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World Cup Win!

Whatup blog worrrrrrrrld?!

Who watched the World Cup this morning!?!!! Go team USA! After some of this last night, I didn’t see it happening,

Go team USA!!!!

However, I managed to pull myself from bed, go to a new interest? friends house, where we watched the last half of the game, he made me breakfast and mimosas!!

After a late night/early morning and nothing on my plate to do feelin’ tirrrrred, I returned to a slumber and arose later this afternoon. T’was nice to sleeeeeep!

Yesterday/Today has been ohsonice on the weather front, here. This picture was snapped outside of Target Tarjaaaaaay on my visit with friends yesterday,


…which by the way was a great day!! One of my all time favorite combos… shopping (Target, F21), hot yoga, seeing friends that I haven’t seen in awhile, and… SUSHILAND!

Oh sushi, why do you possess such addicting qualities?!! πŸ˜‰

I have to shout out to miss Katie, and say that I did it.. I tried the crab stick! My friend and I have this on-going joke about how disgusting the crab sticks always look, but after seeing them lately on Healthydivaeats, I’ve been having a random craving for them! Weird, yes, but I just rolled with it! It wasn’t the best but it was fun trying something new. I also had a craving for seaweed salad (love love this stuff)! Of course this is not all I ate, just the two highlights!

Seaweed salad! Yumzzz!

Crab stix πŸ˜‰

Currently enjoying a very GC style snack plate while I post this…

Dippers plus humus, wcw and more that went unpictured πŸ˜‰

Tonight there’s talk of a highlighter party which in case your curious, involves wearing white so people can draw on you in highlighter and you glow under blacklights…. hmmm should be an interesting one!

Btw, the job I posted about awhile back, I got it, officially! I had already been ‘offered’ the job, but I had to get a drug test, get references checked, etc. Today over bfast w/ said boy, I got a call saying I start Monday! So excited, but now I feel like I really want to soak up this week as much as I can before I’m working!!

In other news, btw #2: so SO excited for HLS!!!! Really excited that so many of you are going and can’t wait to meet you guys in person!!! Lemme know if you’re going!

Off to make some legit dinner and get ready for my night!

Question: Are you going to HLS?! If not, what summer travel plans do you have? In addition to HLS, I’m going to Boston the first week of July for a family reunion–can’t wait for that, love that city! πŸ˜€


❀ Jac

Musing: A lot of talk in the blog world lately has focused on stress, not feeling like you’re doing enough, worry about the future, about goals, feeling pressure to be/act/think a certain way, pressure on yourself to make your workouts–I think it’s so important for ALL OF US to remember to just breathe sometimes. Maybe you didn’t get everything checked off your to-do list today, maybe you only worked out twice this week…the thing is there is always tomorrow! I’ve been thinking about this mental struggle we put ourselves through and in the end, wouldn’t that negative energy be so much more useful towards calling a friend just to say “hi,” doing something nice for yourself or someone else, or just realizing that we.are.human. Nothing/no one is perfect and that’s the really great difficult important thing about life! Okay, rant over. πŸ˜€

Happy Father’s Day! Baking, grilling and family weekend!

Currently blogging from home, in bed, watching TV and eating an ice cream brownie Sunday complements of my little sister, who made them for Father’s Day: I can’t complain!!

Happy Father’s Day everyone, I hope you all had a great, relaxing days celebrating with your dads’! I know I did! I grilled tonight–last night too! Love summer grilling, such a fun and seasonally appropriate celebration of foods and the weather, no?! Β In addition to some great eats this weekend, I went and say Toy Story 3 with my little sister this afternoon. It was a rainy day in the Northwest–not summer tanning weather, so we went to see a movie, inside, away from the rain! It was a great movie though, very cute and very creative! Can’t believe it though, I remember seeing the original, but it was so long ago! When I was so young!

