Summer Shape up, Summer Housing, and HLS!!!

Hey hey hey!!!!

Wow, I have been MIA!! Whoops! 😛 T’was a good weekend, but lots of studying!! My lil sister came over for an overnight visit Friday night which was so fun! Love that since she’s done with her HS AP exams, she had free time to come stay with me!! We hit up Whole Paycheck for salad/hot bar action before going to see MacGruber!! <–Her choice. It was kind of  RIDICULOUS ;)… almost too much for me, and not really my usual pref but I tolerated liked it!


If you like innappropriate, SNL type humor you will probably like it. Basically two hours of an SNL skit. I suggest waiting to rent it though!

Later that night I took her to a frat party. The theme was “under the sea” and although it was a little flamboyant different than other frat parties I have previously attended, we got our dance on, met some new friends, and I think she had fuN!

Saturday morning started the way my Saturdays’ usually do! Just with some company!! Farmers market and Whole Foods for a coffee run! 😀 We went to lunch at the Ram and I got a shrimp and bay scallop salad. I also helped with some sweet tater fries and veggie burger bites!! It was a great lunch which we followed by a very necessary manicure and Forever 21 trip.

After filling my tank with gas and fridge with groceries (thanks mom!!!!! :D) a la TJs, I dropped my sister off–she had a dinner party to attend–and got to work doing some copious amounts of reading for my COM final Thursday. I planted myself in Barnes and Noble. My Saturday night resembled something of this nature…

Starbucks frap to keep me awake!! And booooooooks!!

Not actually that book though (old photo)… Last night I was reading Media/Society: Industries, Images and Audiences… all about media companies and relations. Dense material but I’ve found this to be a really interesting class! I like learning about how significant our ever-changing media systems can be! Twenty years ago, no one could have ever comprehended the impacts of social media we see today; now, everyone and their mom (literally) has a Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc… Crazy!

Today I was actually up early, ready for an AM power hot yoga flow class.. much to my dismay I got the time and date wrong so I arrived at a closed and locked studio!!! Oh well :/ Instead, I got one ‘o these,


..and then got back into bed with said coffee ^ and applied to internships and jobs for two hours. Fingers crossed I get one of these!!!!! I also paid my housing deposit for summer today!!! So excited to live in this summer!!


So other than that I did a lil’ shoppin today, studying, and got in a good gym workout while watching tv and reading this months Self mag! Elliptical, tredmill and abs and core work, plus a little yoga thrown in for good measure!

Anyone doing Gina’s Summer Shapeup starting tomorrow!??!?!!! I’m going to try to do the whole thing!!

Some recent eats: 

Wholy Foods tofu shitake salad!! SO YUM!!!!

New flav Luna Protein bar: chocolate peanut butter!This was interesting. Very chewy! I liked it but I've tried the Cookie Dough flavor and definitely preferred that one!! But it kept me SO full afterward! Would be a good pre or post workout snack. flowers from my mom! Instant room brightener!

deeeeelicious tazo iced tea!

Pb, yogurt and strawb yogurt covered pretzels and raisins and a lone carob malt ball

That’s all for today! <— 😉 Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are feelin ready for the week ahead!

Q: Do you “party” with family? I didn’t really partake in the alc consumption Friday night, but I agree with my girl, who’s said that she enjoys drinking with family sometimes more than being at “big” parties! Sometimes it’s just more fun, no?!

In other news, I got a Healthy Living Summit ticket Wednesday night!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to go!! I’m so excited to meet all the other bloggies in attendance including Caitlin, Meghann, Kath and Tina!!! 😀 😀

Night, night!


3 responses to “Summer Shape up, Summer Housing, and HLS!!!

  1. So jealous you’re going to the HLS!! I wish I could, but my plans are too up in the air at the moment 😦 I’m starting the Shape-Up today too…good luck girl, hope you have an awesome week!

  2. oh wow, ur right, that zen iced like that looks good! thanks for ur comment and recommending it, when i go to the store and see it i will pick one up!

  3. Yay that you got a tix for the healthy summit! I wanted to buy atix and go but I dont know how August will be yet for me! Its a very busy month, and I didnt want to buy a tix unless I could go for sure!! How fun!

    Yay for forever 21, whole foods, and TJs!!!!! That is my kind of weekend!!

    Things are better over here, thanks so much for being so great!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!! xoxo

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