Yellow is the Color of your energy,


Yes, that’s right!

Drunken inspired blogging!!

Okay I may be Am drogging, drunken inspired blogging!

Went to a “birthday triad” tonight, then visiting friends, another party, back here, drank some leftover punch from last night, watched some boys dancing together πŸ˜‰ talked to strangers, partying on the roof, played cornhole, now eating cereal dipped in humus on my floor πŸ˜‰ oh my……..

How was your night, what did you do??????

Some recents:

Thanks to my new job, $6 movie ticket, we saw Despicable Me last night!! IT was so cute, definitely see it!

My little sister came out to party, hang and stay with me last night! We had so much fun, wish she couldhave stayed longer but she had to leave early this morning to work lifeguarding all day! :/

Found this note left on my whiteboard late last night, thank you! πŸ˜‰

Poppyseed chocolate cherry roll sample from Whole Foods, a la blog reading!

*Katie, recognize your ear lol!?

Had a great day today! I just slept, said g’bye to my sister, went to the farmers markets, lunch with friends at a Thai restauruant!! (more on that tomorrow,) shopping *more on that too :D, hanging out, then went out tonight. It was so nice out today too, v. warm and sunny! Tomorrow will be another fun one I think! Off to get some sleep, much needed, g’night loves!!!!!!!!



10 responses to “Yellow is the Color of your energy,

  1. Hi love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes ENtourage is great, we heard it was so we just bought first season on dvd and really liked it! Now we are going to watch all the seasons, I know there is a season 7 on hbo right now, but we want to start from beginning!

    Love that you had a great night and yummy thai lunch yesterday, thai is delish! Glad you and your sis had fun!

    Have a great day!!!


  2. I am obsessed with the fact that you drogged. I feel like my posts would be 10x funnier if I were tipsy, but I’m never at my computer after I drink….yet another activity to add to the HLS itinerary? Yay for having amazing weekends!

  3. You and your sister are very cute πŸ™‚ Great style!!

  4. ur sister is a lifeguard? thats so cool! used to be my dream job a few years back hehe. so fun to hang with the sis! from what i can see from the pic, you both wore so super CUTE outfits btw ❀

    • Thanks! It was a “retirement themed” party and I was like, ugh, Hayley, IDK what to wear, wear…floral?? So that’s what we did haha!

      Yeah I think it’s pretty cool what she does… I mean getting paid to sit outside and tan *okay and save people…* is pretty nice huh! I think it would be fun!

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