What Makes Me Happy.

Things that make me happy:

Dinner with my Dad and sister at my favorite restaurant downtown,

Dinner Downtown

Followed by a waterfront stroll,

The Waterfront.

Which led me to an outdoor tap dance show,

Tap dance.

Only in the summer, in the middle of Seattle...

and through one of my favorite parts of Seattle,

Pike Place Market!

Downtown!I love walking downtown, when it's nice out, watching the sun set...

 However, this didn’t make me so happy,

"Come to a free video screening!" Ugh, scientology?? No, thank you!

 ..But, it did lead me to wander by…

one of my favorite chocolate shops,

"Give me some chocolate and no one gets hurt!"

Well said mr. bear, well said….However, after a sample,

Decided on soft serve fro yo instead ;),

Chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt

eaten while enjoying the view,

Waterfront sunset

..this big pier, in front of a huge Navy ship about to leave the port, I think! Kids running around and everyone checking it out...


and my new book!!!!,

Operation Beautiful, finally found a copy after stalking Borders for a week!

Know what else makes me happy?

Signs from the Pink party last Friday,

Love pink.

Good to know!

Also love yoga!,

..and trying new classes, must try this next week!

Cereal messes!

 Discoveries like,

Finding a new Parisian grocery that I must go back to when it's open!

New work clothes make me happy...okay new clothes in general! 😉

And…All of you blog friends make me very very happy!!!!

Tonight, after work, yoga, then another happy thing: sushi with my friend for din! Yum!

What makes you happy??!!


Lots of !!!!!!! Jac