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Happy Halloween!

I’ve had an insanely busy (but good!) weekend, and it’s not over yet! Just got back from an interview I did with my group for a Journalism project, still have lots of studying and homework to do today, errands to run, laundry to do…

But I just wanted to say…..

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!


Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend – I’ll be back later today/night!!

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween today???

Seasonal Eats.

Obviously tons of bloggers are on board with Seasonal eats and drinks. Enter pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin oats, pumpkin spice trail mix, Thanksgiving recipes, apple festivals, roasted veg galore, of course baked goods, even pumpkin spice tofu!
This morning I decided while I do love me some P-spice, I wasn’t in the mood. So, I opted for my usual coffee instead with my inch o steamed soy and half a pump of Bux’s other seasonal flavor: Mocha Toffee. It. Did. NOt. Dissapoint.

Starbucks mocha toffee

Other “seasonal” (okay only because there was a pumpkin on it, I really really just wanted some chocolate bread!) snack:

Farmer's Market chocolate bread w/ dark chocolate dreams or almond butter, with a candy corn 'garnish'!

Class class class work class study write class….

on and on and on!

Favorite seasonal eats? What do you have going on this week – school, work, travel, fun?

Target Loot!

I have posted before about my love for Tar Jay and its unbelievable ability to consume you, leaving having spent way. too. much. on things you totally don’t need . (eg: I went in for shampoo and contact lense solution..)

It was Wednesday night, I was with my momma, and I needed some necessities!

Dollar bin items, fun foodie finds, new clothes and impulse buys…

Example 1 😉


Calcium chews, lactaid, body wash, a notebook for school/writing, makeup remover, mints, candles, another one of those bars I loved, shampoo, a little tuperware, socks, cuticle sticks…

Halloweeeeeeeeen candy, vitamin water zero (my bad habit!), choco covered peanuts and green apple candy corn, muscle milk - excited to try these!


Needed some candy for presents for my grand-little (a sorority thing- DIscovery night was this weekend!) and other people, so I bought these big bags, used little clear plastic baggies and ribbon to make individual gifts!


New shoes! Great for work, need to exchange though for a new size!



More new shoes! Slippers!!

Super comfy! Think I can get away with wearing them to work? 😉


Clothes!!! New shirts, a dress to wear for Halloween, work clothes and going out clothes! Fun stuff!


My favorite!

Had to get some of that pumpkin spice trail mix I love, you know just to keep up with the joneses bloggers with all the pumpkin lovin going on!…and  I had to dig for this bag, there were very few left!


And…. that’s not even all I bought! Whhewww, quite the haul! Thanks mommy!!!!!


After our shopping trance mission, we hit up our fav sushi spot, where we got a great tempura shrimp and tuna roll, miso, my favorite seaweed salad and this lil’ gem, very interesting, some good some not so good, but I loved the eggplant! Still, fun to try new things!

Chef's special: mixed pickled sea vegetables


In other news, I have been doing some on line shopping recently. I bought part of my Dad’s birthday present (Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack) online since it was sold out of the stores.

Package came right in time, gift fo my Dad's birthday!

Actually off to go give it to him! I’m home tonight and tomorrow afternoon to celebrate his early birthday, with my parents and grandparents tomorrow. I’m also cooking dinner tonight. On the menu is brown rice pasta with marinara, three types of seafood and veggies and salad. Should be a good one, I’m excited to cook! Whole Foods this morning to stock up on supplies 😀 and will post recipes/photos later from tonight!



1. Does Target consume you too? Favorite Tar Jay finds?!

2. Do you on-line shop or do you prefer to go to stores? I like going in to stores, but I have to say it’s kind of nice just being able to “check out” without having to deal with the sales people sometimes!

3. What’s the best thing you’ve done/eaten/cooked this weekend? Last night was really fun for me, dinner and after-party for our sorority “family,” and tonight looking forward to making dinner, hanging with the family and chilling with some TV and a glass of wine- been so long!

I’m Lovin…

Lots of things!

Loving the sunrise this morning on my drive in to work,

So pretty!

…this Mojo Cliff bar,

Mojo bar...lost and found from my bar stash! Ate this yesterday and forgot how GOOD these are!! Will be buying more!


..Lovin Hhhhhhhhhhhhoneycrisp apples!,

Honeycrisps > any old apple

Loved eating it outside, while soaking in some autumn sun,




Also love this new building on campus! It has a huge lounge/cafe downstairs, is very modern and really cool inside - lots of windows!

Lovin a little chocolate in my life,

Chocolate Vita Tops!

These are good! - All out now! 😦

Finally, I’m Lovvvvvvin rockin all my boots! <– Love fall fashion!
So I ask you…….

What are you lovin’ lately?!!!!

Those boots are made for walkin!

Return Care Package.

