Finally catching up

So as I’ve mentioned, this has been quite the whirlwind week. I just want to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has sent kind words of encouragement or ‘thinking of yous’ to me.  Seriously, it has really meant a lot to have the support.
It started with some bad news I got last week, regarding my fall housing–or lack thereof. Due to the expansion rates of my sorority and inevitable growth this fall, they have required a forced live out for some of the members for next year. The way the live outs were chosen was dependent on a few different things. I was chosen as one of the live outs and I felt like it was a really unfair decision for a couple of reasons. I was also told a few days after the other girls were notified–there was a miscommunication between my president and some other people incolved, and she thought I had already been notified. Regardless, I was told just in time for the other girls to have found and secured a house *without me* for seven. I am number eight. Obviously the lack of housing security come fall has been a frontrunner on my mind…It’s scary to not know what I’m doing, where or who I’ll be living with. I was really looking forward to rooming with a friend from my sorority which obviously isn’t happening now. 😦

So Tuesday night, I was pretty upset and met my mom downtown. She was staying int the city and I decided to stay with her.. This is when things took another turn for the worse. Wednesday morning we awoke to find that my car had been broken into during the night–rock through the driver’s window. My backpack, which had library books, textbooks, classnotes for a final and my laptop, stolen.  The funny worst part? The only reason I had my laptop in my backpack in the first place was because I would be heading straight to a lecture that day, from the hotel. Well, before I had even found the car break-in, I got an email from that professor saying class had been cancelled. The kicker.

The next day was my final for that class. After waiting for car repair/insurance people all day in a hotel downtown, meeting up with a  girl to get last-minute study outlines that I had lost, I was in the library —> midnight then rose at six am to study again until my final.

Hello, stress.

..>And if you read that rant, thank you for sticking with me.

So yes, this hasn’t been the er, best week ever, but it has made me realize a few things:

-things can turn on a dime


-friends are really important


-family is really really important and I’m really lucky to have mine there for me

and also, attitude is everything. <–My mom has always said this as I was growing up and I’m coming  to find it oh so true…

Anyway, since that mess, I took my final and actually think I did really well. Fingers xd!!!!

I have also been trying to think positively about the future and just enjoy what time I have left in my sorority. There’s not a lot I can do to change things right now, I just have to keep my head up and hope realize things happen for a reason… I just have to find that reason.

Tonight I went to Sushiland with my sushi buddy whom I haven’t seen in awhile. It was great to catch up with her, and we even discussed looking for a place together! Nothing set yet, but definite potential. Silver lining, perhaps? I don’t know, but as I said: head ^, right?!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, and a good Memorial Day tomorrow! I spent most of today with my group working on a final project. We have to keep truckin’ and finish it tomorrow but that’s okay it’ll be done soon and that’ll feel sooooo good! I hear rain outside my window, kinda peaceful sounding 🙂 night lovelies….

❤ Jac


3 responses to “Finally catching up

  1. this does not sound fun at all. i was totally hoping that when u mentioned meeting up with ur mom things would turn around for the better. im so incredibly sorry to hear about ur car!!! ugh such a rough week/weekend! im praying for you love, hoping things start looking up and somehow make up for all the unfortunate events. talk about STRESS ❤ HUG HUG HUG x 1000000000

  2. Ughh so sorry to hear about all the stressful things!! I’m unsure about my living situation for next year too, and it sucks. I can’t imagine losing my laptop in the same week as that news!! Hang in there girlfriend- like you said, attitude is everything, and while it’s okay to be frustrating, realize that it WILL get better soon! Hope this week is great for you girl!! xoxo

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