This week marks the annual college “Greek Week” on my campus. Each sorority is paired up with two fraternities for a variety of games. Also involved? A lOT of alcohol. I’m talking, waking up at 8 am and drinking. (<–I do not partake in this.)

Last night started innocently enough…

Team bbq and volleyball.

However took a slight turn for the worse better in the other direction with this:

Four Loko

Have you ever tried it? Alcohol & energy = Four Loko. I’d never had it, but somehow was talked into drinking this, and attending this:

Foam Party

Foam party. I’m not talking about this kind of Foam party. I’m talking about this type. More like four fraternities, hundreds of girls, foam everywhere, hot tubs, you get the picture…


Being silly.

It was fun. Too much fun! Craziness! Sufficed to say, this morning was a little, er, rough. A good nights’ sleep was definitely lacking. However, I got up, got moving and went to my classes second class.

Thoughts of a cold, delicious cereal mess helped pull me outta bed! 😀

Cereal Mess!

Also picked up these bad boys from Trader Joe’s. They. are. so. SO. good. You MUST try them. RIGHT NOW!! Pineapple Chips!

Sweet, salty and delicious!!!!

(2.5 servings…yeah, I don’t think so….) 😛

Oh snap, only one serving left 😛 !!

Tonight there is talk of multiple other parties going on, however I think I may opt due to piling studying, research for a paper and reading mounting up on me :/ Oh well, work now, play later, no?! Plus, our sorority formal quarter dance is this Saturday night, and I have plans to go home to attend a wedding shower Sunday, so I have a busy weekend ahead of me! I want to have some of my work out of the way so I can enjoy it!

Does your college/school have a Greek system? Greek Week? Have you ever been to a foam party?! Thoughts?!!!!

Also, I told my mom–who is hosting the bridal shower–that I would make gift grab-bags for the attendees. Now, I’m wondering what I should make! Any ideas?! I was thinking little baggies filled with maybe some candies, champagne bubbles, trinkets….

Off to make some din and do some Com reading!

Night loves!

P.S. Don’t forget about my formspring! Ask Away!!!!!!!!


11 responses to “Foamy.

  1. That looks like so much fun! the only foam parties i have ever been to have been awful!. I like the idea of working and using play as my “carrot” to keep going and then i enjoy play)partying) so much more when i have worked my ass off. I hate that overhanging guilt feeling when i go out and i know i should be studying, I cant enjoy myself as much!xxx

  2. Wow what a foam party for sure!!!! Im glad you had a fun night out, and I have never seen that kind of drink before, looks interesting!

    I think your ideas for the goodie bags are good, I would even look at Target for things in the dollar bins they have in their store, they always have cute little things!

    Have a great day!!!!!

  3. i went to a foam party last year at my old school, and i remember my roommate telling me about how many germs there were in the foam…not what i wanted to hear at that point!! sounds like you had a great time though, I’ve never had that drink but i’ve had sparks, which is similar! sounds like you’ve got a busy week ahead of you, good luck girl!! xoxo

  4. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm we would have a blast shopping together for sure!!!! we would make it an all day event!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds like SO much fun. Look at all that foam–WOW!

    ❤ jess

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  8. Sweet foam party 😉 Hey, just to let you know… is the best when it comes to foam machines and foam solution. Super affordable, ordering foam solution is easy. You can rent or buy! Anyone interested in throwing a foam party should call them for sure! Let them know Christine referred you for an even better deal!!!

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