Last night

…of library studying this year!!!! Last night of my sophomore year of college!!

Tomorrow mornin’, bright and early I have my last Communication final and I’m DONE!!!

Today began and ended the same way!

cereal mess w/ carob chips, frozen berries, choc almond milk and a pb smear

I attended a review session this morning to go over a final I had for a different class last week. Overall I was happy with my score–higher than the class average and it’s on a curve! 😀

The continuation of the on-going packing of my room and numerous trips to my car worked up an appetite. My friend offered to take me to sushi for lunch today, in return of last weeks sushi outing on me. I actually woke up to her text invite which made me so happy. I’m never one to turn down a sushi date!! 😉

Conveyor belt sushi.

We always go for dinner but it was kind of fun going for lunch today–a lot fewer people, and the environment seemed more relaxed. Do you prefer lunch or dinners out? I still think I prefer dinners’ out just because they feel more like ‘events’.

After a bunch of errands this afternoon, I continued with the study/library theme which has been a frontrunner in my life lately….

Orange and giant iced coffee with a side of communications review

Just set my alarm for an early hour, reviewed one more time and now I am laying in bed hoping to get some sleep for tomorrow’s final and wishing I hadn’t drank that huge iced coffee only a few hours ago!

Wish me luck and when I talk to you again I will no longer be a college sophomore, I’ll be done for the summer!!!

❤ J

Musing: I’ve been thinking about change a lot lately. Obviously, the end of the quarter/end of the year promotes a big change: the beginning of summer, moving out of the sorority, moving into a fraternity, finishing classes, starting a new job……you get the point. I’ve heard “change is hard”, “change is scary”, and “change is exciting.” I think so often I get wrapped up in my own routine, that change isn’t something I’m used to. I want to see these changes as good, positive things though. Yes scary, and unknown, but change promotes change, right?! I want to learn and grow as a person, and I don’t think that can be done without change. These are big changes though; my environment, job, school and social life all in one week?! Bring it on 😉

How do you deal with change?


7 responses to “Last night

  1. Good luck on your last final girl, it will feel so good when it’s all over!! I definitely prefer dinner out. You can just go home and chill, instead of having to go from relaxation back into the grind of the day!!

    I’m really bad with change, but I must say I’ve gotten better recently. It’s a fact of life, so it doesn’t to any good to stall it. I am a creature of habit though, so I can’t deal with too much change at once!!

  2. youve got that down pat- change is hard and scray but necessary- it will help us break out of those self made routines that literally hold us captive if we realize it or not.

    mmm and i love carob chips. theres such a savory taste to them.. so great really cold and noshing on them in the summer ❤

    change is soo good for our personal growth- just like you said! gota get out of that bubble..amen!

  4. Change is healthy! We shouldn’t be stuck in the same thing over and over–that’s not healthy all the time!!

    ❤ jess

  5. Congrats on the new JOB pretty girl!! HR?! How cool is that? and oh.. my.. GOSH that party food looks amazing. Good luck with all the change, change brings new and exciting things! Can’t wait to read all about it 😉

  6. HI LOVE!!!!!!!!

    Oh thos sahale biscotti snack crisps are so good, love that you used them for an appetizer, great idea, and I want to try the other flavors as well!! THey had a chocolate banana flavor, I need to buy it!!!

    I had a great time seeing my sis graduate, didnt take pics, just enjoyed being there and most important being there fo her on her big day!!!

    Yay for almost being done!!! U will be out for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great friday!

    CHANGE is good! Its how we grow, learn, and become stronger! DOnt ever be afraid of change!

    Im getting sushi tonight and seeing shrek with my loves, always think of you now when I get sushi!!!! Love that you love it as much as me!


  7. CONGRATS ON YOUR LAST NIGHT GIRL!! I am so proud of you!!! you are awesome. LOVE the sushi 🙂

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