Target finds and smoothie concoctions!!!

Hey guys, TGIF!!!!!

Big plans for the weekend? My little sister is coming over to stay at the frat with me tonight, and go to our retirement home themed party, should be fun! It works out well too, because my roommate is home for the weekend to attend her friends wedding! (<-we are way too young for our friends to be getting married 😉 )

Yesterday I had off work, first day off all week, so I took advantage of it and slept in! When I finally did pull myself out of bed get up, I met a friend who called me up for coffee, then ran errands, Target, Forever 21 and the mall, made some returns, groceries, and hot yoga last night! Our studio is closing for the weekend to do a remodel for new floors so it was nice to get one last practice in!

Why, oh why, does Target always steal our money on random purchases that are totally unnecessary necessary?!!! I feel like every time I go in there, I could spend hours trolling the aisles, always buy things that *jump into my cart, but never really leave with anything significant..

Anyway yesterday I got some good stuff, three tumblers that were on sale for 19 cents each (!), a floral shirt to wear tonight to the retirement party, some wine stoppers, a box of ten different mini cereals (hello, impulse buy!), a mini silicone baking thing…

Target finds!

Also found a scrapbook for pictures from Boston I had printed yesterday, (weekend project!!), sanitizing wipes, three-pack of gum, a candle, two new luna bar flavors…

The Goods

Good loot, if I do say so myself! 😉

This morning I woke up early to get to an appointment, which was a little er challenging after a late night last night. When I got home from the appointment, I concocted a smoothie! It’s a hot day here and a smoothie sounded yum! Into the blender went frozen mango, cherries and a few random slices of strawberry and pineapple, plus some hemp protein powder, xantham gum (still haven’t tried guar gum, is there a big difference?) and almond milk,

Smoothie making on my floor 😉

Of course no smoothie is complete without the topping, so I turned it into….

Smoothie a la mode!

Topped with fiber one and kashi good friends

Funny, as I was catching up on blogs this morning and drinking this smoothie, I saw Katie had made a similar one today! Great minds bloggers think alike!!!!

Also recently tried this new bar that I think I got from Target on a trip there, their brand Chocolate peanut butter protein:

Protein bar.

Really good! Resembled a Reese’s peanut butter cup in a crunchy, crispy bar form, which is okay by me!! 😉

I like the thick peanut butter layer!

Well, I’m off, I’m meeting my little sis downtown today, may stop by Pike Place Market (!), bring my Rebella along, take some fun pictures!! It’s a gorgeous day out there, need to get out and enjoy it!

Question of the day: What are you looking forward to? I always like to have *something* to look forward to in life, keep it from becoming monotonous ya know? Travel, a fun dinner out, a birthday party… all good answers! Me, I’m really looking forward to next month’s Healthy living summit. I can’t wait to room with some great blog friends, explore Chicago (haven’t been there in years), eat some great food, hear some great speakers and get the chance to just do. something. really. fun. 😀

Bye loves, have an AMAZING weekend!!!!!! ❤ J!!!!


6 responses to “Target finds and smoothie concoctions!!!

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh great minds do think alike and LOVE that you add crunch too, I have to add crunch so it feels like a meal to me and not just a drink!

    Sounds like you had a ‘Katie Day’ target and forever 21!! lol! Love it! I love your target finds! THey always have mini kashi h2h cereal things too that I buy there!!!

    I hope you have a fab weekend love!! Sounds like it will be fun and I love the top you are going to wear! love you!

    Yes I like posting more, hope to keep it up!

  2. I went to Target today and ONLY bought what I went there to get for the first time EVER. Okay fine, I bought gum and a Vitamin Water too, but that doesn’t count. I was so proud of myself. If I’d seen those mini-boxes though, it would have been a different story. I keep craving kiddie cereals and forgetting about it when I go grocery shopping. Clearly, we need to keep some in our room at HLS. That, and a blender for smoothies/margaritas.

    I’m looking forward to my friend’s birthday party tomorrow, my brother’s wedding next week, my trip to Cape Cod, HLS (!!) and moving into my apartment for the school year. Exciting stuff! Hope you have a wonderful time at the party tonight lovely!!

  3. LOVING smoothies these days!!!
    I LOVE TARGET! oh my gosh.. i spend soo much time in there!

  4. haha whenever i buy things from Target i justify it by saying its cheaper there than anywhere else 🙂

  5. if i ever get a chance to visit a target (which we sadly dont have here), im taking you! wow amazing finds!!


    have a great night love!

  6. i have to have a crunch in every meal, its nt complete otherwise, smoothies are the bomb, especially when frozen for a little to make a slushie!! im looking forward to going for a wal wih my mom and our family friends today!!xx

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