Leftovers taste better!

Don’t they?

Especially when you combine ’em!

Enter leftover portobello mushroom thai lettuce wraps from Cheesecake Factory, and leftover Tofu drunken noodles from a lunch with friends at a thai restaurant the other day…

Lettuce wraps and thai foooooooooood

"all the way wraaaaaaaaped up..."


Do you like/eat/get leftovers? and… Best random food combination that just worked??


8 responses to “Leftovers taste better!

  1. Leftovers of takout are pretty good, especially with indian food. The best random combo i have eveer eaten is??? em, apple and sugar sanwiches or jam in custard. mmmmm, x

    • Wow, those both sound like excellent combos!! Why have I never heard of/tried those before!
      Thank you for agreeing about the leftovers lol, I think not a lot of people do! I thihnk sometimes the flavors develop more though, no??!!!

  2. I’m such a snob, but I hate leftovers. They never taste as good, and they always get kind of gooey…yeah, told you, I’m a snob. I will eat leftover dessert though 🙂

    Random food combo = mustard on salads. It sounds so weird, but it works, I promise!!

    • Yeah definitely not gooey leftovers. Some really do taste better, but agreed, not gooey or gross ones. I will have to show you. 😛 You will understand 😉 Oh, and maybe after a few drinks, you would change your mind? Lol.

      Mustard on salads, I totally get! I mean, you put mustard on a burger or something right, and that is basically a salad–lettuce, tomato, onion… humnut reigns supreme though!! 😉

  3. Love cheesecake factory!!!!

    Im a snob too like Gabriela, I get it from my mom, I dont eat leftovers ever, but when I did a very rare few times, it was leftover pizza and it was cold!!! Hmmmmmmmmm I think those times I did I was buzzed up! lol!

    Love u!!!!

    • I’m starting to agree on the leftover thing, however, I also agree *which may have somewhat fueled cough okay totally fueled cough this post* that leftovers when drunk taste a-mazing. and when you are drunk and hungry. nuf said. lol.

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