Moving, graduations, and school’s out for tha summah!

Can’t believe I’m finally done, done, done!!!!

Craziness has ensued in the past forty-eight hours: taking my last COM final *got a 96, woot 😉 * packing my room life into my car.. unpacking some of it into my new place except that the guy who lived there before HADN’T MOVED OUT YET

Moving Day.

stuff....times like a billion!

also, worked out Thursday thanks to SSU and Gina, and my modifications–killer leg workout, felt it yesterday! And, hot yoga last night. Felt sooooo good to sweat it all out, ya know?!

Last night before coming home, I stopped by my good guy friends new studio apartment. He moved in earlier this week and is excited about his new downtown spot. I had to take a picture of his ridiculous postman shirt:

and the beautiful sorry, it’s dark, view off the back of his building, of last night’s sunset!!!

Gorgeous sunset overlooking the back of the Seattle skyline.

Today I have brunch with my family and grandparents, my little sister’s graduation!!!!, unpacking my car which is currently a disaster zone!, then meeting up with friends later! I’m thinking we’ll be taking advantage of the nice weather *hello, 77 degrees! ;)* with a beach bonfire, bbq and wine night!! Love, LOVE seeing friends that I haven’t seen in FOREVER–no one knows you like true, good friends!!

Currently laying in bed doing nothing, need to get up, get ready, charge my phone….reading blogs. Thoughts of this and of bfast are pulling me out of bed though!!!

Cawwwwhhhhhhfeeeeeeeee 😀 Yummers.

😉 I’m off the seize the day, can’t believe my little sister is no longer in high school!!!! When did all this time pass?!!

That’s all, take care and happy Saturday!!!!!

What are your weekend plans? What is favorite music to listen to when hanging out/working out/going out–I need new ippzle suggestions!!!! What are your all-time “wow look how much time has past/look how far I’ve come moments?!” High school graduation was definitely one of those for me! So was just this last week–officially half-way done with college!!!!


6 responses to “Moving, graduations, and school’s out for tha summah!

  1. CONGRATS on being done. WOOOHOO!

    ❤ jess

  2. Congrats on being DONE girl!! Hope you had a great time at your sister’s graduation. Major dork moment: I just bought the Taylor Swift CD, and I love it. I’ve also been loving DJ Earworm!

  3. Hey love! Congrats to being done and yay for summer break for you and CONGRATS again to your sis on graduating! I hope she had a great day yeserday and I know you were proud of her!!!!

    Love the coffee ! need that energy girl!!!! Like I needed my red bulls last week, lol!

    Love ya! xoxo

  4. omg AWESOME! so nice to have everything done and finished 🙂 long time coming huh?

    GREAT NEWS ❤ all the best love ❤

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