Holed up in the library….

is much better with study snacks…

I’m just sayin’ 😉

Yesterdays snacks: mango, pineapple, papaya juice smoothie, SO yum!!!!

with a fro yo sample on the side to which i added packed strawbs and cereal!

…and today…….

not much work has been accomplished (yet) but I have enjoyed:

fresh yellow peach! love me some summa fruit!!

this bar today as well!

I have a French composition to write, then studddddyyyyyying for my French final which is Saturday! Ooooooofffffffffff!!!!!!

But tonight a very fun Luau!!! Looking forward to that!! 😀

By the way, I love getting your comments… they come —-> cell phone and I read ’em at the most random times! 😉 Funny when people are on their computers/blogs!! 😀

Currently also trying to find HLS roommate(s)!!! Msg me if you’re going and want to share a room!!!!! Can’t wait to meet ‘eryone!!!!


Take care everyone, happy Thursday!

❤ Jac.

How long until you’re done?! T minus one week for me!!!!!!! 😀 If you are done, what’s the most fun thing you’ve done so far on break??


3 responses to “Holed up in the library….

  1. Im finished!!! most fun thing? its been two weeks and ive met friends i havent seen all year, awent to the rihanna concert, out to dinner with friends and family, ,had bbq’s, shopping, walks in the forest or by the sea and movie watching, Summer = amazing, good luck with exams!youll be done in no time and enjoying freedom soon.

  2. study snack are called brain food in my house. SO GOOD! i love ur little baggie of cereal and strawberries. omg and a monster smoothie…delishhhh…<3

    no one can disagree-atkinds bars a re pretty darn good!

  3. Ahh I so wish I were going to HLS!! I’d love to be roomies!! Bonne chance avec ta composition 🙂 Best thing to happen to me this summer…being able to RELAX without school hanging over my head!! Hang in there girl!

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