Came home yesterday evening, after hanging out in the morning, going to an early am yoga power class and stopping by the farmer’s market. The bread guy gave me a free scone! Score, except it was stale after sitting out all day, so it was trash city after a few bites! Came home and grilled, drank wine and chilled with the parents and sister! This morning I went to a local yoga class with my sister, wasn’t my favorite style of class, but was still fun/nice to do! The rest of the day has been chilling, seeing Toy Story, getting coffee, making muffins, making dinner, hanging with my animals… Now I’m watching Food network/mindless TV and blogging. I didn’t want to wait in the lonnng Sunday night ferry line, when I could just go home tomorrow! Plus, I think a sushi date is in store for my mom and I tomorrow for lunch!!!!

Okay, onto the eats/baking adventures/grill mastah pictures of the weekend!

Builders bar I tried the other day; peanut butter flavah, very peanut buttery! It was good! Very rich and delish!

Free famers market scone yesterday afternoon, ended up being stale though πŸ˜›

Mid-way through my grilled dinner last night: boca burger topped with goat cheese, grilled onion, mushrooms and tomatoes, grilled zuchini and eggplant and cinnamon raisin pecan toast. With bbq and honey mustard for dipping!

Bonfire last night! After grillling dinner, my best friend from home came over and enjoyed a glass of wine, the nice evening... and of course, s'mores!!! Love summer bonfires and s'mores!

Great Father's Day brunch this morning! Cinnamon raisin pecan french toast with "grilled" pineapple and banana slices!

So, so, so good! Topped with bettern pb, nutella and light syrup!!!!

Today I made Trader Joe's triple berry muffins! Added almond butter, carob and chocolate chips and a few random carob and yogurt raisins that I had on hand!

Made mini muffins and with the leftover batter made bigger mini sized 'vita top' style muffins too!

Love you all, happy sunday night, hope you all have fabulous weeks ahead!


PS: Got my Chicago plane ticket tonight, for the Healthy Living Summit this summer! I can’t wait to meet Kath, Tina, Caitlin, Meghann and Gina, and everyone else who’s attending, blogger and readers! I want you ALL to be there! SO excited and can’t wait until August, yay!!!!!!!

❀ Jac!

Living in the moment!

When I was shopping with my friend the other day, I came across these high-wasted pants from H&M. I’m not really sure how I feel about them, but they were on sale, I can wear ’em to work, and so I bought them. What do you think about high-wasted pants?



Moving on….

I’ve been having a good week that has involved hanging out and getting to know some of the new people here,

Late night room party with drinking game apples to apples and itunes a la big screen computer

went home for ~24 hours to help my mom with some work,

but stayed to make a big arrrrrse Target run! Needed some random things for my new room like hangers, conditioner, tupperwear, etc… of course I left with all that plus a few more things that jumped into my cart. Found some cute white linen pants too! πŸ˜€

My mom took my sister and I out to Indian, after I watched some of her horseback riding lesson on Gaston, to celerate Indian food Wednssday Tuesday!! I haven’t had Indian food in a while and I forgot how much I love it! We shared a bunch of things including just some of what is pictured. We got papadum, dippers, vegetable samosas, Tofu Masala, baighan bhartha (my favorite) and a lemon mango pickle dish that was interesting to try but not something I’d order again!

Love the inside of this restaurant! It has low, floor seating on pillows and hanging drapery decorates all the walls! Plus the servers are so friendly and the owner knows my mom and I and always remembers our orders!!

Yummy Tandori baked papadum with a spicy green sauce and a sweet bbq style sauce!

We also ordered spinach naan, so good stuffed with spinach!!!! TOfu masala was a new try and I liked it, prefer tofu vindaloo though!

After our Indian feast, we came home and chilled for a while before one of my best friends from home, and a few of my sisters friends that have just graduated with her all came over. We had an impromptu girls night complete with mandatory movie and ice cream(s)!!!! It was so fun actually, we all piled into my bed and watched Valentine’s Day and ate our mint, coffee and cookie dough ice cream cones!! πŸ˜€

Cute movie and total all star cast!

