My 100th Post!

Wow, have I fallen off the blogosphere or what, it has been way too long since I’ve last posted!

This is my one hundredth post though and I wanted to wait until I had enough time to make it a good one!!

I’ve been doing some of the same old, same old…

Blog reading avec my cereal mug

some mandatory summah fun ;),

'Nuf Said.

have eaten some good food,

Cookie Friday, Came a day early! Vegan Chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods!

and lots of new!

I have been busy, busy this week! I started my new part-time job, and it has been going great! The position is in human resources, as the assistant to the department. So far, I have been writing press releases, making and distributing fliers and starting to work on a Wellness program for the company, which involves employee participation in healthcare screenings, eating well and having an active lifestyle. I think that part of the job has been my favorite–not so far off from the blogging community! I even did a little “research” through a few postings yesterday!

…However, glad to be off for the lonnnnnnng weekend!

I was also home for part of the weekend, after helping a friend face paint at her little sister’s birthday party. My parents had yet another party, this time for my mom’s assistant who is transferring to Houston this weekend. The party was great and as usual, the beach, sun, people, food and drink were phenomenal as well! I had a bunch of foodie pics but they all got deleted with my replacement phone! 😦 I love going “home” sometimes, nothing beats a well-stocked kitchen and puppy/kitty time!

R-Poxie! Aka Roxie Poxie kitty 😉

got to ride this guy too!…

Rode Gaston on Sunday, trail ride with my mom and her friend!

Tonight, after work I did a hot yoga class. I have been doing a lot of hot yoga lately– I’ve really been enjoying the classes and feeling my strength improving! It’s crazy how much–or–little muscle memory can be gained and lost from yoga! I’ve often heard of runner’s building endurance and milage, and I feel that way with yoga. When I first started, planks were hard–now I’m working on much more challenging and involved postures. How has fitness regimen or yoga practice evolved? Do you notice with more–or less–workouts, a difference in your body strength?

Yoga left me wanting to gnaw my arm off so I stopped by Whole Paycheck Foods to grab dinner. Sushi was very necessary tonight 😉 as were the copious free samples to hold me over!

Poached salmon roll with eel sauce, yum!

Tonight my house is having a rush party, which should be fun and very much needed! I’ve been busy and working hard this week, so I think I deserve a night of fun! 😀

Well, this has been quite the random, all over the place post. I suppose that’s how my life is right now–running around, working, playing… summer-ing, you get the idea! I feel like I have been off the blog band-wagon in the past few days though and want to catch up! I have still been reading and promise to start being a better commentor again! 😉

What’s new in your life? Work, play, friends, etc?! This weeks highlights, let’s hear them!!

Have you passed the “one hundredth” post mark on your blog yet??

what’s your favorite thing about blogging? I’m so glad I started, I was ‘just a reader’ for too long! I love that it’s allowed me to meet people with similar interests, and I’m really really excited for the opportunities it’s presenting, like the Healthy Living Summit this August!


8 responses to “My 100th Post!

  1. hey love!! CONGRATS ON YOUR 100TH POST!! whoooo! love your blogging- i am dying to go to healthy living summit! AHHH! I will go next year for SURE!

    • Great, yes, you should definitely go next year!!!! Katie I haen’t been able to read your blog lately?! It says I must sign in but I am signed in.. ? Idk hope you are well though! Take care!

    • Ha nevermind I just got in to it!

  2. enjoy your long weekend girl!! and happy 100th POST! ❤ im at almost 80 so getting there hehe.

    i love meeting new people and possibly having life long friendships with people who share similar interests and are fun to be around ❤ i also love the recipes and the feeling of support 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  3. Happy 100th!! Mine was in May and it’s weird to think that I just hit 150…time goes faster and faster!! I love the double WF action in this post…can’t go wrong with cookies OR sushi. We need to find a good sushi place to hit up in Chicago, okay? Hope you’re having a wonderful week love!!

  4. livelaughlovehopeeat

    Happy 100th blogiversary! haha…. wow, I am too cool for words!
    I jsut started this whole blogging thing…. and am a little addicted. It’s super fun. Its like journalling, but I feel like since other people might read it, I’m more likely to actually do it. I always journal a few days and give up!
    More IMPORTANTLY…. I will be in seattle in a few days. From July 4-9….. we are in lake union and then Bell harbor marina…. right by pike place. Let me know what you are up to those days…. especially the 7th and 8th. We definitely need to catch up. My parents also said you are more than welcome to stay on the boat any or all of the time we are there…. they would love to have you. but not nearly as much as I would! I facebooked you my numbaaaaa….. and have internet here (obviously… I am on it now…) and would love to hear from youu!!! xoxoxox

    • Hey I’d like to see you too, I will be gone for the fourth weekend and then I have to work Tuesday-Thursday but I will be around in the evening etc so maybe we can hangout?!! I’d love to at least visit and see your boat!! And we’ll have to go to Pikes!!!! ❤ ya girl 😀

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