be great!!

❤ Love.

Stress is not a four letter word.

Why is ^ that?

To recap the last 24 hours of my life, this vita water says it pretty well:

Go. Go. Gooooooooo.


Here’s to hoping things turn around.


I’ll be back with a less downer post… tomorrow?

Ps. Tell me a joke/funny story to cheer me up. Please and thank you.


Summer Shape up, Summer Housing, and HLS!!!

Hey hey hey!!!!

Wow, I have been MIA!! Whoops! 😛 T’was a good weekend, but lots of studying!! My lil sister came over for an overnight visit Friday night which was so fun! Love that since she’s done with her HS AP exams, she had free time to come stay with me!! We hit up Whole Paycheck for salad/hot bar action before going to see MacGruber!! <–Her choice. It was kind of  RIDICULOUS ;)… almost too much for me, and not really my usual pref but I tolerated liked it!


If you like innappropriate, SNL type humor you will probably like it. Basically two hours of an SNL skit. I suggest waiting to rent it though!

Later that night I took her to a frat party. The theme was “under the sea” and although it was a little flamboyant different than other frat parties I have previously attended, we got our dance on, met some new friends, and I think she had fuN!

Saturday morning started the way my Saturdays’ usually do! Just with some company!! Farmers market and Whole Foods for a coffee run! 😀 We went to lunch at the Ram and I got a shrimp and bay scallop salad. I also helped with some sweet tater fries and veggie burger bites!! It was a great lunch which we followed by a very necessary manicure and Forever 21 trip.

After filling my tank with gas and fridge with groceries (thanks mom!!!!! :D) a la TJs, I dropped my sister off–she had a dinner party to attend–and got to work doing some copious amounts of reading for my COM final Thursday. I planted myself in Barnes and Noble. My Saturday night resembled something of this nature…

Starbucks frap to keep me awake!! And booooooooks!!

Not actually that book though (old photo)… Last night I was reading Media/Society: Industries, Images and Audiences… all about media companies and relations. Dense material but I’ve found this to be a really interesting class! I like learning about how significant our ever-changing media systems can be! Twenty years ago, no one could have ever comprehended the impacts of social media we see today; now, everyone and their mom (literally) has a Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc… Crazy!

Today I was actually up early, ready for an AM power hot yoga flow class.. much to my dismay I got the time and date wrong so I arrived at a closed and locked studio!!! Oh well :/ Instead, I got one ‘o these,


..and then got back into bed with said coffee ^ and applied to internships and jobs for two hours. Fingers crossed I get one of these!!!!! I also paid my housing deposit for summer today!!! So excited to live in this summer!!


So other than that I did a lil’ shoppin today, studying, and got in a good gym workout while watching tv and reading this months Self mag! Elliptical, tredmill and abs and core work, plus a little yoga thrown in for good measure!

Anyone doing Gina’s Summer Shapeup starting tomorrow!??!?!!! I’m going to try to do the whole thing!!

Some recent eats: 

Wholy Foods tofu shitake salad!! SO YUM!!!!

New flav Luna Protein bar: chocolate peanut butter!This was interesting. Very chewy! I liked it but I've tried the Cookie Dough flavor and definitely preferred that one!! But it kept me SO full afterward! Would be a good pre or post workout snack. flowers from my mom! Instant room brightener!

deeeeelicious tazo iced tea!

Pb, yogurt and strawb yogurt covered pretzels and raisins and a lone carob malt ball

That’s all for today! <— 😉 Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are feelin ready for the week ahead!

Q: Do you “party” with family? I didn’t really partake in the alc consumption Friday night, but I agree with my girl, who’s said that she enjoys drinking with family sometimes more than being at “big” parties! Sometimes it’s just more fun, no?!

In other news, I got a Healthy Living Summit ticket Wednesday night!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to go!! I’m so excited to meet all the other bloggies in attendance including Caitlin, Meghann, Kath and Tina!!! 😀 😀

Night, night!


Ah weekend, how I miss you…

Happy Hour: The happiest of hours 😉

Rockin' the shades at the dance!

However, moving on…

Today I arose at a nice hour. Ah sleep, I lurve! 😀

I got ready, read blogs, cleaned and ate.


Bfast <—- SO SO good! 😀 😀

Turned this:

Cereal mess!! Frozen banana, mango and berries sliced w/ a mix of kashi, pb puff and fiber one cereal. Swimming in vanilla almond milk and garnished with carob chips and a WCW pb spoon! Yum!

*with mandatory coffee, of course 😉

Into this:

Cereal *mess* in a Nutella Jar!!!!

Transferred said CM into a near-empty nutella jar!!! Chocolate makes bfast better, no?!

Currently in the library, getting my study job applications on! I found one I want SOBAD and I am willing to do anything a lot of resume and cover letter work this weekend to get it! FINGERS CROSSSSSSSSSED!!!!!!!!

However, it’s not only nice out, its actually warrrrrrrrm and I have a newly acquired library book for a class that I’m a little behind in reading for which must. Must be read in the sun. Getting my tan on. 😛

In other news..