The weather isn’t looking too great right now, but there are talks of a BBQ later tonight if the rain holds off, should be fun! Tomorrow night is a roof party which will also be fun :D!! Love summer, bbqs, hang-outs and being able to have last-minute, spontaneous plans! Like last night, went to Iron Man 2 with the house, last minute…we saw it in Imax and it was loud intense, but I liked it!

The other night we saw this rainbow off my back porch. It’s important to stop and smell the roses look at rainbows when you get the chance, especially when they are at home, home, and you don’t get to see them that much! Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking about what I should or could be doing and I’ve been really trying to focus on living in the moment. Yoga has definitely helped me with this. When I’m home nowadays, I try to realize how little time I spend there and really appreciate it, whether it be noticing a rainbow, petting my dog a little longer than necessary or spending time with each member of my family. It’s those small moments that really add up!

Sunset rainbow at home

Favorite ethnic food? I love Indian, and of course, sushi!!!! How do you live in the moment?

Have a great Thursday loves! I’ll be back soon!

❀ J

Ch ch chhanges..

Quite a few here!

This has been a whirl-wind weekend, but packed full of fun! Along the lines of this;

My weekend, following the celebration theme! This was a graduation cake from a party I went to last night.. unfortunately didn't get to have a piece, had to leave before they cut into it!!!!

When we last left off, I had just finished my last final of the quarter and was packing up to move out. Thursday afternoon, I treated myself to a much needed post-final hair dye appointment. I went to an Aveda training salon–great tip: training salons! They are taught by the same pros, and use the same high-end ingredients but so, SO much cheaper!! Wednesday night had been a late night/early morning due to my final and I was tirrrrrred, but glad I made the appointment–as I said I needed it! On the way there, I stopped by WF for my coffee, and snagged this lil guy,

Coffee w/ steamed soy and a free bakery sample!

WF PB & J cake!!

Peanut butter and jelly cake, um, yes please?! This was delicious and totally decadent. The sample size was actually the perfect amount, it was so rich! I also picked up this dried fruit bar from WF after seeing it on GCs blog.. my thoughts? DOn’t buy it!! I hated it, didn’t even finish!!!

Yuck! Tasted like ginger-lime flavored cardboard πŸ˜›

Brunch Saturday with my family was great and followed by my little sister’s high school graduation!!! It was so fun/crazy/surreal to see her graduate high school–can’t believe she’s done!

Saturday evening, after well-wishing my sister off to her overnight senior cruise, I went to a party that my old horse barn was hosting. This weekend marked the annual horse show they host every year, and I got to see some of it Sunday. In addition to drinking a few too many wine, talking and having an all around great time catching up with old friends, I got to see my boy, and see him in action Sunday! The woman who leases him from us now did a great job this weekend! I was so proud of them!! Made me miss riding him and I will definitely be “back in the saddle” this summer!!!!

Gaston!!!! I ❀ him!!!!!

Flyin' over the fences, 3'7" like it aint no thang!!

Gaston booty shot!

Hanging in the grass watching the horse show=much of my weekend...was a good way to spend it πŸ˜‰

Also included ice cream!!!!! Plus more, a la serving spoon, of course!!! πŸ˜€

Sunday night’s graduation party took place at one of my sister’s best friend’s house, where they have a beautiful and expansive garden. We got a full tour of her father’s gardens which included a lot of fresh produce. I want one someday!

Gorgeous garden where the grad party was held

I left the party early and came back here to partake in lock-in which was basically like a get-to-know-you of all the guys and girls living here for the summer. It was fun, but after a few nights of wine, I laid off the alcohol last night. πŸ˜‰

Overall consensus as of now is that I think it will be fun living here this summer.I plan on going back and forth here –> home somewhat, but my roommate here is great–we’ve been hanging out a lot already. Today included coffee together this morning, then cleaning the yoga studio and shopping and sushi with a friend (my roommate joined too) tonight! Great day… and I may or may not need to leave now to go make a tequila pink lemonade with her!


