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Monday’s are long days for me. They always have been, it seems. Whether in school or now, it always seems to pile on on Mondays. Today was work + cleaning the yoga studio + hot yoga. By the time I got home, I was hot, tired, sweaty. Enter shower and something quick and delicious and you have…

Crack [Craaaaaaaack}wrap! <– A Momma Pea original!

I needed something that was fast, simple and would help me eat up my (mini) fridge. I’m moving out at the end of this week. 😦 (Boo!)

This TJ’s wrap contained tomato basil humus and soy cheese. Plus a quick grill on both sides, perfect crack snack wrap! Added carrots and more humus, mary’s stix a la HLS swag bag, pb fingers, and you’ve got a decent meal 😉


Bam. Like my fine china? (*cough, paper towel*)

Have you tried crackwraps? Favortie humus?? I love, love baba ganoush and TJ’s eggplant humus is a close second! Also lurve their cilantro jalapeno!

J $

Moose Drool.

I’m not talking beer here, I’m talking real, live, raw drool. On my car. At a drive-thru animal farm.

Okay, I may mean 'yak' drool, but that's not as catchy, no?

Last weekend my family had a little impromptu family vacation overnight in a small town about an hour and a half from us. Family vacations don’t always scream fun… except this one was 😉

We did a lot of cool things, including the animal farm. I usually protest zoos and animal farms because of the way they make the animals habitat in small, 6 x 6, unnatural boxes, but this one seemed more humane since the animals could roam freely… it was the cars at risk *um yes, my car got buffalo-rammed haha*

Friday  night we got checked into our hotel and started with dinner here,

Me and Morgan

Two words: Ho-ly yum. Everything was made from fresh, local and organic produce, the chefs definitely kept the diner’s needs in mind *subbed goat cheese for blue on a flatbread we shared* and everything tasted amazing. I got some seriously delicious roasted local veggies, in addition to a summer blueberry, hazelnut goat cheese crostini salad, the shared flatbread and oyster appetizer, and many, many bites of my families selections–salmon, mussels, vegetable polenta lasagna.. We decided though, that the best part of the meal was the warm bread basket that was literally right out of the oven, full of roasted peppers and garlic, with the white bean humus dip. We demolished it in about .5 seconds…and got more 😉

After dinner we took a little drive to the water to capture this year’s “christmas card” enjoy the sunset.

Yes, perhaps fueled by a little wine, but laughing with my sisters, just acting crazy that night was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The views at the beach were breathtaking, you definitely don’t see this too often!

Next morning, we woke up to venture to the local Farmer’s Market. You know Farmer’s Markets are my favorite, and I always like to explore new ones, in new towns,  so I was excited to check this one out! There was a lot less produce and food items than I would have imagined, but a lot more art! We got mini key chains as well as some ahhhhmazing barbecue sauce and chipolte salsa.

Farmers Market.

Save a Dolphin, eat a tuna... Save a chicken, eat a salmon" 😉

Other events of the day included a forest/beach hike…

Found a fort on the beach, had to inspect!

…Said animal park…

Yaks like bread..

…but not as much as buffalo,

Suddenly we were in the middle of a heard of buffalo, with big, sharp horns. My car got rammed. My window went up.. ;P

It was so much fun seeing all the animals, getting the courage up that they wouldn’t bite my hand off to feed them bread out the window, seeing animals that close–their size and demeanors–not something you get the chance to see!

As I mentioned, my car was drool-covered and dirt-covered when we left. It looked like we had just left a war zone, wish I had a picture!

All that bread feeding made us hungry, so we stopped at a local organic food stand to pick up some fresh produce to add to our picnic lunch, Nash’s.

Nash's Organic Food Stand

Look at all that local, organic produce!

Later we stopped at a lavender farm,

Lavender Farm

Lavender everything store.

Saturday night wrapped with a dinner at my grandparents house, where the wining and dining family time continued.

Our “family day” was so nice, because with all of our crazy schedules; work, school, friends, commitments, we really don’t get a chance to hang out together that much anymore. It was nice to spend time, but I also really liked the things we did, especially the animal farm and dinner Friday night! We definitely have  a lot of laughable moments from this trip, too ;D

Questions: Have you ever been to a drive-through animal farm, and what are your thoughts about the treatment of the animals, in comparison to zoos or other types of animal farms? Do you like family vacations? Best/worst family vacation stories, apply here!! 😉

Sunday in the City.

