Snack[z] Attack.

Hi hi hiiiiii! Happy Wednesday–half way through the week! 😀

Snaaaaaaaaack Attacaaaaaaaack!!!!

Lots of yumz foods, mostly from my swag bag, plus dried fruit from Tjs, so SO good, and crunchy!

I’m pretty good ovah here, just got back from (HOT) hot yoga, got a ride back from a guy from class, since I walked there he was nice enough to drive me home.. However my very, very bruised/swollen toe made class un peu difficile.

Monday night, a *drunk* girl imprinted her boot on my right toe/foot. Ow = understatement. It made for some difficult balancing/upward facing dogs tonight, but I forged on 😉

The past twenty four hours have been quite mange-y! [mon-Gee pronounced a la Jac] (en francais manger – to eat) Call it wanting to try my Healthy Living summit swag, call it hot yoga / summer weather hangriness or just call it me trying to eat through my [mini] fridge food before I move at the end of this week, snack-facing I have been!

Check out my garbage damage wrappers from the past few days:

Freeze dried fruit sticks, Marys Crack stix, pop chips....

Plus thanks to recommendations mutual addictions many a dip into these bad boys,

No nut butter left behind!!!!

At work today other *snacks* (<–not counting meals!) included this juicy pricy Whole Foods orange a la my computer,

Kind of reminds me of days spent studying in the libraries for finals!!

and this very Gliding calm-esque bar! <–She totally got me hooked on ’em!

Atkins Advantage Chocolate Chip Granola, tastes like choco granola bars I used to eat when I was ten, 'cept this one has 17 grams (!) of protein!!

As the week’s end draws near, and moving out approaches, I must begin tackling this,

My bedroom, a mess, lots of pack and clean! Laundry/clothes/piles of stuff mountain!

As well as take down the ‘Jaclyn‘ parts of my room :/…

My window sill, candles, budda, flowers! 😀

Buddha says hello,

Insert Zen thoughts.

My roommates bed has already been moved out (she left early for study abroad) so it’s been quite nice lonely having the room to myself. Picked up some produce boxes from Safers today and I’ll start packing up tomorrow. I guess I’m jumping on the blogger moving bandwagon ;P

What are you all up to, lovely plans for this Wednesday night? I get to sleep in a whole hour more tomorrow, don’t have to be at work till 9 *insert imense sarcasm here*, but only have to work till noon, so I’m thinking shopping for recruitment clothes, hitting up a Thursday farmer’s market, Whole Foods trip and meet up with a friend will be involved.

Let me leave you with these random adorable spoons I bought in the Target dollar bins. Anyone else have an obsession with cutsy/baby utensils?! 😀

Zebra and Monkey!

Most random Target dollar bin find, ever?!

Have a lovely evening! 🙂


20 responses to “Snack[z] Attack.

  1. Thanks, hope u had a lovely evening too. ;D All that swag is going to great use I see. I hat emoving out of places, I love moving in, but hate moving out, stress, I hope it goes well. Your littlbe buddha friend is too cute.

    • I know!! So stress, but kind of excited to, to start the year… Love my buddha friend! 😀 I fell asleep last night with those candles going, passed out i was so tired, then woke up a few hours later like, whoops! Lol.

  2. hey girlie!!
    awww your post makes me miss my favorite Hot Yoga studio in Seattle=Laurelhurst!!! (yoga just isn’t the same anywhere else!) gooooood luck with the moving, it’s such a pain!!! and YUM YUM YUM snackies after yoga are the best!
    I hope youre having a great week!

  3. Samantha Robertson

    Good luck with your move! I hate nothing more than moving. Ugh! The peanut butter will make it all better, though. 🙂

    • Yeppers, pb helps lol. Moving is usually no fun however sometimes fun when you find stuff you thought you’ve lost / forgot you had! That’s always fun! BTW hello/welcome! New reader? Or just first time commentor?! 😀 HI HIII! ❤

  4. Hi name twin!!

    How lucky are you to have all that PB in your house!!! I’m pretty sure that whenever I have pb&co in my house 99% of the jar is consumed with a spoon!! Its soooo good!!

    Good luck with the move!!!

    p.s. I always find myself wanting to buy those tiny utensils but never do. I thought it was just me 🙂

  5. Ugh, moving sucks. So stressful! At least you have those delicious jars of PB to keep you sane haha. When in doubt…go for the nut butter 🙂 Happy Friday love!!

  6. YOU HIT THE GOLD MINE!! seriously, did u steal a health food store or something hehe. ❤ ❤

  7. Are those individual packs of Mary’s twigs?! I have to find those!

    • Yeah they are, got ’em at the HLS from my swag bag… they were pretty good, not great tho! Not as good as regular Marys Crack!!

  8. Ahhhh ALL I see are the pop chips and PB&Co hahah i’m addicted! Today I tried those Mary’s twigs for the first time, I didn’t LOVE them but they weren’t either. Love the spoons though 😉

    • Hahah hadn’t tried pop chips before, they were pretty good! omgosh don’t even get me started on the pb and co addiction(s)!! I was reading your post the other day about how you thought maybe the bees knees would help you overcome your raisin swirl addiction… but no, and that bees don’t have knees… hahah soooo funny. ps haven’t tried that flav yet either, must get on that (or maybe I shouldnt lol) 😀

  9. Haha your room looks sparkling clean compared to mine! Getting started with cleaning is always the hardest part. Good luck moving, I hope it’s not too stressful for you!!!

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that sux about your foot! How about 2 years ago at the club some girl stepped on my foot, her heel of her stiletto, it was bad, it hurt sooooooooooooooooo bad and looked horrible!

    Love the baby spoons!U know target dollar bins are the shiznit!

    love u!

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