Back, Bites, Bid Day.

After taking a mini hiatus, I came back to the sorority Wednesday night. I’ve been meaning to blog pretty much every day, but we’ve been going pretty much non stop every day!

Busy days means pre-made sorority food.. some good, some not so good. Lots of sugar and caffeine this week that’s for sure! Including some delicious mini cakes we had specially made for our Preference ceremonies yesterday, vanilla, raspberry filled cakes with a lemon marscapone topping. <–YUM

Mini pref cake.

Yesterday, I, along with some other girls worked very hard “behind the scenes” setting everything up and serving. In between there was some *refueling* going on…

What you don't see: in the middle of that group, total cake domination! 😀

On another sorority/recruitment related note, remember those 200 lemons I had to buy to cut up and put into drinks?


When I got back, I noticed that more than half of them had gotten moldy and fuzzy and been thrown away!

In addition to cake,

I have been enjoying some seriously yum snackz!

>  Enter TJ’s finds!!

-Freeze dried mango

-Pretzel Slims

-almond butter (gifted to me by my roommate this summer when she left to go study abroad) to “dip”, Tofutti remnants mixed with homemade blackberry ginger jam!

Other snackables include copious amounts of this:

x a bunch!!!!!!

My name is Jaclyn and I am addicted to Whole Food’s chocolate peanut butter trail mix!


No nut butter left behind!!!!


Fall= pumpkin spice coffee with a side of sidewalk leaves!

Homemade peach bread pudding muffins!

Kale chips, love!! Can't find this brand anymore though!

I think I got jipped on this bag though, that's all there was when I opened it! 😛

After cake, cookies, trail mix, snacks (etc..), I needed some veg in my life! Mixed herb salad topped with steamed veg, spicy eggwhite salad from TJs, humus and goat cheese--most of the toppings, eaten already! ;P

What snacks are you lovin these days? I pretty much like all things crunchy, nut buttery and that I can dip! 😉 Oh, and let’s not get started about my Trail mix addictions! 😛

What have you been up to this weekend?! College football? Parties? School? I wanna hear it!!

Today, we had some time off so I ran some errands including a trip to Target, where they were giving out goodie bags to promote that they are now selling fresh produce!

❤ Freebies!

Tomorrow is a big day: Bid Day!! We will find out who our new members are and have them all move into the house. I may also meet up with my parents and little sister tomorrow night for dinner– she is leaving Wednesday for school and since I missed a family trip this weekend due to sorority recruitment, I’m trying to squeeze in as much face time as possible before she leaves! *cough we skyped for almost an hour tonight :)*

Need to get to sleep! 8 am wakeup call!


Stay tuned, I have a great recipe comin at ya in my next post!!!! 😀

PS, I found 20 dollars on the floor in Whole Foods today!


3 responses to “Back, Bites, Bid Day.

  1. It’s all about the nuts in my snack world!

  2. Haha, I love the Target swag…even the bag reminded me of HLS when you texted it to me the other night!! Loooove kale chips btw, have you ever tried making them yourself? Super easy and just as delicious!! Hope you have a great start to your week love!!

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