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My Last Weekend of Freedom.

Last weekend was certainly a “last hurrah” of the summer, of sorts. It included highlights of some of my favorite things: (I am so predictable ;P)


After working a lot last week (put in extra hours so I could work less this week, the first week of school), I was more than ready to relax. Too bad I got sick but regardless, the Puyallup Fair, a Harvest fair, hanging out with new friends, old friends, going home to see family, trail riding Gaston, going to the Farmer’s market, and of course, that amazing dinner, wine, and beach bonfire…. it was quite the summer-ending weekend!

The Harvest Fair…
A locally grown zucchini, they had a zucchini growing competition, weighed in at fifteen plus pounds and totally made me think of GC– she would have loved this!

Farmer’s Market..

Farmer's Market.

Do the Puyallup. (<–The first fair I went to!)

Ahhhhhhhh, summer, I miss thee already!

Today was the first day of classes (can’t believe some of you have been in for over a month!) which meant I was up early to stalk the registration and professors try and get in to closed/full classes. So far, so good.. I woke up with zero classes and now have two — just waiting on one more and it’s looking good.. glass half two thirds full!

Tomorrow I actually don’t have class but I do have a ton of reading to do, not to mention I don’t have my books yet! So that will be on the to do list, along with a morning or mid day hot yoga class *have I mentioned I’m liking my schedule?!* and babysitting tomorrow night.

Well, night bloggies, I’m tiredddd!!!!!

What’s your best/worst horror story of college registration? I feel like almost every quarter here, I’ve had to add classes last-minute because the ones i’ve wanted have been full! It always does seem to have a way of working out though!


DO you still babysit? Even though I’m “old” and have a “real” job, I love doing random babysitting jobs.. When this lady called me the other day to ask if I was free, I jumped at the offer– I love the *occasional* babysitting job, and kind of miss it from high school!

I took this picture this weekend, on the way to the market, it was such a gorgeous FALL day!!


Another Sunday night; another weekend come, and gone…

It was a good one though. I spent time with friends, with family, with my horse.. doing some favorite things: Farmer’s Market, yoga, wine and a bonfire, enjoying a delicious homecooked meal.. and some new things!: two fall fairs in one weekend as well as parties Thursday and Friday night.

Whew, busy weekend! Fun, but busy, which has resulted in me coming down with something *right in time for school to start*. Lowlight. I will do a full recap tomorrow, just checking in for now, I am tired, sore throat and runny nose *tmi?, sorry*. I had a hot date with some tylenol PM about half an hour ago which means…….


How was your weekend? Highlights && lowlights?!!!

Better Than French Toast Bread Pudding Muffins!

French toast is a favorite of mine. So is bread pudding. Whole Foods makes an absolutely amazing caramel bread pudding that I can’t get enough of. I love warm and chewy bread with a sweet maple syrup (or whipped cream, or fruit) topping. I don’t love the sugar high and crash it often comes with. Enter my new recipe. The other week, I came up with a lightened, sugar-free version, for an equally tasty, healthier version combining two of my favorites: bread pudding and french toast, into muffin form!

This is just a “technique” recipe. Feel free to sub your favorite cereal toppings, and fruit bottoms! I’m sure granola topping or blueberries as a base would be equally delicious. Try it and comment if you do! Enjoy!

Better than French toast Bread Pudding.
*makes 8 muffins

2 whole Arnold thins, 4 slices
½ cup egg beaters
Vanilla and coconut extract
Go lean Kashi & Trader Joe’s soy and flax cereal, crushed with a rolling pin (~1/4 c mixed)
Sugar free syrup ~2 T
1 peach or nectarine, diced

  1. Lightly toast and cube bread pieces.
  2. Dice and lightly sauté the peach in a pan over med heat
  3. Add diced bread and peach pieces to a bowl and top with egg beater, extracts, half of the syrup and combine to desired consistency (you could add a little almond milk for more moisture)
  4. Using a rolling pin, crush cereal into “crumb” topping.
  5. Layer bread mixture into eight oiled muffin ramekins, top with crushed cereal crumbs and drizzle with remaining syrup.
  6. Bake at 350* for about 20-25 minutes. Raise heat to 400 for an additional ~5, if you desire crispy edges.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Mini french toast bread pudding muffins.

