Ch ch chhanges..

Quite a few here!

This has been a whirl-wind weekend, but packed full of fun! Along the lines of this;

My weekend, following the celebration theme! This was a graduation cake from a party I went to last night.. unfortunately didn't get to have a piece, had to leave before they cut into it!!!!

When we last left off, I had just finished my last final of the quarter and was packing up to move out. Thursday afternoon, I treated myself to a much needed post-final hair dye appointment. I went to an Aveda training salon–great tip: training salons! They are taught by the same pros, and use the same high-end ingredients but so, SO much cheaper!! Wednesday night had been a late night/early morning due to my final and I was tirrrrrred, but glad I made the appointment–as I said I needed it! On the way there, I stopped by WF for my coffee, and snagged this lil guy,

Coffee w/ steamed soy and a free bakery sample!

WF PB & J cake!!

Peanut butter and jelly cake, um, yes please?! This was delicious and totally decadent. The sample size was actually the perfect amount, it was so rich! I also picked up this dried fruit bar from WF after seeing it on GCs blog.. my thoughts? DOn’t buy it!! I hated it, didn’t even finish!!!

Yuck! Tasted like ginger-lime flavored cardboard 😛

Brunch Saturday with my family was great and followed by my little sister’s high school graduation!!! It was so fun/crazy/surreal to see her graduate high school–can’t believe she’s done!

Saturday evening, after well-wishing my sister off to her overnight senior cruise, I went to a party that my old horse barn was hosting. This weekend marked the annual horse show they host every year, and I got to see some of it Sunday. In addition to drinking a few too many wine, talking and having an all around great time catching up with old friends, I got to see my boy, and see him in action Sunday! The woman who leases him from us now did a great job this weekend! I was so proud of them!! Made me miss riding him and I will definitely be “back in the saddle” this summer!!!!

Gaston!!!! I ❤ him!!!!!

Flyin' over the fences, 3'7" like it aint no thang!!

Gaston booty shot!

Hanging in the grass watching the horse show=much of my weekend...was a good way to spend it 😉

Also included ice cream!!!!! Plus more, a la serving spoon, of course!!! 😀

Sunday night’s graduation party took place at one of my sister’s best friend’s house, where they have a beautiful and expansive garden. We got a full tour of her father’s gardens which included a lot of fresh produce. I want one someday!

Gorgeous garden where the grad party was held

I left the party early and came back here to partake in lock-in which was basically like a get-to-know-you of all the guys and girls living here for the summer. It was fun, but after a few nights of wine, I laid off the alcohol last night. 😉

Overall consensus as of now is that I think it will be fun living here this summer.I plan on going back and forth here –> home somewhat, but my roommate here is great–we’ve been hanging out a lot already. Today included coffee together this morning, then cleaning the yoga studio and shopping and sushi with a friend (my roommate joined too) tonight! Great day… and I may or may not need to leave now to go make a tequila pink lemonade with her!


Hope you all are having lovely Monday’s and enjoying the sunshine where ever you are 😀

Best/Worst roommate experience you’ve ever had?!! I’ve had some bad ones, but I’ll save those stories for next time 😉

what else…

Forgot to show you this!  Friday night when I visited my friend at his new apartment, he pulled out this name collage I had made him a few years ago! I can’t believe he’s kept it all this time–love that 😀 It is so funny looking back at old pictures and art, but so cool if you keep this stuff around!


11 responses to “Ch ch chhanges..

  1. coffee and a little baked sample!!! thats so awesome!! actually many times ive had samples its been the best time cuz my blood sugar was a little down and its liek a little gift from the gods hehe

    freaking adorable shoes ❤ so cute!

    and i LOVE that fun collage!! CReAtIvE

    • Hahaha that’s funny, I totally know what you mean; “a little gift from the gods” yes I feel the same way! Mmmm that was a paticularly good sample too!! Ha peanut butter and jelly cake, um, yum!!!!

  2. That cake is so pretty, bummer you didn’t get to try any! Uhh roommate experiences…I won’t go into it. Suffice to say I had one who thought it was socially acceptable to have sex with her boyfriend while I was in the room, and another who never left. Ever. It’s awesome that you and your roomie get along! Hope your week is off to a great start love!! xoxo

    • Omgosh, roommates having sex with you in the room…yeah, that’s rough!!!! Bah, I’ve had some bad experiences with messy/noisy/disrespectful roommates too and it sucks! 😛 But glad I have a good one atm!

  3. That cake is gorgeous!! Delicious looking, too!

    I’m SO glad that you are your roomie get along well 🙂
    ❤ jess

  4. I bet that cake was delish, darn that you did not get to eat a piece but the next day you got a yummy sample at Whole Foods to make up for it!!

    So glad you are doing great, i missed you!! I was wondering how you were, I knew you were busy with your sis graduating and just getting settled back at home, so glad you are back!

    Yes please try the crab, seriously its so good!! U will like it!! U must comment on facebook and let me know, and if you dont like it, I love you for trying! So funny you always see it but never tried it, now when you see it coming around on the revolving sushi belt you can think of me, lol!

    Have a great night love! xoxo

    • Yes, WF yummy sample made up for it! As did the other celebration cake that I had last weekend, so I wasn’t too sad about missing that one lol! Omgosh, will try conveyor belt crab and let you know!! Katie I know one day we will have sushi together lol akak sushi cram hahaha!!! Now whenever I get sush I think of you too! 😀 Have a great night love!

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