200 Lemons.

Yesterday morning I was given the task to go buy 200 lemons, to cut up for water glasses this week for my sorority.

200 lemons, 20 bags of 10!


The past few days, as I’ve mentioned in my last post have been crazy, but also really fun. Sorority workweek and recruitment is…. tiring, stressful, full of bonding, fun, crazy, and unexpected… to say the least– I’m just getting started!

To be honest though, I’m home tonight, sick from recruitment. I haven’t been feeling well this past week and it’s been escalating the last 24 hours. I don’t want to get in to it but, I’m glad I’m home. Sometimes, even though you want to “be there”, for friends, family, sorority, you need to actually listen to yourself, your body and needs, and take a little time off to unwind and reconnect, hangout with your family, drink red wine on your porch and eat inordinate amounts of your sisters delicious zucchini bread and yogurt pretzels... Ya hear me?! 😉

Saturday, I picked up this steal from the Farmers Market; flowers for my room, only five dollars!

$5 flower bargain!!!!!



These types of flowers are sold at Pike Place market, downtown, for way more than this, definite steal here! 😀 I always love fresh flowers, they so do brighten up a room!

I do have a busy, full-scheduled week ahead of me. I’m not complaining though. Things are “up in the air” in many areas of my life; but at the same time, isn’t that what keeps it interesting?! Stay tuned, lots to come, that’s for sure.

Night loves!

How do you balance the importance of  taking care of yourself, with over-scheduling and dealing with what you “should/would/could” be doing?


6 responses to “200 Lemons.

  1. Feel better soon hub! O find that consciously balancing my time between Activities means that I avoid anything burning me out! x

  2. More and more, I’m finding that being organized keeps me sane. If I carve out specific periods of time for the stuff that has to get done, I have way more me time at the end of it. Glad you’re enjoying a little break love!!

  3. Glad you are listening to your bodyyyyyyy!!

    Flowers= amazing!!!

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  5. I miss you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to target today too!!!!!!!!! Did you ever buy their archers farm brand yogurts?! They are yummy!

    Woooooooooooooooooo Lemons!!!!!!!! U are a little lemon lover!

    Hope your weekend was great! xoxo

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