 What’s your favorite healthified baking creation?

Back, Bites, Bid Day.

After taking a mini hiatus, I came back to the sorority Wednesday night. I’ve been meaning to blog pretty much every day, but we’ve been going pretty much non stop every day!

Busy days means pre-made sorority food.. some good, some not so good. Lots of sugar and caffeine this week that’s for sure! Including some delicious mini cakes we had specially made for our Preference ceremonies yesterday, vanilla, raspberry filled cakes with a lemon marscapone topping. <–YUM

Mini pref cake.

Yesterday, I, along with some other girls worked very hard “behind the scenes” setting everything up and serving. In between there was some *refueling* going on…

What you don't see: in the middle of that group, total cake domination! 😀

On another sorority/recruitment related note, remember those 200 lemons I had to buy to cut up and put into drinks?


When I got back, I noticed that more than half of them had gotten moldy and fuzzy and been thrown away!

In addition to cake,

I have been enjoying some seriously yum snackz!

>  Enter TJ’s finds!!

-Freeze dried mango

-Pretzel Slims

-almond butter (gifted to me by my roommate this summer when she left to go study abroad) to “dip”, Tofutti remnants mixed with homemade blackberry ginger jam!

Other snackables include copious amounts of this:

x a bunch!!!!!!

My name is Jaclyn and I am addicted to Whole Food’s chocolate peanut butter trail mix!


No nut butter left behind!!!!


Fall= pumpkin spice coffee with a side of sidewalk leaves!

Homemade peach bread pudding muffins!

Kale chips, love!! Can't find this brand anymore though!

I think I got jipped on this bag though, that's all there was when I opened it! 😛

After cake, cookies, trail mix, snacks (etc..), I needed some veg in my life! Mixed herb salad topped with steamed veg, spicy eggwhite salad from TJs, humus and goat cheese--most of the toppings, eaten already! ;P

What snacks are you lovin these days? I pretty much like all things crunchy, nut buttery and that I can dip! 😉 Oh, and let’s not get started about my Trail mix addictions! 😛

What have you been up to this weekend?! College football? Parties? School? I wanna hear it!!

Today, we had some time off so I ran some errands including a trip to Target, where they were giving out goodie bags to promote that they are now selling fresh produce!

❤ Freebies!

Tomorrow is a big day: Bid Day!! We will find out who our new members are and have them all move into the house. I may also meet up with my parents and little sister tomorrow night for dinner– she is leaving Wednesday for school and since I missed a family trip this weekend due to sorority recruitment, I’m trying to squeeze in as much face time as possible before she leaves! *cough we skyped for almost an hour tonight :)*

Need to get to sleep! 8 am wakeup call!


Stay tuned, I have a great recipe comin at ya in my next post!!!! 😀

PS, I found 20 dollars on the floor in Whole Foods today!

200 Lemons.

Yesterday morning I was given the task to go buy 200 lemons, to cut up for water glasses this week for my sorority.

200 lemons, 20 bags of 10!


The past few days, as I’ve mentioned in my last post have been crazy, but also really fun. Sorority workweek and recruitment is…. tiring, stressful, full of bonding, fun, crazy, and unexpected… to say the least– I’m just getting started!

To be honest though, I’m home tonight, sick from recruitment. I haven’t been feeling well this past week and it’s been escalating the last 24 hours. I don’t want to get in to it but, I’m glad I’m home. Sometimes, even though you want to “be there”, for friends, family, sorority, you need to actually listen to yourself, your body and needs, and take a little time off to unwind and reconnect, hangout with your family, drink red wine on your porch and eat inordinate amounts of your sisters delicious zucchini bread and yogurt pretzels... Ya hear me?! 😉

Saturday, I picked up this steal from the Farmers Market; flowers for my room, only five dollars!

$5 flower bargain!!!!!



These types of flowers are sold at Pike Place market, downtown, for way more than this, definite steal here! 😀 I always love fresh flowers, they so do brighten up a room!

I do have a busy, full-scheduled week ahead of me. I’m not complaining though. Things are “up in the air” in many areas of my life; but at the same time, isn’t that what keeps it interesting?! Stay tuned, lots to come, that’s for sure.

Night loves!

How do you balance the importance of  taking care of yourself, with over-scheduling and dealing with what you “should/would/could” be doing?