Happy Homecoming weekend (at least here!), how did your team do?? Huskies won in overtime last night! 😀


A few weeks ago, I sent my little sister (who makes the. most. delicious baked goods ever.) a “care package.” It’s her first quarter away at school and when I saw some dark chocolate dreams at Target one day, I picked up a jar for her… and then went kind of crazy putting together a bunch of ‘odds and ends’ for her to enjoy…

Friday night, I got home from babysitting and saw this lovely package waiting for me! Sisterhood of the traveling….box!

Care packages - best ever! 😀


It included some reese’s cups, york peppermint patties, a lovely card, “whooly” soap, from her local farmer’s market, and this beautiful ring, which I started sporting immediately:

I love it!
Thanks, Hayley!!!! 🙂
Do you send/receive care packages? As much as I love to get them – putting them together is so fun too! Yesterday I was reading a blog, requesting a TJ’s item, and offering a “bloggie swap.”
I’d love to do that if anyone else is interested?!

Bux Pumpkin Spice.

More Pumpkin Lovin!

Pumpkin Ice Cream!!!

Also, this trail mix from Target. So good, so happy to see it today on the shelves, it’s baaack! Go buy some… like, yesterday!

Pumpkin Spice! It's healthy too!

Fav new pumpkin recipe / product??? … Or, are you not a fan?? <–*the horror!*



Perspective, and some Really Good Eats.

I’m sure unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have all seen and heard all the coverage with the Chilean Miner Rescue that happened this week.

 “All 33 Chile miners freed in flawless rescue”

Wednesday, I had some errands to run, so I ventured home across the water for the night. I missed the ferry. I was tired from working all day. I was hungry and cranky. And I didn’t get to see this guy…

Then this happened…

The rescue.

 My mom and I stood in our kitchen, reading headlines and watching everything unfold. We were both amazed, and so happy at theunfolding events – every miner successfully rescued! What was truly incredible about this story though….. They were trapped under there for almost three months. Seventy days. And it has just been in the news, recently. Kind of puts things in perspective. My mood instantly turned around.   


A glass of red wine and…. Cooking dinner also helped! I do love to cook but obviously, in living in a sorority, it’s not really an everyday option for me. I made good use of the kitchen and made us dinner: Roasted Veg: purple and red potatoes, broc, cauli, carrots, onions, japanese eggplant, mushrooms and tomaters!


Eat yo veggies!

Roasted Veg: purple and red potatoes, broc, cauli, carrots, onions, mushrooms and tomaters!


I also stir fried up some shrimp, scallops in a red wine/bbq sauce mixture (the result of a glass of wine and forgetting that I had put wine to reduce, ha!)..but it was sooooooooo goood!!!– We had the stir fry atop the roasted veg, served with crusty olive and honey orange bread, a balsamic reduction for dipping, it was quite the Wednesday night feast!


And because sometimes you really just need dessert, the real feast came later thanks to a loaf of my sister’s homemade banana bread stashed away in the freezer, our supply of nut buts and some chocolate I also managed scrounge up! 😉


Homemade banana bread with White Chocolate Wonderful. I die.

^This is only a tiny sampling of the damage that occured 😉 Lurrrrvveeeee her homemade breads. <–My weakness ;P


Other note- worthy eats of the week??






Part of a homemade "pizza" with humus, dairy-free almond cheese *get this, yums!*, shitake, red pep and tofu slices, broiled!

Love pizzas/wraps.. quick, easy, tasty!

Think (Food!) White Chocolate Chip bar, a la University cafe the other day

Snackplates! Pretzel slims, almond cheese, humus, tofu slices!

Buy at Whole Foods or any store, in the vegan cheese section, this is my favortie flavor... really strong "cheese" taste and texture and lots o protein!

Trader's Tofu

"Sushi" wrap made with seaweed, tofu, almond cheese and humus!

White...chocolatey. Review to come!

More sister bread... pumpkin! The VERY last slice, only half a slice 😦 sad to see it go!



dried fruit and nut biscottis- so good!

Trader Joe's Eggplant Humus, love this stuff!

Leftovers from Wednesday’s dinner, ea

Last night I went to an Oktoberfest themed party, at the same house I was at for the tailgate last weekend.. there was lots of beer drinking and games of the drinking variety.. I tried a few beers (sips, really) but I’m not really a beer fan, so….it was girly, sugary drinks for me! 😉 <–once in a while doesn’t hurt, right?!

Mmmmm, sugar


Mike's Hard Limeaide

leftovers taste better!

Tonight, I am babysitting, then there is talk of a “family night”. A friend who graduated in the spring is in town, and drinking and shenanigans are sure to ensue 😀
Hope you are all off to a good start to the weekend!!

What puts things in perspective for you? Fav new foodie concoctions? – I like my wraps and my random stir fries! 😀

 What weekend plans do you have??