Another Sunday night; another weekend come, and gone…

It was a good one though. I spent time with friends, with family, with my horse.. doing some favorite things: Farmer’s Market, yoga, wine and a bonfire, enjoying a delicious homecooked meal.. and some new things!: two fall fairs in one weekend as well as parties Thursday and Friday night.

Whew, busy weekend! Fun, but busy, which has resulted in me coming down with something *right in time for school to start*. Lowlight. I will do a full recap tomorrow, just checking in for now, I am tired, sore throat and runny nose *tmi?, sorry*. I had a hot date with some tylenol PM about half an hour ago which means…….


How was your weekend? Highlights && lowlights?!!!


2 responses to “Highlights.

  1. That photo sums up a perfect early fall weekend – lake, bonfire and vino! Combine it with a farmers market and yoga and it’s even better – those were parts of my Saturday, but after catching the scent of a bonfire in the air yesterday that was the one thing it was missing! Hope you have a fabulous week!

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