Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody!! I just love this holiday, I feel like it’s always a great kick-off to the summer. Fiestas, parties, Mexican food, margaritas… what more could you want?!

So I have been good this week, studying and NOT going out at all. Tonight I must make an exception, clearly. I will be needing one of these:


😀 😀 😀

I’m just getting ready, eatin bfast and finishing some reading before heading to class. French, a COM lecture, and a gym date before calling it a day! Tonight we have a “Western” themed dinner exchange which should be really fun! Hot yoga if I can sneak it in, but I’m planning for the gym (ET w/ class reading, ha 😉 ) just in case.

Cereal Mess! Frozen banana, mango and berries, mixed cereals and almond milk with a better n pb spoonful!! 😀

Have a great one ‘erybody!! Eats some Mex and drink some tequila!!!! ❤

Question: What’s your favorite non-American holiday?? I love St. Patty’s Day and Cinco De Mayo. Mostly I love that you don’t have to be of the heritage to celebrate! Everyone just seems to come out, dress up, eat, drink, and celebrate!! I also like the fact that thsse holidays seem to mark the start of spring and the start of summer… I always associate them to the ‘turning points’ of the seasons!


6 responses to “Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

  1. Have a great Cinco de Mayo!! Enjoy a marg for me- I’m so bummed I have a final tomorrow!

  2. Hope you had a great cinco de mayo love!!!!!!!

    No margaritas for me!!!! I wish though I did!


  3. i’m so with you with those 2 holidays! I always have a great time with my friends while I partake in a little drinking festivities : )

    I ate some delicious guac and margaritas yesterday!!

  4. Hahaha – look´s like you´ve had a BLAST, girl 🙂
    Such a pity brazilians don´t celebrate Cinco de Mayo… Seems like an awesome holiday!
    Thanks for the amazing comment on my blog, Jaclyn!
    Wish you a great day 😉
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  5. lol!! Yeah Lover and I had a good weight sesh!!! lol! U are too cute!!!

    THanks for the compliments on my dress colors!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend love!! xo

  6. Thanks for the holiday wishes love!! And I just have to comment on how freakin good that cinnabon bun thing looks from your earlier post. I’ll take TEN of those haha

    Hope you had a GREAT cinco de mayo pretty girl!!

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