Hope you all are having lovely Monday’s and enjoying the sunshine where ever you are πŸ˜€

Best/Worst roommate experience you’ve ever had?!! I’ve had some bad ones, but I’ll save those stories for next time πŸ˜‰

what else…

Forgot to show you this! Β Friday night when I visited my friend at his new apartment, he pulled out this name collage I had made him a few years ago! I can’t believe he’s kept it all this time–love that πŸ˜€ It is so funny looking back at old pictures and art, but so cool if you keep this stuff around!

Moving, graduations, and school’s out for tha summah!

Can’t believe I’m finally done, done, done!!!!

Craziness has ensued in the past forty-eight hours: taking my last COM final *got a 96, woot πŸ˜‰ * packing my room life into my car.. unpacking some of it into my new place except that the guy who lived there before HADN’T MOVED OUT YET

Moving Day.

stuff....times like a billion!

also, worked out Thursday thanks to SSU and Gina, and my modifications–killer leg workout, felt it yesterday! And, hot yoga last night. Felt sooooo good to sweat it all out, ya know?!

Last night before coming home, I stopped by my good guy friends new studio apartment. He moved in earlier this week and is excited about his new downtown spot. I had to take a picture of his ridiculous postman shirt:

and the beautiful sorry, it’s dark, view off the back of his building, of last night’s sunset!!!

Gorgeous sunset overlooking the back of the Seattle skyline.

Today I have brunch with my family and grandparents, my little sister’s graduation!!!!, unpacking my car which is currently a disaster zone!, then meeting up with friends later! I’m thinking we’ll be taking advantage of the nice weather *hello, 77 degrees! ;)* with a beach bonfire, bbq and wine night!! Love, LOVE seeing friends that I haven’t seen in FOREVER–no one knows you like true, good friends!!

Currently laying in bed doing nothing, need to get up, get ready, charge my phone….reading blogs. Thoughts of this and of bfast are pulling me out of bed though!!!

Cawwwwhhhhhhfeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€ Yummers.

πŸ˜‰ I’m off the seize the day, can’t believe my little sister is no longer in high school!!!! When did all this time pass?!!

That’s all, take care and happy Saturday!!!!!

What are your weekend plans? What is favorite music to listen to when hanging out/working out/going out–I need new ippzle suggestions!!!! What are your all-time “wow look how much time has past/look how far I’ve come moments?!” High school graduation was definitely one of those for me! So was just this last week–officially half-way done with college!!!!

Last night

…of library studying this year!!!! Last night of my sophomore year of college!!

Tomorrow mornin’, bright and early I have my last Communication final and I’m DONE!!!

Today began and ended the same way!

cereal mess w/ carob chips, frozen berries, choc almond milk and a pb smear

I attended a review session this morning to go over a final I had for a different class last week. Overall I was happy with my score–higher than the class average and it’s on a curve! πŸ˜€

The continuation of the on-going packing of my room and numerous trips to my car worked up an appetite. My friend offered to take me to sushi for lunch today, in return of last weeks sushi outing on me. I actually woke up to her text invite which made me so happy. I’m never one to turn down a sushi date!! πŸ˜‰

Conveyor belt sushi.

We always go for dinner but it was kind of fun going for lunch today–a lot fewer people, and the environment seemed more relaxed. Do you prefer lunch or dinners out? I still think I prefer dinners’ out just because they feel more like ‘events’.

After a bunch of errands this afternoon, I continued with the study/library theme which has been a frontrunner in my life lately….

Orange and giant iced coffee with a side of communications review

Just set my alarm for an early hour, reviewed one more time and now I am laying in bed hoping to get some sleep for tomorrow’s final and wishing I hadn’t drank that huge iced coffee only a few hours ago!

