Fourth of July, Sunburns and back to the Grind!!

Hey ‘erybody! Hope you all had fab fourths! I sure did–went to a friend’s lake cabin with a bunch of other people living in this summer. Our weekend consisted of mandatory all-American Fourth of July events like jet-skiing, bon-firing, drinking, hanging out, sunning getting sunburnt like woahh!!!! eating, more hanging out, more jet skiing, more drinking… T’was an epic weekend πŸ˜€

From what I recall, A picture recap:


bonfires every night!

THIS is how I got a horrible sun burn on my thighs...

..don’t worry I shared that Four Loko πŸ˜‰ Ughh… whyyyyyyy ??! Once in a blue moon Fourth of July!

Woke up early Monday morning to clean and make our way back home! Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and my sister’s very delayed homecoming from a two-week trip to Nicaragua on a school trip. I picked her up from the airport and we met my parents downtown for an early dinner here. It was great to see her–all of them actually, and here some amazing stories from the past two weeks of her life! I think she may be dealing with some culture shock today!

After dinner and our good-byes, I came home, did laundry, pulled my life together, went to a late hot yoga class before having to clean the studio and tried to turn in early because I had to work today. Didn’d so much happen–did NOT sleep well last night, and I’m feelin’ it today!

Work has been going pretty well… a little slow sometimes but the projects I’ve been given are interesting and I like the people I work with… plus the view is a nice touch. πŸ˜‰


I did however get to take a great walk after work around the lake that I visited frequently earlier this spring and then had a late conveyor belt sushi dinner with my roomie which was fun, as always πŸ˜‰

80 degrees today!

At sushiland….

Conveyor belt sushi!

Yumz. Grab it!

Among other rolls and sashimi, I also got some seaweed salad that I was having an unusual craving for.

Tonight my room mate wants to hangout and drink with the guys and I think I may accompany her with my company, but I won’t be partaking as I have another early am wake up call and full day of work ahead of me!

Edit to add: okay, so i did drink half a margarita but i gifted my beer to my roomie… it’s currently just past 11:30 and we’re in bed–she’s watching youtube videos and just chilling… so not bad, right? I’m glad I ended up going “out” tonight, it was good to see some friends and catch up, and just be social after working all day!

With that, I’m off! I do have an early morning planned, and a meeting at the nine o’clock hour!

Night loves!!

What did you do for the Fourth of July?!!!

Have you ever changed your mind last-minute by accepting a socail invitation and been happily surprised by doing so?


5 responses to “Fourth of July, Sunburns and back to the Grind!!

  1. Hey! i was lucky enough to spend 4th July in California, so I went to a mad party, dj, beer pong, by the beach, fireworks, AMAZING! Oh gosh, fourloco, urgh!! i can never drink that stuff, but my friends love it!

    • Yeah, really not a fan–they are so sugary!!!!! Glad you had a great fourth–sure sounds like it! πŸ˜€ Take care girl!!

  2. What is FourLoko? I feel like it’s a Sparks type thing- red bull and liquor? Always a solid combination for a lot of fun but a HUGE headache haha. I tend to have the most fun when I go out spur of the moment. No buildup of how it’s going to be “the best night ever,” so you can always be pleasantly surprised!

    By the way…I think during the HLS we’re gonna need a stash of brews/margs/etc in the room πŸ™‚

  3. So glad you are doing well!!! I had an awesome july 4th.. lots of grilling out and FUN!

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