Oh, parking tickets.

Just checking in quickly! I’m at work, quite busy today!! I got here later than usual, had to go contest stupid parking tickets!! Oh well, my fault I guess, don’t park in a thirty minute spot for longer than thirty minutes, and I guess I’m missing my month tab on my plates.. oh,  the glories of owning and driving a car :/ I did get the fee reduced though, only had to pay $63 instead of $100+

I went to the docs yesterday about my hip, luckily nothing is broken–just got some pain med and xrays though.. already, it’s feeling better.

Today working along, also organizing a school supply drive for our office to benefit Seattle-area schools. Back-t0-school supplies very much needed right now, and it’s nice to help out with that!!
I’m meeting my Dad and sister for dinner downtown tonight, after work, at one of my fav ever places in Seattle, Anthony’s!! I love, love this place, the best. seafood! Excited for that, for sure. 😀

Take care everyone, I’ll be back later with a recap!

Oh, by the way, I’ve been watching Weeds on my computer lately, used to watch it on HBO/Netflix and have been neglecting it for two years! Well, that’s changed, I watched about four episodes last night alone ! Oh no, a dangerous habit is brewing, I feel 😉


Favorite restaurants–local or chain??


Favorite trashy reality TV show??? (Anyone watch the season finale of the Bachelorette last night?!)

Mucho love!!




6 responses to “Oh, parking tickets.

  1. I personally love Teen Mom/Sixteen & Pregnant. Hehe 😀

  2. PHEW! thank GOD nothing broken!

    urgh i swear the parking peeps LOL giving out those tickets. why i outta…. GRRR

    hope uve been having lots of fun and definitely enjoy urself in the days to come! take care love ❤

  3. Teen Mom and Sixteen and Preggers, ah trashy reality TV at it’s finest!! 😉 Actually those sshows kind of make me sad sometimes… I can’t even imagine!

  4. Yeah I was glad nothing was broken too! Good to check it out though, just to be safe ya know! Thanks for the sweet comment, hope you are enjoying yourself too!!

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