I Have Terrible Luck with My Car.

I assure you, it’s true.

Started writing this post at my desk, at work, this morning!

Coffee, Inbox, Cubicle.

Back to my car…

From living in a place that requires daily prayers to the parking Gods, to getting towed last year, to illegit parking tickets, to being hit last fall when I was parked at a stop sign, to yesterday…

I was on my way to work, early even, so naturally, that required a stop at Whole Foods for my morning cup,


Just kidding.

More like this cup,


I picked up said coffee and made my way back to my car, where I was greeted with this monstrosity:

side-struck by a semi


Yes, that would be a freight truck in front of my car. My car baby now has a newfound whole in it. The door won’t stay open and I can feel the shift when driving it. Oh, and not to mention, the driver of sthe truck--she denied having done it!

She refused, refused to believe it had been her who hit me.

*See that sharp, terrifying bottom-right corner of her truck,…

“No, that’s made out of rubber!! That wasn’t me! Whoever did this shredded you, not me! You weren’t even here when I got here.”

“Um, yeah, I was inside. You weren’t here when I got here.”

*Me taking pictures of the scene on my cellphone camera*

“Take all the pictures you want, write my liscence plate down, I. didn’t. hit. you.”

Just as it seemed like I was newly in thousands of dolalrs in car damage, an angel man hero appeared out of nowhere…

“You are going to DENY HITTING HER?!!!!! I saw you! Her paint is still on your truck!!!”

“Oh, um, that… Uh, I guess…. I guess maybe I could have clipped her car?”

Yes, yes, you did.

Sufficet to say, my morning was a *tad bit* stressful, involving talking to insurance companies, my mom, being late to work.. and having the looming whole in my car in the back of my mind :/ At least I wasn’t in the car when it happened, no one was hurt and *hopefully* it will all be taken care of and she will pay for the damages, hopefully.

Okay, rant ovah. 😛 Thanks for sticking with me.

Ever been side-swiped? Ever had someone so obviously hit/do something to you and so blatantly deny it?! Better yet, ever had someone appear out of nowhere and save the day (aka the guy who called her out on hitting me, then disappeared)?

^let’s hear the stories!

Off to bed, I’m a workin’ girl now and all, and I’ve been up since 6!!!! Need sleep!! Back in the am though with a fun post!


6 responses to “I Have Terrible Luck with My Car.

  1. Awwwwwwwwwww that is a BUMMER girl : p but at least you had that guy witness she did hit you, can tbelieve she lied at first, some people!

    I have had my car hit before, hit and run, it sucked, never found who did it, so it was a bad situation, but it happens !

    Love that you saw my fave lunas! I stock up on those at target!! Fave place!!!

    Hope you have a better weekend! Thanks for the congrats love! Missed ya!!!

  2. woot for Dell computers and COFFEE!

    HOLY CRAP! you CAR!!!! your baby 😦 aweee!!
    i cant even imagine how frustrating and a bit nervewrecking that was. sorry love!

    xoxo ❤

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  4. I’m SO glad Mr. “Angel Man” was there as a witness. And that was very smart of you to whip out your camera phone. Hope you got that lady’s license plate as well (I’m sure you did)! Too bad there wasn’t a drive thru at WF to grab your cup o’ joe.

    All I gotta say is, insurance had better pay for that.

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