Monday’s are long days for me. They always have been, it seems. Whether in school or now, it always seems to pile on on Mondays. Today was work + cleaning the yoga studio + hot yoga. By the time I got home, I was hot, tired, sweaty. Enter shower and something quick and delicious and you have…

Crack [Craaaaaaaack}wrap! <– A Momma Pea original!

I needed something that was fast, simple and would help me eat up my (mini) fridge. I’m moving out at the end of this week. 😦 (Boo!)

This TJ’s wrap contained tomato basil humus and soy cheese. Plus a quick grill on both sides, perfect crack snack wrap! Added carrots and more humus, mary’s stix a la HLS swag bag, pb fingers, and you’ve got a decent meal 😉


Bam. Like my fine china? (*cough, paper towel*)

Have you tried crackwraps? Favortie humus?? I love, love baba ganoush and TJ’s eggplant humus is a close second! Also lurve their cilantro jalapeno!

J $


5 responses to “Crackwrap.

  1. Ah, I’ve never tried a crack wrap!! Not that type, at least. My idea of a crack wrap includes nut butter 😉 Although the cheese + hummus combo does look quite appealing!!

    • Have you ever tried cream cheese and almond butter?! I’ve tried tofutti and almond butter, who says crack wraps have to have humus and cheese?! In my opinion, it’s just a base for deliciousness to spread on top!

  2. Crack wraps are delicious, I agree. And I love that they’re just as tasty with vegan cheese as with regular!! Fave hummus is TJ’s horseradish. It’s amazing 🙂

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