Sushi Friday!

Hi guys, happy Friday! 😀

Wish I could say I’m out n’ about tonight, getting my college on, but…..

Here we go again…..

Study snacks and french textbook!

I have my French final tomorrow morning, so much of today was spent in the library studying! ^above is my new summatime fav!! That’s a ‘freshens’ smoothie that I bought on campus, topped with some cereal I baggied up from home.. so delicious!! I’ve never been a big fan of smoothies or fruit juices in paticular, but as of late I’ve been craving fruit! Gotta roll with it!

Plus I like the crunchy cereal topping, good for spooning it up!

Mango, strawb, papaya juice smoothie topped with puffs 'n cereal!

Tonight as I was waiting to meet up with my friend, I talked to the lovely Katie on Facebook! Katie, I didn’t have any sake :(, but I did have copious amounts of green tea at sushi tonight!!! My friend and I went to Sushiland, my favorite conveyor-belt sushi spot!

Sushi. mutual. domination.

I treated her tonight; I like to treat my friends every once in a while! I think it’s way more fun to pay back-and-forth than to split the bill–that way you get two dates for the price of one! 😉 It also just makes me feel good to do something nice for someone else! 😀

conveyor belt sush!!!!!

We got there so late, for the first time in FOREVER the place was clearing out before we were done!


Look what I saw tonight…..


I joked to my friend that this looked like fried bird sushi… she claims it was “fish” 😉 Hmmmm…

We shared a bunch of things including some amazing eel tempura rolls, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, soybean pods, seared salmon, calamari (<–no good tonight, it was cold!!) and… can’t remember what else! Still it was delicious and we both left with full sushi babies 😉 

blurry camera phone sushi!

Now, back in the library, trying to get some studying in blogging. Need to get back to it though!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I have some fun things planned:

  • French final tomorrow
  • WF shopping trip for party tomorrow night!
  • going home tomorrow for my little sister’s high school graduation party!!
  • seeing a friend from my hometown, wine and movie night prob
  • hanging out and enjoying being *almost* done (last final next Thursday!)
  • packing my life room up!!!!!
  • sheeeeeeeeeeenanigans?!!!!!! hopefully!!!!

Love you all!


Q: Weekend plans? Who pays when you go out with friends–split the check or do you take turns? What’s your fav kind of sushi? I’m not usually a fried food fan, but the occasional tempura roll is oh-so worth it and delicious….something about the combo of eel and tempura, can’t be beat! I also love spicy tuna, the spicier the better!!!!!! Oh and GINGER I could eat so much pickled ginger every time I get sushi!! 😀

PS. Looks like you guys had soooooo much fun at the Philly bloggy meetup today! Jealous-ocity for me :*( I talked to my sister today, who recently moved to Philly to start grad school (so proud of her!) and it made me want to be there, like woahh!! May have to console myself for missing her & the fro yo meetup with a cone of frozen yogurt downstairs… I just found out our cafeteria sells the. best. creamy. frozen yogurt, could be dangerous. 😉 Good thing the quarter’s almost ovah!!!!


4 responses to “Sushi Friday!

  1. Hope your French final went well girl!! Almost done, hang in there 🙂 When I go out with friends, we usually just split the bill, but my BF and I take turns paying. It’s easier for one of us to just cover the bill than to always ask them to split it between two cards! Have a great weekend and enjoy your sister’s grad party!

    conveyor belt sushi? I want some!!

  3. Jac! you are so gorgeous
    That dress is your previous post is gorgeous. you look smokin’ ! I think its a Must 😉

    That smoothie sounds great! I adore adding papaya to smoothies… (note to self.. make a smoothie)
    Whats your favorite cereal, and nut butter?

  4. Have a FABULOUS time at your sis’s graduation–HOW EXCITING!!
    ❤ jess

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