HEALTHY LIVING SUMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













With summer just around the corner, I have definitely started stressing thinking about what I want to do with my free time. I am a planner. I like to have my life planned out; where I’m going to live, work, travel, etc. These things are still kind of ‘up in the air’ and I don’t really like that!! <– 😦 I do have plans ‘in the works’ and hopefully everything will be sorted out by the end of this week! I was potentially looking for a summer internship.. now I’m waiting to hear back on these two jobs. Summer housing.. established, pretty much. Travel plans include at least one trip that I know of, a Boston trip for a family reunion in early July. Hopefully those (travels) will be extended, because I do love to travel!!


What are your summer plans?

How did you decide on them?

Are you a planner? Do you like to stay busy, like me… or do you prefer your summers to be stressfree and relaxed????


Peace out!

I need to get back to this application! Then…. I need groceries!!!! Yay, love grocery shopping hahah 😉 Need sunshine too!!! Have TA office hours to go to! And hot yoga tonight!! My day’s getting busier, must. keep. on. going!! 😉


Want to ask me something?

Back to life, Back to Reality…

Greek Week= Over. Back to life. Back to reality. Studying, preparing for finals. Tests. Meetings. Applying for internships. Jobs. You get the picture.

The picture…

Four Loko.


No, not that picture…

This picture…


French studying at Starbizz with a side of Happy Hour frap!! :

Le subjonctif. Oooooooh la la.





Why do all good things come to an end?

Name that song!

The end of Greek week was truly a fun and memorable experience. The weather was gorgeous and the festivities, endless. I always find that when the weather is nicer (and warmer!) people myself very much included, seem to have more motivation to be doing things! Going out, being social, enjoying life… yeah 😀

Friday afternoon, a waterslide in front of a frat

Campus lawn crawlin' with people enjoying the spring weather!

View from a rooftop last week,

People sitting on that same rooftop. I did not partake. :p

Friday night I went to a concert on campus. It was a lot of fun and needless to say, a late night. Saturday morning I walked through the Seattle Street Fair. It was incredible! So many people, so many vendors. Expect a full recap post soon! Saturday night we had our Sorority Spring Formal dance. I ended up getting set up on a blind date right before the dance, but still went with a big group. We returned after the dance to find our entire house without power…

Then Sunday, I went home (home, home) to attend a wedding shower my mom was throwing for a friend. After the craziness of last week and the late nights/lack of sleep this weekend, I decided to just chill, see a movie with my sister and stay home for the night. We may or may not have also shared an incredible Dairy Queen blizzard. <—enter the first blizzard I’ve had in years! It was delicious and I thouroughly it. No guilt, no mercy.
We say Date Night with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. It. was. hilarious. Anyone seen it??!!! All I can say is, “Throw yo junk in reverse!!!!!!!!!” <–Sorry, if you’ve seen it, you get the quote… cab driver…. anyone?!

Last night I took my first yoga class in about a week. After taking a week off indulging in drinking, late nights, lack of sleep, last nights class was, er, I could feel it. I thought I had signed up for a power flow class so I was surprised when we started a 90 min hot yoga (Bikrim-esque). However, as always, I was really glad I had taken the class when it was over, and it felt good to just sweat it all out!

Today I had a french test that I was up late studying for. Plans for the rest of the day include a gym trip for some easy cardio, seeing a friend in from out of town, a “spa” sisterhood with my sorority and a French composition.

How were your weekends?

What’s the best movie you’ve seen as of late?!

Have you ever tried 4 Loko?!! <–not really suggesting it, lol 😛


❤ A tout a l’heure,


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This week marks the annual college “Greek Week” on my campus. Each sorority is paired up with two fraternities for a variety of games. Also involved? A lOT of alcohol. I’m talking, waking up at 8 am and drinking. (<–I do not partake in this.)

Last night started innocently enough…

Team bbq and volleyball.

However took a slight turn for the worse better in the other direction with this:

Four Loko

Have you ever tried it? Alcohol & energy = Four Loko. I’d never had it, but somehow was talked into drinking this, and attending this:

Foam Party

Foam party. I’m not talking about this kind of Foam party. I’m talking about this type. More like four fraternities, hundreds of girls, foam everywhere, hot tubs, you get the picture…


Being silly.

It was fun. Too much fun! Craziness! Sufficed to say, this morning was a little, er, rough. A good nights’ sleep was definitely lacking. However, I got up, got moving and went to my classes second class.

Thoughts of a cold, delicious cereal mess helped pull me outta bed! 😀

Cereal Mess!

Also picked up these bad boys from Trader Joe’s. They. are. so. SO. good. You MUST try them. RIGHT NOW!! Pineapple Chips!

Sweet, salty and delicious!!!!

(2.5 servings…yeah, I don’t think so….) 😛

Oh snap, only one serving left 😛 !!

Tonight there is talk of multiple other parties going on, however I think I may opt due to piling studying, research for a paper and reading mounting up on me :/ Oh well, work now, play later, no?! Plus, our sorority formal quarter dance is this Saturday night, and I have plans to go home to attend a wedding shower Sunday, so I have a busy weekend ahead of me! I want to have some of my work out of the way so I can enjoy it!

Does your college/school have a Greek system? Greek Week? Have you ever been to a foam party?! Thoughts?!!!!

Also, I told my mom–who is hosting the bridal shower–that I would make gift grab-bags for the attendees. Now, I’m wondering what I should make! Any ideas?! I was thinking little baggies filled with maybe some candies, champagne bubbles, trinkets….

Off to make some din and do some Com reading!

Night loves!

P.S. Don’t forget about my formspring! Ask Away!!!!!!!!