I’m in Beantown!

I’ve been in Boston since Saturday morning, red eye Friday night! I have been having an incredible time spent with family, seeing the city Monday, Hampton Beach yesterday, a great seafood feast at Marquee’s, swimming, sunning, hanging out, chatting, catching up. We also had a wedding party Saturday night for my aunt who just got remarried and I got to meet him and his son. I’m very sad to have to leave today, but it really has been a great trip. Just went by too fast!

Cocktail hour with half a glass of wine in the car last night before Marquee's, funny story along with that...

Full Recap to Come!!!!

Flying out tonight, back in Seattle late!! <– Have to work tomorrow! 😦


5 responses to “I’m in Beantown!

  1. ew work!!! sorry u have to work right after u get back in! 😦

    looking forward to the recap tho!! ❤

  2. have a great trip! look forward to your recap

  3. Glad you had such a good trip!! Hope you made it home safe, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Hope you had a safe trip home–can’t wait for recap!!

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