The Best Kind of Getting Lost…

Is when you have no where to be! When it is gorgeous out, when you’re with your best friend and when you are on a horse.

Hi guys!!

Gaston says “hi” too!

Gaston loves apples.

I went riding with my friend yesterday morning, and yes, we got lost on the trails. It was excellent πŸ˜‰

Me and Gaston!

Actually, that’s kind of the theme of the last twenty four hours of my life.. I had such a good weekend! After my sister left Saturday morning, I was here that night, but went home Sunday afternoon, to attend yet another party–this time, my little sister’s, her two best friends from middle school and their parents. We’ve all basically grown up together.

The Drive Downtown, SO many people out boating!

I love our house for outdoor entertaining in the summer! Lawn chairs, an outdoor patio, a grill, the beach and water and a fire pit… beach bonfires are the best!!


My mom made an amazing eggplant and polenta parmesan dish that I definitely enjoyed made a huge dent in and my sister made a phenomenal strawberry rhubarb pie. I helped by setting out some apps,

Carbalicious dippers for the guac, salsa and humus, along with unpictured veg crudites, blue corn chips, shrimp cocktail and drinks!

I also made a pretty tasty Mediterranean orzo salad with sun-dried tomatoes, feta, olives and grilled peppers and onions that I will post the recipe for soon!

It was a fun party and cool for the girls to bring their families together–they have known each other since middle school, crazy to think they are all leaving this fall for college!

Yesterday morning, I met my friend early to ride. Riding Gaston makes me miss riding Gaston! :/

After we rode, I had to catch a ferry to get home so I could work at the yoga studio this afternoon. We got new hardwood floors this weekend, so the studio has been closed. I cleaned, worked at the computer a while and took a class–my body needed it after a few days off! It was definitely an intense class, especially the first hour, with the hot hot heat we’ve been having. I think that somewhat helped me get further into the poses, and I know I’ll be glad I did it today!

While entering computer data, I munched this new-to-me bar that I wanted to review; Crunch peanut butter Cliff I typically don’t really like Clif bars because I think they are too…sticky??, but I liked this one a lot! It was crunchy but kind of tasted like a mushy peanut butter and honey sandwich. Sounds gross, but it worked! πŸ˜‰

Crunch peanut butter Cliff


I also went grocery shopping and found some fun new finds!!!

Kale Chips, have seen these all over the blog world, will review soon!


Soysations faux cheese blend, hearts of palm, Corn thins, rythm chips, kammut puffs cereal, kashi honey sesame crackers

*not a very produce-filled shop πŸ˜‰

Today I have another day off and I plan to make good use of it! My boss is out of town this week so I am working tomorrow through Friday instead of my usual Mon-Wednesday. We are also having a huge family day event Friday that should be a lot of work fun, can’t wait to recap that!

Plans for today include a possible Target run and sushi date, probable Whole Foods, yoga and definite beach adventure with my house! I have missed most of the beach outings because of work so I am so excited to go today!!

What did you do this weekend? Do you like Clif bars, favorite one? Do you prefer entertaining or going to parties?

Also, the jury’s totally out. Okay, leftover’s don’t taste better lol πŸ˜›

❀ you,


My new buddha key chain I bought on a whim yesterday, I love it! It's purple and so cute and I love to see it and think "yogi breath" lol, also love to add fun things to my key chain, haven't done that in too long!


17 responses to “The Best Kind of Getting Lost…

  1. Aww i love horses!
    i love clif bars- white chocolate macadamia nut!
    hope you are taking care of yourself girl ❀

    • I love horses too, they are so therapeutic!!
      I’ve heard the white choc mac nut is BOMB, I will have to try it!!
      Thanks for the well wishes, things are pretty good on my end, always a work in progress πŸ˜‰

  2. oh my gosh! i LOVE your key chain πŸ˜€
    I like the mint chocolate cliff bar..

  3. Cliff bars? i like the carrot cake flavour! i prefer going to parties rather than hosting, more time to enjoy and less stress!xoxo

  4. My BF is obsessed with the PB flavor Clif bars, and I like them, but my favorites are the oatmeal raisin walnut and white chocolate macadmia flavors. They have huge chunks of nuts in them and are just amazing!!

    Sounds like such a great party!! We have a fire pit too and it’s so nice to sit around when I have parties!

    Hope you have a great hump day love!! xoxo

    • Love, love fire pits, they def make a good conversation/activity starter at parties, esp when you don’t want/aren’t drinking, ya know?! Especially with mellow roasting and s’more making too! πŸ˜€

      So okay, I guess I need to jump on the WCM Cliff bar bandwagon?!! Apparently I am majorly missing out!!! Will have to change that πŸ˜‰ !

      Take care girl! ❀

  5. Beautiful horse! Looks like a fabulous party!!

    I really like clif bars, my favorite is probably..the holiday flavored ones–love the gingerbread!

    • Never tried that one, but I do like an occasional gingerbread cookie, love pretty much ALL things ginger, so I bet I would like!

      I do remember eating a pumpkin spice Cliff during the holidays last year that was very yum, and miss those ones!!

  6. those are a cool kind of kale chips!! loving the packaging of them! bet they were fun to eat huh!! ❀ xoxo

  7. Love the keychain! Buddhas rock! I have a buddha in the center of my dining table!

    Your horse is so pretty! WHat fun it would be to have one : )

    Love that you are doing sushi and shopping, I swear if we lived closer it would be trouble!! We would be full of sushi and shopping every week!

    love it!

    • Trouble it would be!!!!! We’d just eat sushi, go to F21 and Target and eat our sugar free yumz all day long lol!!!

      I do love buddahs, I would love to start collecting more! You should take a picture of your dining room table one, I would love to see!!

    • Trouble it would be!!!!! We’d just eat sushi, go to F21 and Target and eat our sugar free yumz all day long lol!!!

      I do love buddahs, I would love to start collecting more! You should take a picture of your dining room table one, I would love to see!!!

  8. That sounds like an awesome weekend. Even the getting lost part since it was a nice break.

    I prefer luna bars to clif bars for some reason. Maybe because I like having some fruit or something with it and the clif ones are too big for that.

    • Yes, getting lost can sometimes be very much needed, no?!

      I agree–luna bars > Cliff. Even more though, my favorite are zone bars!! I feel like they are a good “middle ground” between the two, they seem not quite as “airy” as lunas but not as sticky and dense as cliffs. Yeah cliffs do seem a little energy dense for a grabn go snack and i agree i like to eat more things when snacking, but sometimes a nice option, I suppose!

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