Sunday in the City.

On my last Sunday in Chicago, I had the opportunity to spend some time walking around, exploring, actually taking in the city. My flight out wasn’t until late, so after a morning group walk,

Group shot!

…and a bfast held by Thomas Sandwich thins,

*My blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, almond, brown sugar, honey, mint, salt cream cheese creation!*

…I packed up my weekend’s worth of never ending swag suitcase, said my goodbyes and ventured to find some fun in Chicago.

First stop was Core Power yoga, which Kath had previously been to. The class was awesome—a fusion of Bikram-style poses and power vinyasa style flow, in a heated room. If you are ever in Chicago, stop in and take a class from Piper! I’ve always wanted to try yoga studios in different cities, and this one did not disappoint!

Studio was gorgeous too and had amazing views of the city!

Imagine my surprise delight when I passed this gem on the way back…

Of course I had to stop in for lunch!! And to pick up this amazing vegan cookie for the plane home!

FACE cookie, this picture doesn't do it justice! 😉

Another one of my quirks unique thing about me is that I have always had this fascination with real estate, and when I passed this sign on the street advertising a corner apartment for sale, I just had to go up and check it out.. Um, because my *fiance* and I are shortly moving to Chicago, and in the market for a new corner apartment and all… 😉

Also came across the Transformers set on my walk home…

It was sad to say good-bye to the city but I had such a fabulous time. Meeting everyone, attending the conference, eating some delicious food, going out, trying my first Zumba class… an all-around amazing trip. Already planning my escape comeback to be a part of next years Healthy Living Summit… and also looking forward to many upcoming bloggie meet ups!

What’s one thing you always like to *find* in new cities?—yoga studios and a Whole Foods, that pretty much covers my bases! 😉

Have you been to Chicago? Favorite/least favorite thing about the city? I liked the friendliness of the people and the fact that it had a big, accessible bay to walk or run, but didn’t like that so many things were closed on Sunday!


2 responses to “Sunday in the City.

  1. Hahaha you are my hero for checking out that apartment by yourself. Seriously. Bahh I can’t believe that HLS was almost two weeks ago now…I miss it so much!! I want a reunion soon 🙂

  2. Love this post!!!!!! Love that you went and checked out a apartment, I can imagine how much it was renting for! Big bux I bet, its always fun to just see, I like that you did that!!! U never know , right?!!! I of course LOVE chicago, been there many times, and my fiance is from there!

    Oh girl I wish I was lost in Target yesterday!! lol! U leave the BEST comments! Im actually going to target today! I have to get some stuff for a friends bridal shower this weekend! love u!!!!!!!

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