Living in the moment!

When I was shopping with my friend the other day, I came across these high-wasted pants from H&M. I’m not really sure how I feel about them, but they were on sale, I can wear ’em to work, and so I bought them. What do you think about high-wasted pants?



Moving on….

I’ve been having a good week that has involved hanging out and getting to know some of the new people here,

Late night room party with drinking game apples to apples and itunes a la big screen computer

went home for ~24 hours to help my mom with some work,

but stayed to make a big arrrrrse Target run! Needed some random things for my new room like hangers, conditioner, tupperwear, etc… of course I left with all that plus a few more things that jumped into my cart. Found some cute white linen pants too! πŸ˜€

My mom took my sister and I out to Indian, after I watched some of her horseback riding lesson on Gaston, to celerate Indian food Wednssday Tuesday!! I haven’t had Indian food in a while and I forgot how much I love it! We shared a bunch of things including just some of what is pictured. We got papadum, dippers, vegetable samosas, Tofu Masala, baighan bhartha (my favorite) and a lemon mango pickle dish that was interesting to try but not something I’d order again!

Love the inside of this restaurant! It has low, floor seating on pillows and hanging drapery decorates all the walls! Plus the servers are so friendly and the owner knows my mom and I and always remembers our orders!!

Yummy Tandori baked papadum with a spicy green sauce and a sweet bbq style sauce!

We also ordered spinach naan, so good stuffed with spinach!!!! TOfu masala was a new try and I liked it, prefer tofu vindaloo though!

After our Indian feast, we came home and chilled for a while before one of my best friends from home, and a few of my sisters friends that have just graduated with her all came over. We had an impromptu girls night complete with mandatory movie and ice cream(s)!!!! It was so fun actually, we all piled into my bed and watched Valentine’s Day and ate our mint, coffee and cookie dough ice cream cones!! πŸ˜€

Cute movie and total all star cast!

The weather isn’t looking too great right now, but there are talks of a BBQ later tonight if the rain holds off, should be fun! Tomorrow night is a roof party which will also be fun :D!! Love summer, bbqs, hang-outs and being able to have last-minute, spontaneous plans! Like last night, went to Iron Man 2 with the house, last minute…we saw it in Imax and it was loud intense, but I liked it!

The other night we saw this rainbow off my back porch. It’s important to stop and smell the roses look at rainbows when you get the chance, especially when they are at home, home, and you don’t get to see them that much! Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking about what I should or could be doing and I’ve been really trying to focus on living in the moment. Yoga has definitely helped me with this. When I’m home nowadays, I try to realize how little time I spend there and really appreciate it, whether it be noticing a rainbow, petting my dog a little longer than necessary or spending time with each member of my family. It’s those small moments that really add up!

Sunset rainbow at home

Favorite ethnic food? I love Indian, and of course, sushi!!!! How do you live in the moment?

Have a great Thursday loves! I’ll be back soon!

❀ J


6 responses to “Living in the moment!

  1. Indian and sushi are definitely my two favorite ethnic foods as well! I got sushi last night actually…yum πŸ™‚ I have trouble focusing on the present sometimes too, but I think just TRYING to live in the moment is better than nothing! Hope you’re having a great week love!! xoxo

  2. rainbows tend to put life in perspective at times.. one of those things that make u stop for a moment..pause..and relax!

    i need a pair of some black pants liek those.. ive been on the lookout for awhile now!

    hmm fav ethnic is prolly indian too.. japanese rocks too but i do think indian takes the takes the curry? lol

  3. livelaughlovehopeeat

    Jaclynn!!!! Those high waisted pants look stunning on you! Not everyone can pull them off, but you definitely can! I think I may be too short at 5’5.

    Favorite ethnic food…. clearly sushi. It’s wonderful. I like some chinese food too…. not the gross greasy fast food kind. I love those lettuce wraps. And THAI FOOD! Fresh rolls are so good!!!

    • Awww thank you girl! Yes, thai food is sooooo good, especially supah spicy! πŸ˜€
      Fresh rolls are so good too!
      Sushi–clearly πŸ˜‰ Chinese is good too.. but sushi wins, always!

      I’m sure you would rock the high-wasted pants, doesn’t matter that you’re 5’5”!!

  4. I LOVE that we both enjoyed indian this week and got the same thing!!!!!!!! Love the eggplant!!!! I dont know wwhy mine seemed a diff color, lol, it was amazing!!!!!!!

    Thanks for letting me know what that stuff was, it was good!!!

    Love the high waisted pants, they are not for everyone but you rock them out well!! Look hot!!!

    If you saw Toy Story let me know how it was! We are hoping to go see it! Just couldnt that night!

    Love ya girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahhhhhhh I love Indian food!! It has been way too long!!

    And horsies!! love seeing all the pictures of them!! I miss horses so much!! Someday I should visit you and we should go riding!!! πŸ˜‰

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