On my last Sunday in Chicago, I had the opportunity to spend some time walking around, exploring, actually taking in the city. My flight out wasn’t until late, so after a morning group walk,

Group shot!

…and a bfast held by Thomas Sandwich thins,

*My blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, almond, brown sugar, honey, mint, salt cream cheese creation!*

…I packed up my weekend’s worth of never ending swag suitcase, said my goodbyes and ventured to find some fun in Chicago.

First stop was Core Power yoga, which Kath had previously been to. The class was awesome—a fusion of Bikram-style poses and power vinyasa style flow, in a heated room. If you are ever in Chicago, stop in and take a class from Piper! I’ve always wanted to try yoga studios in different cities, and this one did not disappoint!

Studio was gorgeous too and had amazing views of the city!

Imagine my surprise delight when I passed this gem on the way back…

Of course I had to stop in for lunch!! And to pick up this amazing vegan cookie for the plane home!

FACE cookie, this picture doesn't do it justice! 😉

Another one of my quirks unique thing about me is that I have always had this fascination with real estate, and when I passed this sign on the street advertising a corner apartment for sale, I just had to go up and check it out.. Um, because my *fiance* and I are shortly moving to Chicago, and in the market for a new corner apartment and all… 😉

Also came across the Transformers set on my walk home…

It was sad to say good-bye to the city but I had such a fabulous time. Meeting everyone, attending the conference, eating some delicious food, going out, trying my first Zumba class… an all-around amazing trip. Already planning my escape comeback to be a part of next years Healthy Living Summit… and also looking forward to many upcoming bloggie meet ups!

What’s one thing you always like to *find* in new cities?—yoga studios and a Whole Foods, that pretty much covers my bases! 😉

Have you been to Chicago? Favorite/least favorite thing about the city? I liked the friendliness of the people and the fact that it had a big, accessible bay to walk or run, but didn’t like that so many things were closed on Sunday!

Healthy Living Summit: Saturday Stories.

Hey hey heyyyy!! A special shout out to my new readers, thanks for stopping by and feel free to stay a while… 😉

Finally time to let you all in on the Healthy Living Summit! Between a late flight out Sunday night, working all day Monday through today, last-minute car problems, and just general life catch up, I haven’t had a chance to post, so here it is, the recap of Saturday and Sunday! Such an amazing weekend, I miss Chicago, miss my buds and miss the conference!

Molly and I with readers outside of our hotel, during a HLS break

Our *creeptastic*, haunted Congress Hotel

Not only was it incredible to finally meet some of these women I’ve been *following* for over a year,

...and get my book signed!

…but Tina, Caitlin, Heather, Kath and Meghann all did a wonderful job planning the summit. In addition to some amazing food,

The. Most. Amazing. lunch spread with roasted veggies, quinoa and chickpea salads, tofu, meat and cheese trays and sandwich thins galore...not to mention the dessert bar, from lemon bars to chocolate pudding pies to brownies, holy yum 😀

One of the many offerings during the Athenos snack break

…there were some great speakers. Highlights for me included Evan and Lin’s discussions on Ethical Eating on the Cheap. Katie was definitely a highlight too–you could tell her heartfelt story of finding health and happiness, and how the blogging community really helped her to achieve those things, touched the crowd. Finally Sabrina’s how-to on easy and healthy entertaining included fun giveaways and menu ideas, and Caitlin and Gena’s panel on “getting out of the blogging comparison trap” also seemed extremely relevant and well received! They discusses pros and cons of blogging and reading blogs which I think was a really good addition to the conference!

Other breakout sessions included yoga, (of course I was a fan, just too bad there weren’t any mats left! :/)

Look at how gorgeous the room was though!

After the conference ended Saturday, some bloggers enjoyed a tasting tour of Chicago *I was not lucky enough to sign up in time, registration closed in three minutes!!* while I joined a group of ladies for my first ever Zumba class. I may not be coordinated, or a dancer, but as Diana said, “If you’re moving, you’re doing it right”…right?! 😉 It was a lot of fun and so nice of Gina and Diana to host. Couldn’t think of better instructors to teach my first class!


Zumba Crew!

Thanks to X Sport Fitness for providing us a room to have the class!

Dinner Saturday night was organized by the lovely Sabrina. I was fortunate to get invited to join her group of fifteen plus at the chic Mercadito Mexcian restaurant, where we had an amazing pre-set menu of three different kinds of the. best. guacamole, tons of different kinds of tacos *vegan, black bean, shrimp, chicken, beef*, chop salad, fried plantains with a dipping sauce (!) and three different kinds of flan. The food, the drink, the company… all were perfect! 😉

Cocoa, pineapple and original guac, and salsas



Loved getting the chance to chat with Heather!