Move out > Move in!

On, and on and on and onnnnnnnnn!!

Helloooooooooo there! 😀

Ah bloggies, it has been too TOO wayyyyy too long!!! I have been so crazy busy in the land of moving out of the fraternity where I lived this summer —> home for a few days —> moving in to the sorority, where I am currently in the middle of workweek. Sorority recruitment starts on Sunday, and on top of it all, I have been working too. The end of next week, I’ll be able to catch my breath!!

But until then, know that I’m still reading and *trying to* comment! Blog reading among other things, is keeping me sane. 😛

Also keeping me going?! Return of the Pumpkin Spice at Sbux!!!!Holler!!!!

Go big or go home, baby!!

We have a few hours of free time this afternoon.. I’m going to get pedicures with some of the girls, but we have seriously been scheduled all day long (and into the night!) so while I would love to post again tonight/tomorrow, not sure if/when that’ll happen!

Have any of you been through sorority workweek/recruitment? It’s my second year on this side!

Also…. My little sister is starting college in two weeks, she’ll be moving out of state. I was talking to my mom on the phone today, walking down the street, thinking about it… I burst. out. crying. Thing is, I’m not really that emotional, but thinking about “losing” her to another state, hours away, makes me sad like woahhh. Anyone relate to this, a sibling/friend leaving for college?! :/ I know she’ll love it, just an adjustment!

What’s new in all of your lives, how was your first week of school, if you’ve started?! Have you tried/had Pumpkin Spice yet this year?! Jump on it!!!!!!

Snack[z] Attack.

Hi hi hiiiiii! Happy Wednesday–half way through the week! 😀

Snaaaaaaaaack Attacaaaaaaaack!!!!

Lots of yumz foods, mostly from my swag bag, plus dried fruit from Tjs, so SO good, and crunchy!

I’m pretty good ovah here, just got back from (HOT) hot yoga, got a ride back from a guy from class, since I walked there he was nice enough to drive me home.. However my very, very bruised/swollen toe made class un peu difficile.

Monday night, a *drunk* girl imprinted her boot on my right toe/foot. Ow = understatement. It made for some difficult balancing/upward facing dogs tonight, but I forged on 😉

The past twenty four hours have been quite mange-y! [mon-Gee pronounced a la Jac] (en francais manger – to eat) Call it wanting to try my Healthy Living summit swag, call it hot yoga / summer weather hangriness or just call it me trying to eat through my [mini] fridge food before I move at the end of this week, snack-facing I have been!

Check out my garbage damage wrappers from the past few days:

Freeze dried fruit sticks, Marys Crack stix, pop chips....

Plus thanks to recommendations mutual addictions many a dip into these bad boys,

No nut butter left behind!!!!

At work today other *snacks* (<–not counting meals!) included this juicy pricy Whole Foods orange a la my computer,

Kind of reminds me of days spent studying in the libraries for finals!!

and this very Gliding calm-esque bar! <–She totally got me hooked on ’em!

Atkins Advantage Chocolate Chip Granola, tastes like choco granola bars I used to eat when I was ten, 'cept this one has 17 grams (!) of protein!!

As the week’s end draws near, and moving out approaches, I must begin tackling this,

My bedroom, a mess, lots of pack and clean! Laundry/clothes/piles of stuff mountain!

As well as take down the ‘Jaclyn‘ parts of my room :/…

My window sill, candles, budda, flowers! 😀

Buddha says hello,

Insert Zen thoughts.

My roommates bed has already been moved out (she left early for study abroad) so it’s been quite nice lonely having the room to myself. Picked up some produce boxes from Safers today and I’ll start packing up tomorrow. I guess I’m jumping on the blogger moving bandwagon ;P

What are you all up to, lovely plans for this Wednesday night? I get to sleep in a whole hour more tomorrow, don’t have to be at work till 9 *insert imense sarcasm here*, but only have to work till noon, so I’m thinking shopping for recruitment clothes, hitting up a Thursday farmer’s market, Whole Foods trip and meet up with a friend will be involved.

Let me leave you with these random adorable spoons I bought in the Target dollar bins. Anyone else have an obsession with cutsy/baby utensils?! 😀

Zebra and Monkey!

Most random Target dollar bin find, ever?!

Have a lovely evening! 🙂