Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!

Hey everyone, Happy Fourth of July Weekend!! I’m off this afternoon to a friends lake cabin for the rest of the weekend. It should be really fun, I think over thirty or forty people from the house are going. Jet skiing, bonfires, camping, drinking, bbq-ing and shenanigans to ensue, I’m sure! I’m excited to just get away for the weekend, go somewhere new, hopeful get some sun and just relax!
This morning I woke up early after last nights America themed party–didn’t drink really, wanted to be feelin’ good today!– to pack and run some last-minute errands for today! Hit up the Farmer’s Market for some chocolate bread and a fresh peach, then Whole Foods for some car snack and weekend eats.. Of course there was this,

The Usual.

I’m off to hit up Victoria Secret semi-annual sale with my roommate before she has to work a wedding this afternoon and I have to leave for the lake! Hope you all have lovely, fun, safe Fourth weekends!

Plans for the Holiday? Favorite thing about Fourth of July?!

I love the camaraderie, the fireworks, watermelon, bbq-ing and general happy spirit everyone seems to have this time of year. Having such a festive holiday in generally hot and sunny weather helps, too! This will be a special holiday for me this year, as last year I didn’t have the best Fourth, so looking forward to making up for it this year!!!! 😀


4 responses to “Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!

    i love the chaos of the holiday as well 🙂

  2. victoria secret is having a sale! GO CRAZY GIRL! haha sounds amazing!

    bonfires are the best 🙂 a lot of beaches here put the ban on them.. but i do know a few which are cool with them. so fun!


  3. Hope you had an amazing weekend love!! My weekend was absolutely nuts, and as fun as it was, I love that I have off today- I need a break! Can’t wait to hear all about your weekend!

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