Going to Boston Tonight!

Hey guys, TGIF!!!! 😀 I’m pretty stoked for this weekend/upcoming week. I’m headed to Boston tonight on an overnight flight for a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. We get together every year–last year they came to Seattle for the first time–and I love seeing everyone, I love family!

Thanks again for listening and the sweet comments on the whole in my car. Good news is I took it to get a quote today and talked to the lady who hit me and things will eventually get fixed and figured out. Slowly but surely…

Today was spent doing some last-minute errands, and packing for our trip, had to send back an old phone at the Post office, pickup some contact lenses for my mom, watered all our flowers in the garden, collected some beach stuff with my sister to bring to my little cousin, dropped off my car, picked up some airplane snacks and movies at the library… busy, but good day!

This morning I enjoyed one of these bad boys:

Medjool stuffed date with bettern pb and carob chips!

Too long since I’ve had one!

Topped with crushed peanuts too!

…they are best if you heat ’em in the micro for a few seconds, twelve to be exact! 😉

❤ pb & dates & carob, excellent combo, you must try 😀

I also received some fun freebies in the mail! After seeing these on these blogs, I ordered the trial samples online for myself!

Wow Chocolate Chip

Cliff Crunch Bar

Love, love getting freebies, can’t wait to try them!

Am just finishing some consolidation packing and watching Ghost Whisperer. (ha I never watch TV, but it’s on and kind of addictive 😉 ) We are taking a red eye tonight so we’ll arrive early in the morning! Can’t wait, I’ll see you from Boston!!!!

❤ Jac

While packing, another stuffed date! This time smeared with almond butter, carob chips and a sprinkle o coconut, yum!


1. Weekend plans?! 2. Have you been to Boston? I’ve been before but not in a few years, looking forward to looking around, shopping getting some good eats and definitely family time and lounging time!!! Suggestions for what to do while I’m there? 3. Favorite addictive TV show?? As I said, I don’t watch a lot, but some just capture you! Definitely have loved watching the CW shows, The Hills, The City and the Bachelor in the past!


5 responses to “Going to Boston Tonight!

  1. im pretty sure u managed to cover all the best food groups and even better, all the best textures.

    sweet, chewy, crunchy, savory!! OH MY YUM!! perfect energy pick-me-up too!


    hope packing goes well love!

  2. Woo woo live it up in boston girl! 🙂

  3. Just read your last post- people are crazy!! It’s almost funny when people try to deny hitting you when it’s so obvious. Glad you’re getting it figured out!

    Have fun in BOSTON!! Such a fun city. Definitely try some real clam chowder…the real stuff from New England is so much better than any imitation. Enjoy girl!! xoxo

  4. I’ve been in boston!! Have FUNNNN 😀

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    have an amazing trip!! that cookie looks delicious 🙂
    I’ve never been to Boston!! addicting shows = real housewives of new jersey, bachelorette, desperate housewives

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