Graduation Party, and I got a Job!!

Hi there! Sorry I’ve been MIA–one more final Thursday and I’m dunzo!!!!!!

Apres mon examen de francais Saturday morning (je suis finis avec cette course!), I made the trip home for my little sister’s high school graduation party…

It was a lot of fun; there was so much food, a ton of people, the weather was great and it was outside! Wine was flowin ;), bonfires and s’more makin’ and great conversations were had!! I love these types of parties–going home and seeing people and catching up–not something I get to do too often anymore! Plus, I think my sister had a great time. I remember that end-of-highschool, beginning of the “new chapter” of your life time like it was yesterday. Blink and you miss it. I think she and her friends are starting to realize they all have very little time left together over the summer, etc so it was fun to see them all get together for this!

(I know Katie’s sister is graduating this weekend too, shout out and happy birthday to her, girl!!!!!!!)

Love summer beach bonfires!!!!

Here is just a peek at the party food…we had a lot of people and quite the spread!!!! My sister is a vegetarian too, so my mom did a great job of having lots of veggie options! In addition, we also had pad thai, cheese boards and a mediteranian themed platter that I shopped for and prepped, tons of drinks, guacamole, fresh fruit and veg, and more!

veggie and turkey roll-up wraps

Shrimp cocktail and homemade chocolate covered strawberries!

My favorite! Sushi, dragon roll and vegetarian roll!

Vegetarian mexican platter!

chix and beef skewers for the meat eaters!

Mediteranian platter: humus, baba ganoush, olives, cornichons, feta, peppers

dippers: falafal chips (so good! very spicy!), rice chips, new sahale biscottis, kashi crackers

Fresh fruit and veg

wheeeeeeeeeeehhhh that’s a lot!!


Other weekend activities included visiting my boys!

Ray and Gaston! Ready to go!

I had to go to the barn to take that face thing off Gaston. He’s been having some issues with shivers, so he has to wear that during the day and has had to be in a stall during the nights lately. It made me sad because I can tell he hates it and it’s better for him to be in the pasture. Still, he was happy to be fed…

Hungry boy!

I also cashed in a free coffee at one of my favorite local coffee shops…

Fair trade coffee!

Gotta love fair trade!



Sunday night my mom flew to LA for work, so my Dad, sister and I went to dinner and a movie. We saw Killers, which was an interesting Mr and Mrs Smith-esque film. Overall I thought it was cute (espc Ashton!) but I’d wait to see it on tv next year–not really worth the $$!



Also found out the other day that I got the HR assistant position I interviewed for a few weeks ago!!! SOOO very happy and excited. I start June 28th, just need to get a drug test 😛 and they’ll call my references, and I’m golden! 😀 Yayy!!!!




I alsooooooo ran into a blog friend today!!!! It was so crazy to see someone in real life that I know online, haha! Great talking to you today GC, and good luck with the final final tomorrow!!


Okay, I’m off to review my Com notes and do some studying!

Qs: What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately? Ever met a blogger in “real” life? Best blogger meet-up stories?? Best/worst summer job you’ve ever had??


❤ Night!!!!


3 responses to “Graduation Party, and I got a Job!!

  1. that vegetarian platter is badly making me drool. wow and all those gorgeous chocolate strawberries! im really impressed with the spread!! glad ur back on btw- missed ya!

    best movie ive seen lately.. prolly date night.. but i didnt like it that much at all its just that out of them all that was the better one lol.

    im gonna be meeting a blogger in a month-ish or less, whenever i get a chance to head off to vancouver 🙂

    worst job- sears customer service
    best job- green cuisine vegan restaurant counterperson 🙂

  2. All that vegetarian food looks soooo awesome. I had “normal” food at my grad party so other people would like it, but I wish I’d had a spread as delicious as that one instead!!

    Congrats on the job girl! Don’t fail that drug test, teehee 🙂 Just kidding, can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

    I’ve been lucky enough to have a few blogger meet ups, and everyone has been awesome in person. Still seriously jealous of your HLS ticket, though 🙂 Hope you have a great week girl!! xoxo

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