Thanks again for the invite, Sabrina, I had such a great time!!

We left with very full, happy bellies, to say the least! I left with Gabriela, we made our way downtown to meet up with some other bloggers at a nearby bar. Dancing, having fun and shenanigans were to follow, of course 😉

Andrea, Can you stay for Dinner!

I also met Andrea, who I had SO much in common with! And… we’re both from Seattle! Hi, friend! 😀

Saturday was such a jam-packed, memorable, fun day. Food, activities, discussions, company.. couldn’t be beat 😉

Whew, lonnnnnnng post!! If you missed any of my other Healthy Living Summit Posts, you can see them here:

Chicago or Bust

I’m Heeeeeeeere!

Healthy Living Summit, Take One.

…and, stay tuned for my final HLS post, the Sunday recap! It’s been fun *re-living* the summit through pictures and posting!

Have you ever been to Chicago? Favorite thing(s) about traveling? I love walking around new cities *pretending* to be a local–I think walking is the best way to find great shopping, eats and landmarks, stumbling upon places you wouldn’t otherwise!

Have you ever been to a conference–Healthy Living Summit last year?, or another one? If you could organize a conference for a group of people interested in the same things (healthy living or otherwise) where would it be, what would be the activities and who would be guest speakers??

Lots of love,

❤ Jac.

Healthy Living Summit, Take One.

Hey guys, I’m baaaack!

Friday night’s Healthy Living Summit’s kick-off cocktail party was amazing! Such a great opportunity to meet people I’ve known “online” for so long, and other’s that I’m sure I’m about to get to know online. 😀
The Open Sky sponsored event was held at the LaSalle Power Co, a very cool venue in downtown Chicago.

I would definitely have to say my absolute favorite parts of the night included meeting new familiar faces and getting to know all these bloggers! Finally being able to meet people you have “known” for so long–it’s a weird, crazy, fun thing!

Tina and I!

Me and the Roomie!

Me and the Fitnessista

MegaNerd Runs!

Angela, Oh She Glows!

Caitlin, Healthy Tipping Point!

Of course, as a Food Blogger event, what would it be without some great eats *and drinks*?!

Kath did a great job of organizing the menus throughout the weekend. The spread for the night included tons of options. There were mini sliders, chicken and shrimp kabobs, vegetarian quesadillas, spinach and artichoke dip and humus with pita, house salad with balsamic and  caprese mozzarella skewers. I loved all the vegetarian options–especially the humus and veggie quesadillas!

Humus and Pita

Hungry bloggers!

Vodka seltzer with a splash of lime, this made me happy 😀

Other events of the night included posting Operation Beautiful notes in the bathroom,

Do Work.

"You are Beautiful!"

Finding them too! 😀

My first-ever found note!!

There was more of this,

and this,

Kate, me, Molly, Gab

and this,


Molly and I shared a cab back after,  decided to turn in *somewhat* early so we could be fresh-faced for the bright and early conference 😉

All in all, an incredible event. Wish we could do it every Friday!! 😉

I’m heeeeeeeere!

Greetings from Chicago!

I made it here this afternoon, just about an hour ago, after a very early morning leaving Seattle. Last night was a late night going from this,

Packing mountain

Blogging, emails, last minute to-dos,

To this,

Summit time!

Finally got in around three and by four, I was here, meeting Gabriela, checking into my room and registering for the summit!

Elevator shots always necessary 😉

The digs.

Hi, Gabriela!

Two words: free swag!!!!

Check. this. out. !!!!!!!

Swag bag galore!

Our sponsors totally hooked us up with freebies!

TONS of free product samples from our sponsers: Arnold Oroweat, Bagel thins, Stoneyfield, Athenos, Quaker, Open Sky, Subway, Frito Lay, Attune, Adora!

*Some damage has already been done on those snacks 😉

Well, I’m off to get ready for tonight’s OpenSky cocktail party on a roof! I’ll be back soon with a recap of tonight’s events!!

Ciao from Chicago *Chi-caaaaa-goooooo* 😀

Jac ❤

Chicago or Bust!!

“All my bags are packed I’m ready to go…”

All ready!

I have an early, early am flight out to Chicago, so I tried to get everything done tonight. It’s been a crazy day/week getting ready but I’m so excited. Healthy Living Summit, here I come!

Stay tuned!!!!