Moose Drool.

I’m not talking beer here, I’m talking real, live, raw drool. On my car. At a drive-thru animal farm.

Okay, I may mean 'yak' drool, but that's not as catchy, no?

Last weekend my family had a little impromptu family vacation overnight in a small town about an hour and a half from us. Family vacations don’t always scream fun… except this one was 😉

We did a lot of cool things, including the animal farm. I usually protest zoos and animal farms because of the way they make the animals habitat in small, 6 x 6, unnatural boxes, but this one seemed more humane since the animals could roam freely… it was the cars at risk *um yes, my car got buffalo-rammed haha*

Friday  night we got checked into our hotel and started with dinner here,

Me and Morgan

Two words: Ho-ly yum. Everything was made from fresh, local and organic produce, the chefs definitely kept the diner’s needs in mind *subbed goat cheese for blue on a flatbread we shared* and everything tasted amazing. I got some seriously delicious roasted local veggies, in addition to a summer blueberry, hazelnut goat cheese crostini salad, the shared flatbread and oyster appetizer, and many, many bites of my families selections–salmon, mussels, vegetable polenta lasagna.. We decided though, that the best part of the meal was the warm bread basket that was literally right out of the oven, full of roasted peppers and garlic, with the white bean humus dip. We demolished it in about .5 seconds…and got more 😉

After dinner we took a little drive to the water to capture this year’s “christmas card” enjoy the sunset.

Yes, perhaps fueled by a little wine, but laughing with my sisters, just acting crazy that night was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The views at the beach were breathtaking, you definitely don’t see this too often!

Next morning, we woke up to venture to the local Farmer’s Market. You know Farmer’s Markets are my favorite, and I always like to explore new ones, in new towns,  so I was excited to check this one out! There was a lot less produce and food items than I would have imagined, but a lot more art! We got mini key chains as well as some ahhhhmazing barbecue sauce and chipolte salsa.

Farmers Market.

Save a Dolphin, eat a tuna... Save a chicken, eat a salmon" 😉

Other events of the day included a forest/beach hike…

Found a fort on the beach, had to inspect!

…Said animal park…

Yaks like bread..

…but not as much as buffalo,

Suddenly we were in the middle of a heard of buffalo, with big, sharp horns. My car got rammed. My window went up.. ;P

It was so much fun seeing all the animals, getting the courage up that they wouldn’t bite my hand off to feed them bread out the window, seeing animals that close–their size and demeanors–not something you get the chance to see!

As I mentioned, my car was drool-covered and dirt-covered when we left. It looked like we had just left a war zone, wish I had a picture!

All that bread feeding made us hungry, so we stopped at a local organic food stand to pick up some fresh produce to add to our picnic lunch, Nash’s.

Nash's Organic Food Stand

Look at all that local, organic produce!

Later we stopped at a lavender farm,

Lavender Farm

Lavender everything store.

Saturday night wrapped with a dinner at my grandparents house, where the wining and dining family time continued.

Our “family day” was so nice, because with all of our crazy schedules; work, school, friends, commitments, we really don’t get a chance to hang out together that much anymore. It was nice to spend time, but I also really liked the things we did, especially the animal farm and dinner Friday night! We definitely have  a lot of laughable moments from this trip, too ;D

Questions: Have you ever been to a drive-through animal farm, and what are your thoughts about the treatment of the animals, in comparison to zoos or other types of animal farms? Do you like family vacations? Best/worst family vacation stories, apply here!! 😉


11 responses to “Moose Drool.

  1. I love family trips, best ones were obviously when I was a kid, summers in Spain, trips to the country side to visit my grandparents with my sisters . I don’t like the circus and tend bit to visit zoos , safari-yes, zoo- noo!! Xx

  2. safari–that would be so fun!
    Spain, I’ve never been, but would love to go, sounds amazing!

    Fi, are you still in Cali?! How are you love?

  3. beautiful pics girl!! LOVE Good times w. my girlfriends – those are the best times!

  4. Ahh that yak is SO adorable, I just want to give it a big kiss!

    You and your sisters are so pretty, it looks like you all were having such a nice time! I’m glad you were able to get away for a bit and just have fun.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it was truly one of the most sincere and kind ones I’ve ever received:)

    • Thank you, yes, it was SO great seeing them and catching up, I miss sister time!

      I really meant it, it made me sad to read that on your blog! I really admire you for your lifestyle *everyday ice cream included, OBVS!!* and you should know it! Thank you, THAT was one of the kindest comments i’ve received. 😀 Someday we shall meetup and most definitely have a tasting tour around manhattan. I’m thinking fro yo, magnolias, whole foods galore 😀 :D!!!!

  5. Aww this looks like such a fun time!! We go skiing every year and it’s a great vacation. The last few years I’ve been bringing the BF, which makes it even better 🙂 Hope you have a great start to your week love!!

    • Love skiing! Haven’t been in a few years, but it’s always fun–espc would be with the boy, too!

      Thanks, hope things are going well for you too, with the big move-in and all!

  6. omg those animals are right up in your mess!!! lol!! I have never seen a drive through animal park!! So cool!! My son would love that so much!!!!!

    What a fun weekend, you and your friends are so pretty and looks like you had fun!!!

    love ya! miss ya!!!


    • “right up in your mess”, Katie you are so funny, yes they were right up in my mess! BAH!! It was crazay, but so fun!! You should definitely take Anthony sometime!!

      Those are my sisters, actually, like you! I have two, I’m in the middle! We did have fun. I miss them already!

      Miss you too, love ya! ❤

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