Wish me luck and when I talk to you again I will no longer be a college sophomore, I’ll be done for the summer!!!

❀ J

Musing: I’ve been thinking about change a lot lately. Obviously, the end of the quarter/end of the year promotes a big change: the beginning of summer, moving out of the sorority, moving into a fraternity, finishing classes, starting a new job……you get the point. I’ve heard “change is hard”, “change is scary”, and “change is exciting.” I think so often I get wrapped up in my own routine, that change isn’t something I’m used to. I want to see these changes as good, positive things though. Yes scary, and unknown, but change promotes change, right?! I want to learn and grow as a person, and I don’t think that can be done without change. These are big changes though; my environment, job, school and social life all in one week?! Bring it on πŸ˜‰

How do you deal with change?

Graduation Party, and I got a Job!!

Hi there! Sorry I’ve been MIA–one more final Thursday and I’m dunzo!!!!!!

Apres mon examen de francais Saturday morning (je suis finis avec cette course!), I made the trip home for my little sister’s high school graduation party…

It was a lot of fun; there was so much food, a ton of people, the weather was great and it was outside! Wine was flowin ;), bonfires and s’more makin’ and great conversations were had!! I love these types of parties–going home and seeing people and catching up–not something I get to do too often anymore! Plus, I think my sister had a great time. I remember that end-of-highschool, beginning of the “new chapter” of your life time like it was yesterday. Blink and you miss it. I think she and her friends are starting to realize they all have very little time left together over the summer, etc so it was fun to see them all get together for this!

(I know Katie’s sister is graduating this weekend too, shout out and happy birthday to her, girl!!!!!!!)

Love summer beach bonfires!!!!

Here is just a peek at the party food…we had a lot of people and quite the spread!!!! My sister is a vegetarian too, so my mom did a great job of having lots of veggie options! In addition, we also had pad thai, cheese boards and a mediteranian themedΒ platterΒ that I shopped for and prepped, tons of drinks, guacamole, fresh fruit and veg, and more!

veggie and turkey roll-up wraps

Shrimp cocktail and homemade chocolate covered strawberries!

My favorite! Sushi, dragon roll and vegetarian roll!

Vegetarian mexican platter!

chix and beef skewers for the meat eaters!

Mediteranian platter: humus, baba ganoush, olives, cornichons, feta, peppers

dippers: falafal chips (so good! very spicy!), rice chips, new sahale biscottis, kashi crackers

Fresh fruit and veg

wheeeeeeeeeeehhhh that’s a lot!!


Other weekend activities included visiting my boys!

Ray and Gaston! Ready to go!

I had to go to the barn to take that face thing off Gaston. He’s been having some issues with shivers, so he has to wear that during the day and has had to be in a stall during the nights lately. It made me sad because I can tell he hates it and it’s better for him to be in the pasture. Still, he was happy to be fed…

Hungry boy!

I also cashed in a free coffee at one of my favorite local coffee shops…

Fair trade coffee!

Gotta love fair trade!



Sunday night my mom flew to LA for work, so my Dad, sister and I went to dinner and a movie. We saw Killers, which was an interesting Mr and Mrs Smith-esque film. Overall I thought it was cute (espc Ashton!) but I’d wait to see it on tv next year–not really worth the $$!



Also found out the other day that I got the HR assistant position I interviewed for a few weeks ago!!! SOOO very happy and excited. I start June 28th, just need to get a drug test πŸ˜› and they’ll call my references, and I’m golden! πŸ˜€ Yayy!!!!




I alsooooooo ran into a blog friend today!!!! It was so crazy to see someone in real life that I know online, haha! Great talking to you today GC, and good luck with the final final tomorrow!!


Okay, I’m off to review my Com notes and do some studying!

Qs: What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately? Ever met a blogger in “real” life? Best blogger meet-up stories?? Best/worst summer job you’ve ever had??


❀ Night!!!!