My Last Weekend of Freedom.

Last weekend was certainly a “last hurrah” of the summer, of sorts. It included highlights of some of my favorite things: (I am so predictable ;P)


After working a lot last week (put in extra hours so I could work less this week, the first week of school), I was more than ready to relax. Too bad I got sick but regardless, the Puyallup Fair, a Harvest fair, hanging out with new friends, old friends, going home to see family, trail riding Gaston, going to the Farmer’s market, and of course, that amazing dinner, wine, and beach bonfire…. it was quite the summer-ending weekend!

The Harvest Fair…
A locally grown zucchini, they had a zucchini growing competition, weighed in at fifteen plus pounds and totally made me think of GC– she would have loved this!

Farmer’s Market..

Farmer's Market.

Do the Puyallup. (<–The first fair I went to!)

Ahhhhhhhh, summer, I miss thee already!

Today was the first day of classes (can’t believe some of you have been in for over a month!) which meant I was up early to stalk the registration and professors try and get in to closed/full classes. So far, so good.. I woke up with zero classes and now have two — just waiting on one more and it’s looking good.. glass half two thirds full!

Tomorrow I actually don’t have class but I do have a ton of reading to do, not to mention I don’t have my books yet! So that will be on the to do list, along with a morning or mid day hot yoga class *have I mentioned I’m liking my schedule?!* and babysitting tomorrow night.

Well, night bloggies, I’m tiredddd!!!!!

What’s your best/worst horror story of college registration? I feel like almost every quarter here, I’ve had to add classes last-minute because the ones i’ve wanted have been full! It always does seem to have a way of working out though!


DO you still babysit? Even though I’m “old” and have a “real” job, I love doing random babysitting jobs.. When this lady called me the other day to ask if I was free, I jumped at the offer– I love the *occasional* babysitting job, and kind of miss it from high school!

I took this picture this weekend, on the way to the market, it was such a gorgeous FALL day!!


2 responses to “My Last Weekend of Freedom.

  1. hope youre doing well girl!! ❤

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